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  1. VC381

    How is concealment rated on CVs?

    Unless you're Kaga, IJN CV reserves don't feel too great either and the planes are really squishy. Would you forego FCM1 on e.g. Shokaku for 6.1km TB spot? It's handy sure, but so often you're spotted anyway by random ships you can't account for or the enemy CV planes.
  2. You're missing AR and TA. Although I take your point about SS. Still, upgrade is the hard choice not captain skills.
  3. Depends how much you want/need Sight Stabilisation... And also the issue isn't just captain, it's the upgrade for +2 planes vs concealment that's a much harder choice.
  4. Well, I did swap out my concealment mod for +2 planes and felt more comfortable doing multiple strikes and managing losses in a longer game. I think stealth can be really fun, but the reason I asked (then swapped to experiment) is because I started feeling like my planes were spotted most of the time anyway and I wasn't getting a huge benefit.
  5. Worth losing +2 planes on Shokaku for extra sneaky though? That seems to have low reserves especially for DB.
  6. I have CE on my Shokaku captain and Concealment mod in the last upgrade slot. I've done this mostly to have something as different as possible to the more "brute force" Lexington, and to take advantage of the stealthy TB gimmick. Plus the CV itself is super stealthy and I can get close, unlike others where I get shot a lot. I'm now wondering whether it's actually worth it, or whether +2 planes on deck and something else for those 4 captain points (sight stabilisation?) would be better, if more generic/boring. What do you think? Sneaky TB or brute force TB?
  7. VC381

    Bug Reports

    Possible bug with new CV interface. Cannot reliably reproduce but had it a couple of times. After using A and D to steer the flight, it will no longer follow the mouse (even after slight adjustments with A and D during an attack run).
  8. VC381

    Prinz Eugen/Hipper - How to make it work?

    Matter of preference. I find reaction time to be much more important than turn radius or speed in active dodging situations. My magic number is 5 seconds for cruisers, if the rudder shift is not close to, or ideally below that number, I don't consider a ship sufficiently agile. You said yourself the HE DPM can be sub-par, the solution is to maximise gun up-time, and if you're shooting you can be seen anyway. So I prefer attracting attention and drawing fire, then between the general tankiness, heal and dodging you can be a real nuisance.
  9. VC381

    Prinz Eugen/Hipper - How to make it work?

    Rudder shift mod (both), mid range, never stop firing as long as there's something to shoot at, head on a swivel for opportunities, predict and switch target and/or ammo to punish. If you see an opening, charge!!! Current build: PT, EM, DE, CE, EL Ideal build: PT, EL, EM, AR, DE, SI, CE
  10. VC381

    On what USN ship are you using William Halsey

    I understand you guys are trying to get the most OP effect out of the special skills but how often do you really get those achievements? OK confederate you can work towards but is far from guaranteed, and double strike is just a lottery. When I eventually get him, I would rather use him on a ship that actively benefits from his better EL and EM all the time, with the other achievements as a bonus. So basically has to be heavy cruisers.
  11. VC381

    The CV Captains Cabin

    So basically, the enemy CV was having just as much of a nightmare as you. You don't need to solo delete higher tier AA cruisers, all you need to do to have a meaningful effect on the game is achieve more than the enemy CV.
  12. VC381

    Yamato vs Nelson

    You haven't seen 10x IJN 410mm in that same situation, have you?
  13. VC381

    Is there really some form of APHE for RN BBs?

    I don't know how much CPC the RN had lying around for their 15" ships by WWII, if they carried it at all, or whether this had anything to do with Hood's loss. Magazine explosions are the cordite used to propel the shells going up, not whatever explosive is in the shells. Yeah, it's a bit tenuous and outdated but I guess there is some justification for keeping the gimmick rather than having a line that switches what it does well halfway through.
  14. VC381

    Is there really some form of APHE for RN BBs?

    I don't think the RN HE gimmick is related to specifics of WWII shell design, but I believe it is a thematic nod to RN WWI gunnery practice. In WWI they did have CPC (common pointed capped) shells for guns up to 13.5" which had a very large lyddite explosive filler, hard noses and base fuses: basically they acted as SAP. These shells had 50kg of explosive filler. Yes, that is a lot. US 14" common (HE) shells of the same period had <40kg. German 30cm HE had 26kg. Actual full on British Common/HE shells for 13.5" guns had 80kg of explosive filler (!). In other words, RN SAP in WWI had more explosive than everybody else's full HE, and their actual HE had twice as much. Lyddite itself was, as well as being high explosive, quite toxic. It fit into a doctrine of "beating down" enemy ships. Basically, they worked out AP of the era was unreliable at long range and would shatter, but a ship kept under fire struggled to fight back accurately. So they were deliberately planning to open engagements at long range with high volume of fire with SAP/CPC shells to cause havoc with upperworks, command and fire control up to and including killing crew with the aforementioned toxic fumes from lyddite exploding shells. This really stopped by the end of WWI when they designed better straight AP shells, so as I said the flavour makes no sense in a WWII context.
  15. VC381

    Question to BB players

    Of course it happens, that's not the point. You can't expect every salvo to be perfect. But if you aim well all the time, the salvos that hit will make up for the ones that miss, and then some. Overall, BBs have the highest damage output so obviously over the length of a game the guns are fine even if some salvos are completely wild. Lower your expectations and don't get into a situation where you depend on this one exact salvo to hit. Then position well, target select well, aim well and keep the guns firing. Then the damage rolls in!