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    King George V - wtf is wrong with that ship ??

    you know its the one battleship you actually need to show your broadside in? its the best bs in its teir by far. learn to play it
  2. Knight_O_Mare

    [Speculation] How gun performance will affect Royal Navy Battleships

    Honestly I think the best bet for the UK bbX is a lion with N3 guns. I would prefer to see her slow and tanky with average range. But there is also fun potential in a glass cannon. As the UK cruisers are so fun to play it might be nice to see the UK bbX have very heavy hitting guns and very high speed but fragile. With smoke the same as the cruisers. I would say i kinda see a uk line like III: Revenge/royal sov IV: Colossus class V: QE class VI: Nelson Vii: KGV premium: Hood VIII: Vanguard IX: Lion X: Lion/n3 hybrid.
  3. Knight_O_Mare

    incorrect data

  4. Knight_O_Mare

    Invisible DD?

    And if i recorded that game and showed it to potential WOW players I don't think they would ever try this game. If it's that broken it would do that. It's bad.
  5. Knight_O_Mare

    Invisible DD?

    for a DD to be invisible at 7km is a joke plain and simple. Cna't get close to it because of torp walls. having to dedicate more than 2 bb, 2 ca and a cv's resources to killing one DD seems way unfair in a game. while you chase him with enough to counter a invisible destroyer at 7km with massive torp damage you would lose to the rest. basically i don't have a experience of ever needing this in DD at lower levels. I can't see how it's fair for higher level DD. especially faster with better torps.
  6. Knight_O_Mare

    Invisible DD?

    ahh I see. this is one of those subjects that are greatly debated on game forums. Like cloakers and highsec ganking in EVE forums. Well I don't play seriously enough to know the ins and outs. But on my DD lines i just hide behind islands etc never needed invisible to play DD at lower levels. Seems super broken that I can get my Jap DD to do this if I level it up. Super broken mechanic i am guessing but forum warriors who use it will defend it bitterly. I get it.
  7. Knight_O_Mare

    Invisible DD?

    another? I dont use these forums. only like my second or third visit. This is that bad a problem for this game? How can this be played like that. I've got several lines but the NC is my highest and it's the first time i've seen that happen. It seems broken that any ship can be invisible at 7km on a clear day. especially a destroyer that can do that much damage and dodge that well. Even our two cruisers got minced and i thought they were meant to protect versus torp destroyers.
  8. Knight_O_Mare

    Invisible DD?

    What the hell is this. I have just not long reached the NC on the US ship line. and I've just had a game where I was spending the entire thing avoiding a jap DD that was laying torp walls from 7km away completely invisible. At about 6.5km he became visible. Its was ridiculous we beat them having 2 bb 2 ca and cv left to them having 2 dd and 1 cv yet their DD just torped us from 7.5km away killing all our ships. We couldn't do anything but fire at the splash where he launched torps. It was clear with no smoke use what so ever. so we went from a game we clearly won outplaying all their bb/ca/cv to lose. Worse he would lay torp walls that were like 8 torps on wide and just 1 of his torps would do 1/4 health damage. The poor bayern he went after once he sunk me stood even less chance. They said it was because he was a 16p captain but what ever that is i can not believe this is functioning as intended. It's pure exploitative. Like a knife fight with a invisible guy and you can only see the knife as it is thrust towards you.
  9. Knight_O_Mare

    Something needs to be done about BBs.

    Something needs to be done about invisible dd laying torp walls at 7km
  10. Knight_O_Mare

    german DDs next?

    hope not. I want to work on my UK bb line. And prove the hood was super unlucky