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  1. ragnar_461

    I am going to catch COVID19

    well wince i didn't get any super container since i lost the track of days, WG its time you make us drown in super containers or at least some valuable missions that we couldn't o during work or exams or familly weedings , if u don't give me super container asap i'll get corona XD seriously we are sooo bored, and its ur time to make it
  2. ragnar_461

    Suggestions thread

    Due to the holly balance, Khabarovsk become a worthless ship specially as T10 ,so keep on that balance and make her as tier 8.from more then 100k damage per battle now i do only 50k and that if i'm lucky other players also feel the same. some sold her so i think better u fix those broken ships
  3. ragnar_461

    Clan Battles

    i'm excited to the idea and i realy like to extend the clan spots from 30 to 100 to have 1 clan regroup our team
  4. ragnar_461

    ecran noir

    Bon jours aujourd’hui après la mise a jours 0.6.4 quand j'ouvre le jeu l'écran deviendra noire quand je redémarre le jeu faire une bataille le FPS est 60 à 70 le ping aussi normale mais après il revindras l'écran noire, si je prend des Screenshots je les prends normale, l’écran noire n’apparaisse pas .