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  1. PaxMaggie

    MIRAI - The Future of Warships

    *pats* maybe it becomes explosive?
  2. PaxMaggie

    Suche einen CW-platz

    Ok, ich suche einen Clan der entweder in Storm mit realistischer aussicht auf typhoon spielt oder bereits in typhoon ist. Es geht dabei um die Missionen fuer typhoon, wenn euer Clan nicht in der lage oder bereit ist eine chance bereitzustellen besagte missionen abzuschliessen braucht ihr mich nicht anschreiben oder hierrauf antworten. greetings https://wows-numbers.com/de/player/535293369,PaxMaggie/
  3. PaxMaggie

    Looking for a CW clan

    Ok im looking for a Clan that either is in storm with the REALISTIC chance to get into typhoon soon enough to get the missions done or is in typhoon and actually lets me play to get the mission done. To make this very clear...the only reason im looking for a clan (again) is CW for the missions, if ur not willing or capable to provide that, dont contact me. https://wows-numbers.com/de/player/535293369,PaxMaggie/
  4. PaxMaggie

    Worst Experiences this Ranked Sprint so far.

    the main problem here is that u see ranked as some sort of team mode. its isnt. ranked is pretty simple, u r fighting the green team, the red one is there to provide moving targets....as soon as u understand that there is no "team", ur blood pressure drops significantly.
  5. If u want to try with a international and english speaking clan, the Pnavy community is still looking for CW players. If u want u can check our discord ( https://discord.gg/65ftfQq ) or write me here. greetings Maggie
  6. PaxMaggie

    [Pnavy] Potato Navy (Clan wars,King of the sea Tournament)

    we r still looking for competitive players for our overflow clan
  7. PaxMaggie

    HSF Musashi Camo

    the yamato camo i have....but i didnt buy the sashi since the only reason i got musashi is the fact they going to remove it from sale