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  1. Todger_Fairmile

    The Imperial German naval flag, does it have a place in WoWS?

    The imperial German flag would be better than The current German flag, which is just the NAZI FLAG with an iron cross instead of a Swastika.
  2. Todger_Fairmile

    Server Problems

    Third day in a row "server overloaded" this time of night. What the hell's wrong with their servers! I only have a couple of hours a day I can play and this makes 3 days in a row it's been screwed up.
  3. Todger_Fairmile

    Server Problems

    Second night in a row with 'server overloaded'. Are they too cheap to pay their power bill?
  4. Todger_Fairmile

    Server Overload warning for ranked games

    Which is all the time I have left to play tonight.
  5. Todger_Fairmile

    Server Overload warning for ranked games

    Overload with less than 1600 players online.
  6. Todger_Fairmile

    AI changes in coop?

    The main change I'd like to see is having OUR bots fight as well as THEIR bots.
  7. Todger_Fairmile

    Bug Reports

    The game crashes EVERY TIME I go back to port after a game. That's not counting the usual crashes (every few minutes). This is new with this patch.
  8. Todger_Fairmile

    game crashes

    Am I the only one this happens to? The Game crashes EVERY time I go back to port. This started with the current patch.
  9. Todger_Fairmile

    Ships that need a buff

    Normandy needs an AA buff... NOW! I can't believe they would put out a bb at tier 6 that has that low an aa rating.
  10. Todger_Fairmile

    little bit disappointed with historical accuracy

    It must frustrate the model makers, to work so hard on making accurate ships and to see them put in this game.
  11. Todger_Fairmile

    Insignia & Emblems

    I believe the number was for RU. This was mentioned in the EU forum about 2 years ago, and may have changed since then.
  12. Todger_Fairmile

    Insignia & Emblems

    I have accounts on EU, NA, and Asia. I usually don't play too long on any one server.
  13. Todger_Fairmile

    Insignia & Emblems

    Last I heard about 1/3 of players (by WG's own figures) only play co-op. I prefer co-op and usually only play random because I want an offered reward, then I go back to co-op (it's more fun).
  14. Todger_Fairmile

    Insignia & Emblems

    We need the ability to turn them off. On another note, I commented on the web site for the patches earlier and my comment (against) has vanished since then (I put up another, hope it stays).
  15. Todger_Fairmile

    Greek Ships

    Which will (except for paper designs) be in another 2 or 3 years (at least as far as BB's).