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    Win Big With Signal Flags - Results

    Updated: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/Flag-O-Rama/
  2. Renegade334_S7

    Missouri as a Credit Earner/XP- Is it Worth It

    Allow me to nitpick: was he alluding to a baked-in credit multiplier that is not as impressive as the Missouri's, or was he merely concluding that the Musashi won't be able to earn as much credits on average, because its captains must adopt a rather different playstyle? (imposed by characteristics such as slow turret traverse, bad AA, etc)
  3. Renegade334_S7

    Is it possible for the Missouri to come back in the future?

    Heh, if there's an event later this year where I can unlock the Missouri, I'm all for it. :)
  4. Renegade334_S7

    Is it possible for the Missouri to come back in the future?

    We are discussion about alternatives for AFTER that two-month grace period. I will be extremely busy in the next weeks, so I'm afraid I won't be able to get the Missouri unless I decide to fork the money, an option I'm not cool with at the moment. If WG backtracks on its decision to withdraw the Mighty Mo, I'll be a happy camper (no pun intended), but otherwise it'd be nice to have ways to get the Missouri after the Musashi comes, since that ship won't be to everyone's taste.
  5. Apologies for starting yet another thread about the Mighty Mo's departure, but most topics discuss the soundness (or lack thereof, depending on where you stand) of WG's decision...and I'd like this one to be about alternatives for this ship's future. I'm a relatively recent WOWS player in the sense that I've been playing on and off for a year, a year and a half, so...I wouldn't know about WG's practices and history, though I hear a lot of unpleasantness every now and then. However, is it possible for WG to alternate the Musashi and Missouri in the future as the T9 FXP ship, or bring back the Missouri at a later date but at a higher FXP tag price to keep pace with the Musashi? (920K FXP instead of 750FXP) I'm personally not enthused by WG's decision; it's very bad timing for me. It came at a point where I'm feeling quite burnt out by gaming as a whole, and I recently chose to take an extended break from PC games. Suffice to say, with only 113FXP in my EU account and not enough free time to dedicate to playing (the start of the year will be rather loaded for me), I believe I definitely won't be able to make it in time, even with premium time and signal flag witchcraft. I'm far from eager to dole out eighty euros to free-XP my way to the 750K mark. And, yes, I'd very much like to unlock the Missouri, even if it takes me a long time to do it. I already have the Yamato and, while its LOLpen guns are nice, I don't enjoy it as much (for some reason, manure flies around whenever I get in my Yammy - either I get teamkilled or my team just ignores my calls for support) as I did the Iowa, so the Musashi holds no appeal for me. So, could WG do any of the following rather than deprive us of this remarkable ship? - Rotate the Musashi with Missouri, let's say on a monthly basis. - Reinsert the Missouri at T9 but at a higher FXP price tag (920K FXP) - Make the Missouri the reward ship of a LONG, permanent campaign (like, a "capitulation of Japan" event)
  6. Renegade334_S7

    Selling a ship with special event skin

    Ah. Good news, then. Thanks for the answer!
  7. Renegade334_S7

    Selling a ship with special event skin

    Ahoy, mateys! I've got a question I hope will be quick to be answered. I managed to win a Bismarck during the Hunt event, along with its two special camouflages (Last Conquest and From the Bottom of the Ocean). Now, if I join my current free XP stash to the tally, I'm something like 13K XP away from unlocking the Tier IX Friedrich der Große, which of course fills me with eagerness. Since I already have the Tirpitz in my port, the Bismarck becomes kinda redundant in my eyes and I could use the credits to help finance my soon-to-be-here Tier IX. But the question is, upon selling the Bismarck, what happens to the special skins I have unlocked during the Hunt? Perma-camo is permanent as stated by the wiki, sure, but what about the special, event-related skins/camos? Do I get them back if I repurchase the Bismarck sometime in the future...or will they be gone forever once the transaction is completed? The wiki says nothing about that. Thanks in advance.