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  1. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Yeah, I wasn't actively recommending Ashitaka. It would be hypocritical of me because I wanted it for a long time (say what you like, she looks gorgeous) but decided against buying her in the last sale because I doubted I wanted her enough to make up for performance issues. But it's still a battlecruiser so the theme fits, and T7 MM is generally quite favourable. I'm sure you can have fun in the ship if you're not that fussed about being the strongest.
  2. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Kii and Amagi are not exactly the same. Amagi has better accuracy, reload and protection, Kii has better AA and her own torpedoes. After looking at some reviews I decided Kii isn't worth it, it seemed like Amagi is better at just being a vanilla battlecruiser (oh god those Amagi guns...). So Amagi is absolutely worth grinding. You might want to look at Ashitaka I as well at some point, a weaker Amagi but more unique at T7. I think you're very likely to like Hood if/when you do get her. It does feel like a T7 Kongo in a very good way, but even faster and with more responsive gun handling. Nothing like the look on a DDs face when you thread his torps and run him down. One can colonise much more effectively at 34.5 knots (speed flag again). plus those 15" shells have special fuse and bounce settings so they don't overpen as much, it's a cruiser nightmare. But yeah, from experience Hood definitely shares the Kongo/Mutsu/Amagi playstyle so it's a natural choice for a battlecruiser fan. Gneisenau is ludicrously fast (Scharnhorst is actually 2 knots slower) but those ships play nothing like the traditional big gun battlecruisers of Japan and the UK. They're not accurate and they don't hit very hard, but they reload faster and have lots of secondaries and torps. They're more about aggressive positioning and close range DPM while Japanese ships are more about drive-bys, kiting and big mid range alpha strikes with their guns. It's like two sides of the battlecruiser coin. Also, if you're after more battlecruisers an unexpected place you might want to look is Iowa. It's a long grind to her but... Fastest BB in the game: check! Most accurate and hardest hitting guns at her tier: check! Outspots half the cruisers in her tier spread: check! Armoured with wet paper: yup! Sounds like a battlecruiser to me!
  3. British CL Cruiser ... we did it all wrong

    See, that's still a waste of XP and if I was just grinding the ship with no plan to keep it I wouldn't bother. I can be quite impatient with going up lines sometimes. That's something I would do for a keeper ship, but only after moving on to the next one.
  4. Graf Spee - Heal?

    Graf Spee is IMO not a particularly strong ship. Got it for free, got bored of it very fast. It doesn't really do anything for me, it can have heal, that doesn't make it OP.
  5. British CL Cruiser ... we did it all wrong

    My North Carolina doesn't have the gun range upgrade and my Iowa never will either... I'm not wasting credits on something that doesn't actually improve my ship.
  6. The Legendary US Captain William Halsey

    e) but you win the battle anyway...
  7. Asashio and Teamplay

    I bowed out of this argument a long time ago because I realised the opinions are so polarised and entrenched there's no point discussing. I'm perfectly happy for you to hold any opinion you like, as strongly as you like. I can see both the points you're making and the counter-points, I hold a different opinion but I've conceded on some aspects so don't tarnish me with your blindness brush. I believe this whole argument could do with a bit of live and let live and agree to disagree. But your response was pretty predictable. "It's ok to be blind to what others think because I'm right and they're not" is about as narrow minded as you can get. If you're actually proud of that attitude then there is really no point at all even trying to discuss the underlying subject.
  8. The Legendary US Captain William Halsey

    Well, when they added Musashi they removed Missouri. So I was worried that they will have only one elite commander campaign, and they will just remove the Yamamoto campaign when they add Halsey. Seems that's not the case though, so that's good.
  9. The Legendary US Captain William Halsey

    My only concern is, does this campaign replace Yamamoto or do we get to keep both?
  10. Asashio and Teamplay

    And you're not blinded by your need to prove that it is?
  11. Usually 50/50 split to 2 objectives. On a 3-cap map, that should basically always include the middle one (one or two exceptions) and another that the team spawn favours best (although some maps are really lop-sided and one objective is a noob trap regardless of anything else). Stalemating the middle objective is acceptable if the enemy team takes more damage in the stand-off. On 4-cap maps going for both works because 6 v 3 wins harder than 9 v 6 as Aotearas said (also Lanchester's square law). Objective is to win the strong side faster than the weak side loses theirs, then rejoin and complete the victory. On standard battle, same applies. You need to stop sneaks on both flanks, weaker side kites, stronger side pushes.
  12. Fundamentally it's because real naval tactics don't really apply here. To elaborate, "defeat in detail" works to an extent but is more about the number of directions you can bring the enemy under fire from than absolute local numerical advantage. It is much, much easier for an outnumbered force to kite and stall a mass push than it is for the larger force to completely wipe it out fast enough that they can turn around and win the game rather than points ticking away. Plus the larger force requires much more co-ordination to do well. Which is what real fleets had and we don't. The other problem is that people who bunch up tend to be new or not very good players, which means they also tend to run at the first sign that they might take damage and generally behave the opposite of how you would expect people holding the local advantage to behave. They give the whole concept a bad name. It's not that it's outright a bad idea, but it's unreliable and generally done badly by bad players so it's tainted. Having said that, I've won games where the enemy team got cocky with their cap advantage and did very handily get themselves defeated in detail on my teams lemming train. And I do appreciate team-mates being alive to maybe turn a losing game around, which can happen if the enemy took enough damage securing the objectives while your force preserved itself (even if playing badly in doing so). But it's really not ideal for your strategy to hinge on enemy mis-play.
  13. Atago rudder... WTF?

    Well, I had 3 points spare in my captain build and no idea what to spend them on. I got EL for one, may as well through the other 2 at LS since nothing else seems worth it. EDIT: also that would make my first and only 19 point captain viable in DDs, so I can use IJN premium DDs to farm elite captain XP.
  14. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Mutsu is one of my favourite BBs in the game. The overmatch on those guns means basically you're like a Yamato in your tier spread (except against T8 but fortunately that doesn't happen often). It's not as fast as Kongo/Ishi but it can hit a respectable 27 knots (I always run mine with speed flag). Turret traverse is good, firing angles are good, it is a comfortable ship to play if you're used to the IJN ship line. It's accurate, hard hitting, and looks gorgeous. Main downsides are... overpens (the other side of the coin to massive overmatch). Against T5 and T6 cruisers you're actually better off shooting them when they angle than broadside. Against BBs, at long range you need to aim higher because you won't be penetrating any main belts. I would say as a T6 premium it's excellent value.
  15. Atago rudder... WTF?

    I'm telling you. Every. Single. Game. Yesterday. Twice in one of them. I'm pretty sure every other game on average for the last 2 weeks or so. Well, that captain is at 18 points with only 17 spent. I was at a loss regarding what to spend those last 2 points on, but I guess now I know exactly where they're going when he hits 19. Last Stand on a cruiser I love you Atago but look what you're making me do! I guess LS on Zao might be handy, or does it not share this issue?