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  1. A project to build the entire Imperial Japanese Navy at scale 1/2000 has started. It would be interesting to see the forthcoming updates and photos since the shokaku and zuikaku carriers look promising. http://remorika.com/12000-model-ships-imperial-japanese-navy-nihon-kaigun-photo-gallery/
  2. A new boardgame on The Great East Asian War 大東亜戦争http://remorika.com/the-great-east-asian-war-a-new-wargame/https://www.facebook.com/groups/279237662430170/ is this game a reproduction from another game published by different company?
  3. akagikancolle

    video on IJN battleships with enhanced pictures and poll/quiz

    it seems Yamashiro is winning the poll
  4. akagikancolle

    Books on warships

    This sit has many books recommendations inluding rare books on the IJN and camouflages for the Royal Navy too http://remorika.com/imperial-japanese-navy/
  5. akagikancolle

    Looking for books: Recommended reading on warships

    you can find many recommendations on books here http://remorika.com/imperial-japanese-navy/
  6. akagikancolle

    video on IJN battleships with enhanced pictures and poll/quiz

    thanks for your likes!
  7. video on IJN battleships with enhanced pictures and poll/quiz http://remorika.com/youtube-integration-of-enhanced-photography-video-and-quiz-battleships-of-the-imperial-japanese-navy/
  8. akagikancolle

    visual poll Kantai Collection ships

    I cant decide by myself, so i wonder what is the opinion of the majority It is a visual poll to know the favorite kancolle anime girl ship.http://remorika.com/kancolle-aircraft-carriers/
  9. akagikancolle

    Visual quiz on the battle of the Coral Sea

    corrected! thanks!
  10. Quick visual quiz on the historical naval battle of the Coral sea. the first battle in which the participants did not have visual contact. enjoy! http://remorika.com/quiz-on-the-battle-of-the-coral-sea/
  11. A visual quick quiz on the IJN carrier Akagi http://remorika.com/quiz-on-the-ijn-carrier-akagi/
  12. akagikancolle

    Kantai Collection kai2

    my favorite is Akagi carrier too but there are many amazing ones too. Shinano is awesome too due to its size. http://remorika.com/kancolle-aircraft-carriers/
  13. akagikancolle

    Quiz Poll on the Battle of Midway

    Here I post an interesting and visual quiz poll on the Battle of Midway Enjoy! http://remorika.com/quiz-on-the-battle-of-midway/
  14. akagikancolle

    *sigh* - Izumo...

    I like Izumo and has a great history too http://remorika.com/the-japanese-cruiser-izumo-izumo-battleship/
  15. akagikancolle


    Mikasa is wonderful ship, there is a book devoted to the ship. It is important to learn about the technical aspects of the ship in real life too. Did someone of you visit the Mikasa-ship museum at yokosuka, japan? http://remorika.com/russo-japanese-war-1904-1905/