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  1. The_Wallet_Warrior

    Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and G. Kurfurst Brawling

    This is what I decided on for Best Girl Thea Kreutzer:
  2. The_Wallet_Warrior

    Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and G. Kurfurst Brawling

    OK so you both pick IFHE, I'll drop EM and BFT for it
  3. Hi all, Making a shared 19 point captain for all three of my GERMAN Battleships the Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and G. Kurfurst. I don't care about stats, I play the game for fun so I am spec'ing them for brawling. On the captain skills I was thinking: Tier I = Priority Target, Tier II = Expert Marksman and Adrenaline Rush, Tier III = Basic Fire Training and Superintendent, Tier IV = Manual Control for Secondary Armament and Advanced Fire Training. Does Adrenaline Rush work on secondaries as well as the primary armament? I know it uses the words "all armaments" but does it really? Is there a better build for brawling? Edit: Political correctness!
  4. The_Wallet_Warrior

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    meh doesn't look like it was worth the bother anyway
  5. The_Wallet_Warrior

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    Can someone please tell me what you get for getting to Rank 1? I've not played ranked at all.
  6. The_Wallet_Warrior

    Harugumo - overpowered main battery

    When, how and where can I get Colbert and Smolensk :)
  7. The_Wallet_Warrior

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

  8. The_Wallet_Warrior

    what the hell is wrong with the grosser kurfurst

    For me the Kurfurst is a total enigma battleship and I can't figure out how to play it. I am a good BB player, I can rack up damage in my other Tier X BBs (Yamato, Montana and Conqkek) all of them have average damage over 140,000 but my average damage in the Kurfurst is 45,000. I just cannot get it to work, I've watched videos of unicums playing it, I've asked people in game how to play it, I've spent time in co-op mode trying to learn it and yet I can't make it work for me.
  9. The_Wallet_Warrior

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    according to @Killzor I am a terrible player who hid from the battle and did nothing...
  10. The_Wallet_Warrior

    Japan carriers

    Here is my Hakuryu build, please let me know if I picked the right things: MODULES: A8M Rikufu Fighters, J5N Tenrai Type 91 mod. 7 Torpedo Planes, J5N Tenrai Bomber Planes. UPGRADES: Slot 1 = Air Groups Modification 1, Slot 2 = Aircraft Engines Modification 1, Slot 3 = Torpedo Bombers Modification 1, Slot 4 = Torpedo Bombers Modification 2, Slot 5 = Flight Control Modification 1, Slot 6 = Air Groups Modification 2. SIGNALS: India X-Ray (Fire Chance Buff), Juliet Whiskey Unaone (Flood Chance Buff), Victor Lima (Fire & Flood Chance Buff), November Foxtrot (Consumable Reload Speed Buff). India Delta (Squadron Repair Buff). CAPTAIN SKILLS: Tier I = Air Supremacy, Tier II = Torpedo Acceleration and Improved Engines, Tier III = Survivability Expert and Aircraft Armour, Tier IV = Sight Stabilisation and Concealment Expert. Let me know if I picked the right stuff.
  11. The_Wallet_Warrior

    EU Server Gone Down?

    Done it now, thanks! I'd rather ask Jingles how I can sweet talk a young girl less than half my age into going out with me.... scratch that it would be illegal.... I'll settle for an 18/19 year old one though I guess. Jingles what's your secret you dirty old goat?
  12. The_Wallet_Warrior

    EU Server Gone Down?

    Is WG going to give me some extra premium time since I've been denied access to the game for almost 24 hours?
  13. The_Wallet_Warrior

    HE spamming fetish of WG

    As a BB main, I agree that the current HE spamming meta is making the game more and more unplayable. I think WG wants us all to play AA Cruisers that hide behind islands all game.
  14. The_Wallet_Warrior

    Japan carriers

    I see you are not a Master of long range sniping and disappearing again in Conqkek then. EDIT: For the record, I play my Conqkek like a massive Atlanta hiding behind islands and focussing one BB at a time to rack up fire damage.
  15. The_Wallet_Warrior


    Thank you Good Sir!