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  1. interesting GiF you have there
  2. PaxMaggie

    Twelfth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    i think rental ships were a horrible idea.....in the later stages, rank 5 and better, it might not make a difference anymore, but before that.....well.....you knew in the loading screen who will win.... i would prefer if it would be like the first T10 season....rank 18 to rank 11 is T8 and from Rank 10 its t10.....this way all the people who dont have t10 ships can play ranked without ruining it for everybody else with rentals..... btw....after 6 or 7 ranked seasons, i still dont like ranked....i play it for the steel
  3. PaxMaggie

    Ranked Battles Season 10


    be happy, with all the radar, new ships and stalingrad its really not fun.....maybe a t6 season would be better....since all the other tiers have at least one or multiple ships in it that simply r broken.....
  4. PaxMaggie

    Ranked Battles Season 9


    I want to share a little story with you....... Once upon a time, there was a little battleship. she was good but not what some call unicum. she managed to get to r4 and dropped back to r7. this was really frustrating for the little BB because Players tend to play for their Stars not for the win..... .......please fix the reward system...its seriusly annoying to loose all the time because the dds decide to go dmg hunting instead of spotting or capping.....and while ur on it......make r5 irrevocable pls