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  1. avin91

    0.9.8 - Asymmetric Battles

    I find no reason to play this gamemode. -Base xp you get even winning both team is not good as random. T8 get ridicolous xp base. Can't farm freexp with rare signals for this reason. - Can't get achievments like First blood and etc... so you cannot earn signals - Can't play in division - I dont earn anything , new currency to spend in armory. Why not doing like the filth in apocaliptic battles??? that system was fun. - you can play with a tier 8 ship (not bb) and in your team can be 1 o 4 bots. Loss 100%. - random cv MM. one team has, the other not. The only reason to play asimetryc is for 3-4 gift containers and if you want grind low tiers. but again, randoms are more rewarding and challenging. For me this gamemode is total trash and definitely a waste of time.
  2. avin91

    0.9.3 - Clan Battles: Warrior's Path

    A clan with 50 players can play 7 division simultaneusly if all are online at the same time.
  3. I just hope they announce and release some new ship, nevermind what needs for x ships. The new second ''season'' of RB started without any new ships (i've got ohio and smolensk, but as main dd player I won't grind for another long range paper ship like colbert, now i'm resetting branches without know what i could get... ), same for the 14th ranked, same was for this current Clan battle season.... new seasons start and we dont know what rewards we can get... I find this WG's behaviour pretty offensive
  4. avin91

    Is Hall of Fame bugged?

    okey now i understand, the hall of fame starts if you complete the fourth directives. Im my language, the translation is somehow dubious.
  5. avin91

    Is Hall of Fame bugged?

    I'm wondering if Hall of fame is bugged. I completed all tasks of the directive, but still i cant earn points for the Hall of fame after a game. When i enter in HoF, i just see my last rank of Victory competion. or simply the Hall of fame has not yet started?
  6. avin91

    Giveaway: Blizzard vs le 6 leggende, missione Powell90

    questa è tutta fortuna: ho trovato la cv che sa perfettamente dove sei e continua a mandarti aerei dal tuo lato
  7. avin91

    [TOXIC] +55%, >2k battles no veggies

    Hi, i sent a request! I'm active and not 55% global winrate but in 18 month i improved a lot ! New ships have usually higher winrate :P
  8. avin91

    Super League - Modified Mission Conditions

    Second season i reach rank 1, second season where in super league there is noone. And if there would be someone, you may get no reward! Thanks WG. I hope next ranked season you will not give the great idea to delay flint reward for 4x rank 1.
  9. avin91


    1. Description Repair and service cost of ship have an error. For different damage received during different battles the ''Repair and Service Cost'' (excluding Ammunition Resupply and Camouflage Autoresupply) is always the same, if i'm not wrong is 70-80% of the repair for a destroyed ship. 2. Reproduction steps I noticed this bug playng with a Fletcher, and Benson, i suppose this bug appear also with other ships. After 4 battles with a Fletcher (one win receiving ONLY 924 damage, another 3 battles where my ship was destroyed) 'Repair and Service Cost' were always the same: 108000 credits. Usually is about 150000 credits if Fletcher sunk. After 2 battles with a Benson (one where i survived with more than half hp and the other where it sunk) the 'Repair and Service Cost' was both 75000 credits. 3. Result You lose many credits if your ship is not too much damaged and you gain some credits if your ship is completely destroyed. 4. Expected result Have a fair 'Repair and Service Cost' after a battle according to damage received. 5. Technical details My Fletcher mounts always India Bravo Terrathree signal , Benson don't.