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  1. If u want to try with a international and english speaking clan, the Pnavy community is still looking for CW players. If u want u can check our discord ( https://discord.gg/65ftfQq ) or write me here. greetings Maggie
  2. PaxMaggie

    [Pnavy] Potato Navy (Clan wars,King of the sea Tournament)

    we r still looking for competitive players for our overflow clan
  3. PaxMaggie

    HSF Musashi Camo

    the yamato camo i have....but i didnt buy the sashi since the only reason i got musashi is the fact they going to remove it from sale
  4. PaxMaggie

    HSF Musashi Camo

    now the stupid camo is the only thing i dont have together with arp nachi.....
  5. PaxMaggie

    HSF Musashi Camo

    Hey, since the Musashi will be removed from the Arsenal and many people (weebs) will probably buy her now, wouldnt it be smart to put the HSF Camo for her back in the Shop? It should still be possible and give some good money.... Greetz Maggie
  6. PaxMaggie

    duplicate ships

    Just because im curious.....is there a way to get rid of them? i mean i have the normal version of all of them
  7. PaxMaggie

    MIRAI - The Future of Warships

    0 degree Fahrenheit are -17,7778 degree Celsius....that would mean Friday it was - 35.5556 degree Celsius cold, or -32 degree fahrenheit....