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  1. GOLD - Clan Wars - Recruits

    Hi We are looking for recruits looking to play clan wars. We have at the moment around 9 active players, but need more good players so we can mount a team on more days per week. Now we usually get to play 2 days a week because of lack of players. Also possible to disuss merging of clans. We do not have fun in this clan at all. Everybody is super serious, and joking is not allowed. Or was it the other way around...crap. Cant remember.
  2. Clan Battles - Pilot Season - Rating system

    These calculations are not perfect at all. And I do agree that clans waiting, will have an easier way up the system = better ratings. Will do some headscratching and see if I can tune the algorithm some. Im not completely happy with it...
  3. Clan Battles - Pilot Season - Rating system

    The higher up in league, the more points given. Then divided by number of games. Not official at all. But i love crunching numbers.
  4. While I work on improving the algorithm. Here are the Clan Battles winrate. Have not included teams in lower leagues.
  5. Hello fellow captains! Looking for a relaxed clan to join? We are looking for a teamplayer with above average damage dealt. Also nice if you are on teamspeak. Our age span: 17-40 years old Language: english Apply! See ya!
  6. You are welcome to try out playing with us. Send application to GOLD clan. (Grumpy Old Lazy Dudes) We can try a couple of games first in division, and you can see if you like it. Talk to you later
  7. Invite sent!
  8. Hi We are recruiting. We are 6 members now. Playing casually, but looking to play some clan battles when it comes available. English speaking - TeamSpeak We have average win rate of about 60%, so if you are around this win rate, you should fit in nicely. Requirements to apply: -be a nice fellow -win rate over 50% -age 16+ Have a good one!