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  1. so a cruiser player will have to: aim carefully to avoid bounces or surfaces that can't pen/ can't set on fire advance very carefully because DDs will outspot you cover advancing DDs try to hunt DDs while watching his surroundings for enemy DDs / CAs look to the distance because sniping BBs will try to hit you, and they can over match your armour kite one BB but swing to avoid the fire from another one and be close to the enemy because you dont have the range, but get shot while moving to engage and to disengage at least now you know that there is a chance of getting close for a larger amount of time because of the poorer accuracy (which is buffed comparing to historical values)
  2. none taken mate, don't worry. what you say is true but we all play BBs from time to time. i'm a big sucker for secondaries and i tend to be more aggressive when in a BB (which results in intense focused fire). the problem here is, like you said, those who die their way up, and the fact that BBs are the most foolproof class in the game. nobody wants an unreasonable nerf to any class, because most of us play most of the classes. BalanceTM is something that has to be adjusted taking into account not only the objects, but sometimes the user also. WG should realize that a healthy game will make money, and will run for a longer time. forget new lines and shiny emblems for a moment and put those tips in the linup screen and in the map screen so that everybody sees them every time.
  3. change in battleship

    I've read before in a post that proposition. at first i thought it would be a good move, but then i imagined a myoko showing 2/3 of its side area to a fuso, because he was kiting a new mexico... we can all imagine what would happen if BBs had cruiserlike sigma and dispersion
  4. Greek Ships

    sorry mate, but the area is called Balkan peninsula. before the ottomans it was Byzantium, before that roman empire and things go on. boarders change through the centuries and that's why there are geographical names that do not include most of the time any state name. i do not want to appear offensive, but what you did was clearly on that side. back on topic, im sure glad that minor nations are considered by the creators of the game. besides a hellenic navy line would not work, every one of our navy's ships was bought from an ally, or was an already existing ship. having said that, the aforementioned vasilissa olga, the averof or the velos (yes another fletcher) would be nice to be in-game
  5. Finally got a supercontainer.....

    i even got flags in my Christmas containers !
  6. Greek Ships

    because the germans captured Vasileus Georgios and vasilissa olga did a good job with the allies in the Mediterranean
  7. change in battleship

    kiting one BB makes you giving broadside to another. only one of them has to time his shot and 50% of your HP are gone. unless you think of man to man scenarios only
  8. change in battleship

    i know that there is no point in defending my point, but i was hoping that since the BB players wont change their tactics, at least at longer distances, the cruiser captain could feel a bit safer, but a lot more unlucky if he gets to eat the shells.
  9. change in battleship

    i'll get right to the point. i tried every class in the game, i suck in carriers, i get too aggressive in DDs and i get bored in BBs. CA-CLs though, it just clicked, daka daka, maneuverability and in higher tiers heal, what more could you ask? well, only one thing, since camping is the new trend (i cant say META because its not effective at all), i have one proposal: leave cruisers as they are (see no direct buff) since once you master the class you can be influential, but increase the dispersion (vertical and horizontal) of BBs in ranges over 16 Kms. bellow 16Kms, tighten the grouping of the shells to current standards. i believe that this will allow cruisers to be in shooting distance and possibly drive BB captains closer to the fight. some lucky shots will happen, but fewer, and the battles will be more engaging
  10. Greek Ships

    one interesting premium hellenic ship would be the vassilisa olga, british boat with german guns. it has that special flavor wg looks for in a premium
  11. i don't know if i should post it here or the carry thread. my team played ok but the reds were better. even though, one of my best battles and best igame moments, especially because the enemy congratulated me.
  12. come on mate, rng doesn't care about angling, location or distance. i bounced shells in my mino and ate a cit while kiting away, all in the same salvo. we just have to live with it... cruisers will never see love from WG, because if played right (and rngesus blesses you) can make a lot of difference in a battle
  13. Rebalancing Tiers to improve gameplay

    i see your point there, but everyone on this forum knows what i'm talking about mate. camping is different than positioning. if only more could differentiate between these terms.
  14. Rebalancing Tiers to improve gameplay

    after enough battles i can say that the only bad thing i find with the current MM is the fact that T8 cruisers are most of the time screwed. on the other hand, players seem to be quite religious about camping. especially BB captains, even if there are no DDs around. wargaming should make a simple tutorial saying just 4 words. DO NOT F.CKING CAMP
  15. the "carry harder!" thread

    play as atlanta - hunt DDs - shoot down planes (those who came close enough, enemy cv did good trying to avoid me) - be top xp earner and still...