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  1. tomtomtom_2016

    Ashitaka Tier 7 BB is finally coming

    Well ... If WG decides to release this ship with current stats, doubt I will even play it even its free lol
  2. tomtomtom_2016

    Izumo or FdG?

    Well there are some free xp premium(s) coming up - HMS Duke of York (confirmed 375000 free xp) or maybe Musashi (not sure) If i were you, I'd save the free xp for those ships instead of spending on mainline ships If you really want to spend on either FDG or Yamato, personally I'd go for FDG because I like the GK more than Yamato They both have different play style GK has the best armor and much "tankier" than Yamato imo, Yamato has huge citadel above waterline ... broadside to another BB at close range = 100% death Yamato has the most accurate BB guns 2.1 sigma as I remember it right and 460mm shells hurt a lot and don't know the definition of angling
  3. tomtomtom_2016

    Clan Battles

    Yes you can
  4. tomtomtom_2016

    Missouri or 2 tier 8 ships

    If you need more credit - Missouri for sure, no other choice. Its the only BB with radar. I never lost credit with it. Tirpitz, Kii and Missouri have different play style If the enjoy having glorious dispersion - go for Missouri tanking into enemy, rain secondaries and torp on enemy ships - Tirpitz I don't enjoy Amagi at all, plus Kii has worse sigma and gun reload compare to Amagi ... So I didn't buy the Kii ...... yet lol
  5. tomtomtom_2016

    KIDD's p2w AA stronger than any other DD ingame

    Its a really fun ship and the AA isn't that broken at all... compare to Fletcher and Grozovoi Full manual BFT AFT AA captain with AA flag and AA upgrades With def AA active Grozovoi - 7.5km 84*2*4 = 672 DPS Fletcher - 7.2km 88*2*4 = 704 DPS Kidd - 7.2km 71*2*4 DPS = 568 DPS The thing is the heal makes the Kidd stronk Active for 28s, heal rate 100HP/s with flag You have extra 8400 HP if you have 3 charges But this is balanced out by less torp damage output
  6. tomtomtom_2016

    First Premium Ship to buy

    Maybe Gallant? Its the best T6 DD imo, reached rank1 with it last season Fast gun reload allows you to hunt down enemy DDs and you can send torp one by one like the British cruisers Manoeuvrability and concealment are decent as well http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gallant
  7. tomtomtom_2016

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    totally not clubbing here @rnat where your kamis div clubbing denied by t7 mm lol
  8. tomtomtom_2016

    USS Salem TX Us Cruiser is on it´s way

    Haha so many upcoming cool ships I messed up some cw games yesterday as well
  9. tomtomtom_2016

    USS Salem TX Us Cruiser is on it´s way

    Well they mentioned this in 0.6.12 patch notes But yeah you can still use smoke at range in CA.
  10. tomtomtom_2016

    USS Salem TX Us Cruiser is on it´s way

    203 mm small calibre Its a heavy cruiser and WG said smoke isn't for heavy cruisers or BBs That's why they made changes on smoke mechanic o7 BLITZ
  11. tomtomtom_2016

    USS Salem TX Us Cruiser is on it´s way

    Smoke lol If they do give it smoke, you'll probably get spotted in 10 km when you fire in smoke But yeah WG wont let this happen :P
  12. tomtomtom_2016

    Kidd is a bit meh

    Well I think its the best T8 DD for ranked Decent concealment, fast reload guns and heal The lowest tier DD which got heal as i remember right
  13. tomtomtom_2016

    USN CV rebalancing incoming!

    Midway with Grumman TBM-3 -> current Lexi's T8 TB For DB and fighters are the same as current Midway's upgraded planes - T10 Will probably lost a whole TB squad to drop on Monty/Iowa, if they also nerf the drop pattern ...... But finally they make use on Midway's reserve lol CV re-balancing looks good, at least better than current states
  14. tomtomtom_2016

    USS Salem TX Us Cruiser is on it´s way

    according to dailybounce, current stats is showing its another DM (in terms of performance) maybe something they can do on consumables?