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  1. Todger_Fairmile

    Why Moltke? Not Seydlitz?

    On another note, having Moltke as a tree ship, leaves Yavuz (Goben) open as a Pan-European tree ship. They need all the potential real ships they can get as there are only 5 candidates (1 Spanish, 2 Greek and 2 Ottoman) with the removal of the Dutch ships. A 3 (Spanish), a 4 (Ottoman), and 3 fives (2 Greek, 1 Ottoman, another ship is in the game as a premium [Agincourt]), anything higher will be totally paper or something along the lines of the 'Pan-Asian' BB's.
  2. Todger_Fairmile

    Why Moltke? Not Seydlitz?

    And there will never be submarines in the game either.
  3. Todger_Fairmile

    Instagram bonus code

    Thanks, still works on EU, NA, and Asia.
  4. When the game went live it was obvious that the 152mm gun version of Mogami had been nerfed. I can understand this, as with the way Capt. skills were set up it would have been OP otherwise. Well It's almost 6 years later and the Capt. skills are no longer what they were. As such it might be time to look at the 152mm gun version of Mogami and return it to a reasonable state. First change the turret rotation from 36 to 30 seconds. Second raise the rate of fire from 6 to 6.7 shots per minute. This would pit it on par with Yahagi, but still leave it behind just about every other light cruiser.
  5. Todger_Fairmile

    Changes to be made to Viribus Unitis

    They could make the secondaries better. There appears to be a dedicated secondaries director in the middle of each side on the main deck. So either give them a greater range or more accuracy. Of course a WW2 upgrade would be nice, unless they plan to do that as a B hull when they make the pan euro BB line.
  6. Todger_Fairmile

    WOOOHOOO WG! The Iron Dog is here (and “real”)

    In the case of the French Tier 3 there were (rejected) plans to replace the 6 9.4" twin mounts with single 12" giving a broadside of 7 12". WG could have made that REAL planned ship instead of the crap they foisted of on us. At least it would have been more interesting than another hex layout tier 3. While I'm at there were two versions of Lyon class to choose from the crap one WG chose or one with superfireing turrets like the American standards except quad turrets.
  7. Todger_Fairmile

    WOOOHOOO WG! The Iron Dog is here (and “real”)

    I plan to grind and keep the Tier 3 and 4 of this line despite the fact WG has made those tiers redundant.
  8. Todger_Fairmile

    WOOOHOOO WG! The Iron Dog is here (and “real”)

    Prince Henry is a name for the so called Ersatz Yorck class, which is just Mackensen with 380mm guns. Part way through building the Mackensen's it was decided to up gun them to 380mm instead of the 350. As such they are both 'real ships' since neither was ever finished. What makes me happy is that WG finally decided to raise Mackensen's (and Eratz Yorck's) secondaries up out of the water.
  9. Todger_Fairmile

    Torpedo bug: weekly update

    Maybe next they can fix the 'you don't really want to fire torpedoes at that close target, you want to fire at that target off in the distance' no mater how many times you try to get the aiming reticle to lock on to the closer target. or the ' Oh you're making a hard turn, you don't want to fire your guns or torpedoes' bugs.
  10. Todger_Fairmile

    New German battlecruiser tech tree line coming next.

    Yeah, you can, however, most people won't because it's below Tier 5 and doesn't count for, missions, most campaigns, ect.. Personally there are a few lower tier ships I enjoy playing but usually don't have time.
  11. Todger_Fairmile

    New German battlecruiser tech tree line coming next.

    Too bad she'll be a Tier 4, and thus irrelevant to the game.
  12. Todger_Fairmile


    WG won't fix it until we do a go fund me. Because as we all know they're just not bringing in enough money.
  13. Todger_Fairmile

    Found inaccuracies on the preliminary Dutch cruisers

    I believe that's supposed to be arcade. The problem with using spell check without proof reading. Puts in a real word but not always the correct word.
  14. Todger_Fairmile

    Why are these guns do nothing on italian bbs?

    They are old 120mm guns used for firing star shells. WIKIPEDIA 4 × QF 4.7-inch Gun Mk I–IV (12 cm) star shell guns Italian service In Italian service, QF 4.7-inch guns were known as 120/40 A 1889 and 120/40 A 1891. Italian guns produced under license by Ansaldo were similar in construction to the British Mk I*. They armed auxiliary cruisers, dreadnought battleships, ironclads, predreadnought battleships, protected cruisers and torpedo cruisers of the Regia Marina. They saw action aboard ships in the Italo-Turkish War, World War I, Second Italo-Ethiopian War and World War II.
  15. In this case WG has saved me a bunch of money. Not interested in the dockyard ship, or the random bundles (Italian 2 bb containers are a better buy and have better prizes).