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  1. PaxMaggie

    CV Bug?

    With the difference that my Opponent got Base XP.....so more like i was totally AFK in a RDM....tho i clearly wasnt
  2. PaxMaggie

    CV Bug?

    Ok, idk if this is know and if this is intended but i doubt it is. I just had a game in my Graf Zeppelin B (yes im Cv scum, deal with it) where i did no DMG with Planes at all (i didnt even try) but sank the enemy with my Secondaries. Until here just the usual GZ trolling.....BUT in the Battle result screen i get 0 XP, 0 Free XP and 0 Credits (base xp is 0) and in the detailed report i got a warning for inaktivity in Battle....even tho i won and sank the enemy (i assume its against bots but bots dont work like this) I put a screenshot of the detailed report up too, i have screenshots of all 4 screens and a replay if it is needed
  3. PaxMaggie

    Großer Kurfürst Secondary Build

    This is a typical DMG split between Main and secondaries for me....half of the kills where secondary btw. This build is still viable even tho i think, because of Ohio, she needs a secondary Buff, not only because she is the weakest of the T10 BBs but also her only real selling points (thicc Nose and secondaries) are both not unique to her anymore.
  4. PaxMaggie

    Constant CTDs today.

    This not a problem of today, that happens since, a fried of mine crashes so often its unplayable and i (with a total overkill pc and internet connection) get frame drops from my usual 144 (capped) to less than 10 with lots of lags in the game
  5. PaxMaggie

    Harder to hit DDs in 0.8.9 ?

    you have gotten worse....i can still obliterate DDs with my CVs.....only had one in recent history who was smart enough to play with his speed to make me overshoot him a few times.....but even he ended to havars.....
  6. PaxMaggie

    Free Premium Consumables

    It was supposed to come with NTC....since the NTC was renamed into research bureau (and its still a NTC, WG...just because you call a pig a lion doesnt make it one) i havent heard from it, but if its still a thing it should come in 0.8.7
  7. just a friendly push
  8. PaxMaggie

    MIRAI - The Future of Warships

    due to the fun game against a Shirase today, ill leave you something^^
  9. PaxMaggie

    Twelfth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    i think rental ships were a horrible idea.....in the later stages, rank 5 and better, it might not make a difference anymore, but before that.....well.....you knew in the loading screen who will win.... i would prefer if it would be like the first T10 season....rank 18 to rank 11 is T8 and from Rank 10 its t10.....this way all the people who dont have t10 ships can play ranked without ruining it for everybody else with rentals..... btw....after 6 or 7 ranked seasons, i still dont like ranked....i play it for the steel
  10. PaxMaggie

    Upcoming Ranked..

    I'm going with Zao....just like last time, stalingrad and CVs...maybe...but probably not
  11. Es ist moeglich mit einem Log On von einem anderen schiff das sich auf einer aehnlichen Ebene wie das gewuenschte Ziel befindet ueber Inseln zu schieszen, Aim muss halt entsprechend angepasst werden. Wenn dein Gegner allein hinter ner Insel sitzt und es nicht moeglich ist ueber einen fremden log on zu treffen muss man halt seine position auf der map ueberdenken.....