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  1. I apologize in advance if I am littering the forums with these questions but learning a different game can be troublesome... Before anything else, though, I must say... this is a frickin awesome game! Had a blast (literally) playing my Kongo vs a Prinz (lost the 1vs1 but I won in "fun", 4 guys witnessed the battle ) It's just awesome to see full Mains and Secondaries from either ships shooting each other! :D With that said... umm..~Le List: 1 - I see some BBs can launch torpedoes too. Isn't that... too much? 2 - Speaking of which, I'm interested in the Tier VI IJN Mutsu (which can launch them lol) but I have only gone up to Tier V in most lines I'm interested exploring and have no immediate plans to get any higher. So, would you consider "healthy" (skill-wise, considering MM spread, will likely see VIIIs) for me to get one? 3 - What exactly is "overmatch" here in WoWS? even if I have a large caliber shell shooting armour plating that is thin, won't it just overpen for 10% dmg? 4 - Again about the Prinz, when playing CV, I lost all my air force to its AA. I could no longer support my team but both allies and enemies were still very polite and kind regardless. Which type of ships should I avoid targeting (apart from US which I already know)? 5 - I find my Torpedo runs, also in CV, to miss a lot, even when cross dropping against a ship sailing forwards without changing course. How do I point against such targets? 6 - Premium and standard, but specially standard, are there any IJN ships whose AA doesn't let you down? 7 - About the Yamato... What advice do you have (let's say I just unlocked one)? 8 - Still on the Yamato, Are AA skills and equipment (if applicable) worth it on it? 9 - I find IJN DDs much better than the US ones but people say US are better? Why? IJN DDs have greater range for instance. 10 - Is there permanent camo, like in WoT?
  2. Rilleta

    A few noob questions...

    Hello. I've been playing WoWS a bit more and I, so far, find it to be a superior game than WoT. Very nice indeed! Of course, I haven't done much good but I'm hoping I can still improve. :) I have a few questions in that regard: 1 - I saw someone shooting Blue ammunition once. Is this the IFHE or is there "doubloon ammo" in WoWS? And also, what's so special about IFHE? 2 - Some players are able to consistently deliver shot after shot beyond 15km. I'm quite inaccurate until that distance starts closing. Is there some sort of aiming assistance such as the torpedo "CCIP" (not asking for a built-in aimbot or something remotely close, only if there's a counterpart to it)? 3 - Shouldn't come as a surprise but I feel torpedoes deal too much damage (no arguments against that, though), is there a way I can avoid them or mitigate their damage before it's too late? This is especially needed when sailing BBs. 4 - Are there low tier premium IJN BBs, CAs or DDs? It has to be low tier... 5 - Is there a manual AA or secondary override? Brawling side-by-side another vessel, even 1-on-1 feels they are quite unreliable. Same as AA guns. 6 - How do I check my "depot" (to sell unwanted modules and shells. Come to think of it... Do I get charged after the battle for the ammo I've fired?)? 7 - I've been finding AP shells to be quite disappointing. Most of them overpen. After I checked out the armour profiles, I concluded they're pointless outside the middle since bow and stern are paper thin. Is this a correct statement? And how do I know AP shell pen? 8 - What's a "citadel"? 9 - Why do I get free gifts just for logging in? Is this a "baby shower"? 10 - USN CAs worth it? I somehow got a Charleston(?). Um... sorry if it's too much (as a writer I have it in me) and I thank you in advance for your answers. Action Stations!
  3. Rilleta

    Inbound weaboo.

    Yep. Surprisingly enough, after yesterday night I already jumped to that conclusion. I added a CA and a DD to my collection. No interest in CVs and the current rework it's all over the news too. :) Thanks everyone. :)
  4. Rilleta

    Inbound weaboo.

    Hello, everyone. First post here. I am currently installing WoWS. Though I've tried it before and kinda liked it, I never got the hang of it and dropped it. The toxicity and general poor game balance/design plaguing WoT are kinda depressive and after checking out WoWS stats, I must say it looks a much better environment. With that said, being the target the Yamato, I'd like to know what insight you have for someone who will venture themselves in Battleships. >I have prem acc but that's as far is the initial investment goes. >No intention of rushing through Tiers, got burned really bad on WoT because of that. >Am reading the Wiki at the moment. Total newb, still. Umm... In WoT you say "Roll Out!", whatever Ship counterpart that is, insert here. :)