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  1. in this wikipedia pic the G is more clear, it lacks the small horizontal part of the G so its not that clear
  2. after a quick wikipedia search : The standard abbreviation was C. IVLIVS CÆSAR... so maybe by mistake they fused the C with IVLIVS (C for CAIVS ), though it still seems wrong
  3. mino does not need HE, i agree, but, i would say a small armour buff would be nice. just so that angling matters.
  4. yes but the HE-virus is contagious so now even iowas fire HE. hell, i saw a yamato 2 days ago who fired HE during the whole game. thankfully he was at the enemy team
  5. supercontainers? what are those? thank RNGesus we have the yamamoto campaign so that i get to have more of the speed flags
  6. well, i wouldn't mind a new map to replace tears of the cruiser...
  7. Kutuzov is one of my favorite ships in the game. Good accurate guns and very good range. I personally like to keep moving and I use smoke mostly for covering allies. Atago is a great ship but if you are not comfortable with fighting in close ranges then you will have a hard time in it. Now for the P.E if you liked hipper you will like it
  8. mine was the Hipper, although i enjoy cruisers, hipper was my worst tier 8 experience. the games was either very bad or very good. the MM does not like tier 8 cruisers right now
  9. i finished the soviet line, i loved every ship from kirov to the moskva. the flat shell trajectory suits me very much. then i tried the RN ships, and, although they are fragile like the soviet ones, they lack range. fiji neptune and mino are very fun ships, but you have to adapt to the limited range. now i'm grinding the germans, and i quite like the balance between range speed and shell trajectories. long story short, from my experience, if you want daka-daka go RN, sniper go soviet
  10. well, i prefer to see BBs in sub 12Km distances that BB HE snipers.
  11. the problem for me (i mostly play cruisers) is that at tiers VIII+ the cruiser is almost always the first target for anyone. and in soviet/german ships you have the ability to keep a distance. in american/japanese you have to cut the distance and you immediately attract tons of shells. if BBs fought closer to the enemy, the cruisers could be behind them and support them against DDs/planes. but since sniping is the norm, cruisers are being chosen by less players each day
  12. i dont think cruisers were supposed to tank. they are support ships in this game, shoot planes and DDs and annoy BBs.
  13. also, cruiser armour should not be able to bounce BB shells, since their sheer size and momentum makes them destructive