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  1. Todger_Fairmile

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Puerto Rico Dockyard

    I wish you would go back to letting us have access to the new ships before they were released. Like they used to.
  2. Todger_Fairmile

    Uncalled for Warning.

    Had the same thing happen to me during the last snowflake event. Was pinked for inactivity. I looked up the definition for cv inactivity and proved I met the requirements for activity. I had caped shot down a few planes and sank an enemy ship (all without launching my planes except the auto fighter protection). Didn't matter player support claimed they couldn't do anything. Also claimed the programming error would be fixed, I see it hasn't been.
  3. Todger_Fairmile

    Coop and subs

    Good. Keep them in random.
  4. Todger_Fairmile


    You don't even need to be hit to be detonated. I've been detonated at least twice without being hit (according to the detailed report after the battle).
  5. Todger_Fairmile

    Not getting credit for main or secondary hits

    So I see. My bad.
  6. I'm not getting credit for main or secondary hits in the French mission in common missions. You need to use a French ship and get 15k base pts or 800 main / secondary hits. After the battle I get credit for the base points but not for the gun hits. The same thing happens on the ASIA server. I haven't played the NA server yet today.
  7. Todger_Fairmile

    Performance Issues

    There seems to be server problems. Tried twice to get to 'news'. Both times told unavailable.
  8. Todger_Fairmile

    New Codes

    All still working
  9. Todger_Fairmile

    Please fix the poor bots

    Bots have been the same from the beginning. WG will say they are fixing them and the patch after the 'fix' goes into effect they'll be broken again. It's been happening for 6 years and I don't expect that the bots or any thing else that's been broken since the beginning of the game will get fixed, or at least not for long. Instead WG adds new things and makes the game prettier.
  10. Todger_Fairmile


    Not exactly news.
  11. Todger_Fairmile

    Game bug?

    Sorry to hear that. Worked for me. Of course I have to do it almost every time they do an update.
  12. Todger_Fairmile

    WG Quality Assurance

    WG periodically 'fixes' things and usually by the next patch breaks them again. Lost track of how many times they've claimed to fix the bots, and they are just about the same as they were 6 years ago.
  13. Todger_Fairmile

    Game bug?

    Run check and repair.
  14. Todger_Fairmile

    Premium code

    Works on EU, NA, and ASIA. Gives 757,500 credits, 5 soviet containers (150,000 if collection finished + the usual), 5 of each signal you can buy with research pts.. If you have Oct. Revolution a 6pt commander, otherwise I presume a 5 day rental as well.
  15. Todger_Fairmile

    An American BC proposal

    Some of the problem that ships are having with power creep is that WOWS lives simultaneously in multiple worlds. For example, first in our world, second in a world where the Naval treaties didn't exist, third a world where Germany didn't loose WW1 nearly as badly (negotiated peace), and after that various worlds where countries were wiling to spend more money on warships. As a result we have ships that would not exist in some worlds. Dunkirk / Strasbourg , and Graf Spee would only exist in our world, and updated versions of German WW1 BB's would only exist in world where Germany didn't loose so badly and there were no Naval treaties reducing the size of fleets.