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  1. Pilseneer

    vyhra u Vojcka

    sem vyhral 100 tisic free XP u Vojcka na streamu. diky diky
  2. Pilseneer

    New CVs

    could not have said it better. thx mate
  3. Pilseneer

    New CVs

    would like to be more explicit but let me just say with the CV rework WG stepped in it. with insane speed and infinite amount of planes the game play erratic and not enjoyable at all. very often ships don't even leave their spawn or crawl in huge clusters around map edges or sail away from objectives desperately trying to avoid constant CV drops. DDs basically hide behind their main fleets. so while i understand that some CV players enjoy this new arcade play style, the rest of the of us in non-CV ships feel like suckers who are there as easy targets just for CVs to shoot at. this goes especially for high tiers and yes i liked the RTS CV play much bette (even tho i was bad at it)r as it required multitasking and strategic thinking. the current system is so one-dimensional ie. launch planes, find an easy target, drop, return and do this over and over again. i really have to restrain myself not to use a long string of obscenities to voice my opinion.
  4. hey, would you accept me in either clan BLUMR or HAIFU? i´m not exactly Hurricane league material (see my stats)
  5. Hey people, very average captain stuck in a small clan would like to try some clan battles. Got a couple of T10s but so far i´m not enjoying the high tier meta... hoping taht it might be a different experience in CBs. My stats (less than impressive) are here. Well, if any clan needs an average potato get in touch.