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    CV players - What were you blamed for today?

    today i was blamed for killing several weak aa bb because they failed to stay near aa cover so they were just sailing targets with neon lights on them saying bomb me. got blamed for 3 games where players didnt cap because "i didnt scout for them"
  2. Knight_O_Mare

    [PUSH_] are Actively Recruiting !!

    hit me up with a invi. have disco
  3. Knight_O_Mare

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I genuinely can't fathom the stupidity of the people defending radar. its ridiculously op in the current meta. There are way too many ships with it now and anyone who argues that fact is just a moronic idiot. The argument that a player dictates when they get radar-ed is a fantastical one. especially for dd. Half the time the ship that radars you will not be know to you as they like you have been approaching from behind cover of a Island. Unlike you They can push a button that highlights you to their entire team. The result being they never even fire at you. but you die to their team. You never knew they were there. You had 0 chance of doing any damage to them. Yet they have effectively killed you. The idiots defending radar are the ones not playing the ships it is killing. Let us examine just one of the so called justifications given above as to why radar is fine and its all the dd players fault because of "not being situational aware": "If a dd stays back he doesn't get radar-ed and its fine" -- OK so as a dd I check the team line ups and I see 4 hostile ships with radar this match 1 Des mo, 1 Moskva, 1 Alaska and a Salem. As such I do as instructed above and don't go forward. I don't cap. I don't get in weapon range. I don't scout. Now what possible problems does this present? Complaints of DD not helping, DD never getting into the fight? No one spotting for cruisers until cruisers are inside the 12km kill zones of battleships.. No one capping? Lets look at another one of these so called reasons. "Its fine that radar kills DD because if it didn't DD's would kill each other fighting over the cap" Yes. Yes they would. They would also be detecting other ships while in there. They would some times Brawl and die and some times survive by retreating behind a island so they went back into concealment as the other dd was the only thing spotting them. They would sometimes have a fight. do some damage and then retreat and then provide torp screen spotting or torp screens to protect the bigger ships. This was fine. It was DD gameplay. You had to be careful but you could play them in cap areas. Now you can't. Now another idiot said "DD players SHOULD have enough knowledge to know where radar camps at start of game" Ok so a radar ship with 10km radar range. multiplied by 3. multiply that by 3 charges. Basically this statement is "DD players should know that any where in near caps in no go so don't go there". It is completely oblivious to the fact radar from 3-4 ships can make at any given time roughly 33.3% of the map no go for dd. And guess what; that's the 33.3% of the map between the two teams.. The same part of the map DD need to be in to have any ability to take part in the battle due to weapon range constraints. There are some really stupid and illogical arguments being made in defense of radar. Now lets be clear. Radar never use to be the problem it is now. And that means something has changed. Simply its the number of radar equipped ships in play. The new US line, The massive increase in premiums and specials with radar. That is the problem. Now this means there are two solutions. You either decrease the effectiveness of the module or the frequency of the module. The most balanced resolution would be to remove radars effect of highlighting targets without clear LOS and lower the charges to a maximum of 2 per ship. While buffing radar equipped ships torpedo spotting range to compensate.
  4. Knight_O_Mare

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    also another solution might be some more signals that lower the detection range from air and radar exposure time by significant amounts (like 50%)
  5. Knight_O_Mare

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    How about we give it a try and see if thats actually what happens. I mean before the surge of radar cruisers and actually having cvs in a game it was more fun so something must of been better than this current crap show
  6. Knight_O_Mare

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    getting entirely sick of radar. i dont even play dd and its becoming a joke. DD wont go spot because every other ship has radar now. dd wont spot because planes some how spot for an entire team not just the cv that they belong to which frankly is just lol stupid and not how it would be in reality at all. As a mainly cruiser and BB player this is annoying as hell. because I can't see crap all until i am in a shitty situation. solution is reduce the radar charge per ship to 1. its so game breaking no ship should do it more than once per game. And remove spotting from all planes except attack rocket planes Or make radar LOS. really the only way to stop the crap show currently going on in this game because yea. its not just frustrating for DD its frustrating for everyone
  7. Knight_O_Mare


    wtf another cv nerf? why even bother reworking them? instead of making them usless you should of just removed spotting from cvs for other team members better yet just remove cvs from the game. you might aw well now they are so limp
  8. Knight_O_Mare

    King George V - wtf is wrong with that ship ??

    you know its the one battleship you actually need to show your broadside in? its the best bs in its teir by far. learn to play it
  9. Knight_O_Mare

    [Speculation] How gun performance will affect Royal Navy Battleships

    Honestly I think the best bet for the UK bbX is a lion with N3 guns. I would prefer to see her slow and tanky with average range. But there is also fun potential in a glass cannon. As the UK cruisers are so fun to play it might be nice to see the UK bbX have very heavy hitting guns and very high speed but fragile. With smoke the same as the cruisers. I would say i kinda see a uk line like III: Revenge/royal sov IV: Colossus class V: QE class VI: Nelson Vii: KGV premium: Hood VIII: Vanguard IX: Lion X: Lion/n3 hybrid.
  10. Knight_O_Mare

    incorrect data

  11. Knight_O_Mare

    Invisible DD?

    And if i recorded that game and showed it to potential WOW players I don't think they would ever try this game. If it's that broken it would do that. It's bad.
  12. Knight_O_Mare

    Invisible DD?

    for a DD to be invisible at 7km is a joke plain and simple. Cna't get close to it because of torp walls. having to dedicate more than 2 bb, 2 ca and a cv's resources to killing one DD seems way unfair in a game. while you chase him with enough to counter a invisible destroyer at 7km with massive torp damage you would lose to the rest. basically i don't have a experience of ever needing this in DD at lower levels. I can't see how it's fair for higher level DD. especially faster with better torps.
  13. Knight_O_Mare

    Invisible DD?

    ahh I see. this is one of those subjects that are greatly debated on game forums. Like cloakers and highsec ganking in EVE forums. Well I don't play seriously enough to know the ins and outs. But on my DD lines i just hide behind islands etc never needed invisible to play DD at lower levels. Seems super broken that I can get my Jap DD to do this if I level it up. Super broken mechanic i am guessing but forum warriors who use it will defend it bitterly. I get it.
  14. Knight_O_Mare

    Invisible DD?

    another? I dont use these forums. only like my second or third visit. This is that bad a problem for this game? How can this be played like that. I've got several lines but the NC is my highest and it's the first time i've seen that happen. It seems broken that any ship can be invisible at 7km on a clear day. especially a destroyer that can do that much damage and dodge that well. Even our two cruisers got minced and i thought they were meant to protect versus torp destroyers.
  15. Knight_O_Mare

    Invisible DD?

    What the hell is this. I have just not long reached the NC on the US ship line. and I've just had a game where I was spending the entire thing avoiding a jap DD that was laying torp walls from 7km away completely invisible. At about 6.5km he became visible. Its was ridiculous we beat them having 2 bb 2 ca and cv left to them having 2 dd and 1 cv yet their DD just torped us from 7.5km away killing all our ships. We couldn't do anything but fire at the splash where he launched torps. It was clear with no smoke use what so ever. so we went from a game we clearly won outplaying all their bb/ca/cv to lose. Worse he would lay torp walls that were like 8 torps on wide and just 1 of his torps would do 1/4 health damage. The poor bayern he went after once he sunk me stood even less chance. They said it was because he was a 16p captain but what ever that is i can not believe this is functioning as intended. It's pure exploitative. Like a knife fight with a invisible guy and you can only see the knife as it is thrust towards you.