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  1. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Logging on to forum, prem shop and in game

    Positive - only my wife and myself live here.
  2. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Logging on to forum, prem shop and in game

    Hi Guys - is anyone here having trouble logging in. Three time this weekend I have had to reset my pass word to login. It has been weird, I was logged into the forum but when I jumped to the premium shop I had to re-log in and it wouldn't let me, even though it's the same account details. I then tried to log into the game and again I had trouble. Is this just me or is anyone else suffering the same?
  3. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    Why would WG want to create a "protection" to stop players using doubloons? After all if nobody uses them up accidentally they won't need to spend money buying more when they want to use them for something else.
  4. Sgt_Hakeswell

    DD game play is utterly broken

    And they call those who sail BBs babies
  5. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    I used to enjoy this scenario now it just frustrates me - I don't consider myself a good player merely average, yet I often find myself in the top 3 in this with 100k plus damage and still loose - it needs soemthign doing to get the enjoyment back
  6. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Serious Ranked bug

    It's the torps that give it the edge over the Bismark - another great Rank ship
  7. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Team torped again :-(

    Had the "sunk by friendly torps myself" (although how anything that sinks you can be called "friendly") Brawling up close in my Warspite when I get hit by 3 from a Jap cruiser who was loitering some distance away the second line. When "thanked" for his wonderful torps I was told "well you should have dodged them" my reply was somewhat salty. I can live with somebodies mistakes is they acknowledge the fact they fooked up, but it makes me angry when they don't admit their error.
  8. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Invisi Fire

    I thought this had been removed from the game now but I have been noticing for a while now ships firing from out in the open yet not being visible. Notice I said out in the open so not in smoke or not behind cover. I have even happened to be looking straight at the point the fire is coming from and it has taken 2 or 3 salvos for the firing ship to appear. Have I missed something or are WG sneaking invisi fire back into game. Has anyone else noticed this?
  9. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Remove detonations please

    I voted No as it really doesn't happen that often but saying that I got detonated in my Minekaze just after I'd voted - sods law! . I know this is a game, what it isn't a realistic simulator but detonations did happen - look at the Hood who was sunk by the Prinz Eugen or the British cruisers in the battle of Jutland. Deal with it as it's just a risk of naval warfare.
  10. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Bored this crying noobs.

    Playing a ranked battle this evening I managed to cap in my Leander but took a beating doing it, mean while one of the New Mex in the team along with a Fuso and a Bayern wondered off into the distance as if they were on a different planet leaving the rest to try to carry them. Only once the opposition had capped both cap points due to the rest of the team being over whelmed did they seem to notice something going on. The New Mex went to hide behind an island for a while and the other 2 BBs tried to get further away. I admit I got a bit salty at that point due to them turning a reasonable lead into a loss. Yes it is only a game but when you get players like that who waste what you've done I feel entitled to show how I feel.
  11. I have daughters who felt the need to produce these
  12. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Blinding sunsets and ice issues

    I used to have the same problem until I chose a different "scope" setting - off hand I think it is something like 13 but without looking I can't remember
  13. Sgt_Hakeswell

    Misbehavior in Chat.

    To be honest when concentrating on the game I seldom notice the chat so I miss most saltiness although, I freely admit to having the occasional rant when someone is doing something that isn't helpful to the team such as hiding at the back while the rest of the team tried to win.
  14. Sgt_Hakeswell


    No worries
  15. Sgt_Hakeswell


    I know this is not really the right section but I thought it easiest to get the message out there. Some of you may have had encounters with a player who went by the name of Wishy. He could be quite vocal and critical of other players at times and supportive and complimentary at others, either way this is not what this is about. I am sorry to say that he is no longer with us - he passed away suddenly last month and as a friend of mine the game now seems emptier. Could I please ask that if you ever encountered him in game spare a thought for him this Monday as that is when his cremation takes place. Thank you