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  1. VC381

    Roon and Hindenburg design

    Am I the only one who finds WGs made-up cruisers for the German top tiers really lazy and nonsensical? To be clear, I'm not talking about in game power/performance. I'm sure these ships are fine in that sense. I haven't played them but they look strong. I don't have a problem there. My only issue is their visual design. I kind of accept that WG needed to make up ships at these tiers, since the historical post-Hipper cruiser designs e.g. P-class would have been very awkward to implement with their 6x 280mm armament. Having said that, we now have 220mm, 230mm and 305mm armed cruisers at T10 so probably it would have worked and if the German line was introduced today I think it would look very different. Anyway these ships exist, they are fun to play, they perform fine as traditional 203mm heavy cruisers. I'm not proposing to replace them. But, as I said, I find their design really lazy given how many visual elements from known projects they just fail to use. For example: - German ship design switched to diesel or part diesel propulsion. Basically all large ships designed after 1939 had 2 funnels. Roon and Hindenburg should have 2 funnels (just like FdG and GK). - German hull design was quite boring and cruisers/BBs shared a very similar shape. Fine, but the P-class had a transom (square) stern. Hindenburg at least should have had this feature, and overall a hull shape more like the P-class not just Hipper hull enlarged +20%. - also on hull, Roon is flush-decked but this makes no sense with her turret arrangement. They could lower the aft deck and make her actually more like Nurnberg if that was the idea. - Hindenburg has an open bridge platform even though every other German ship had windows there, including those e.g. Hipper that weren't built like thay. Come on, rookie mistake. Seydlitz (incomplete Hipper class) had a different bridge with a bigger enclosed lower section and no upper platform. Why not use this? - Roon bridge is trying too hard to copy Nurnberg design but just looks messy and out of place. They could take elements of O-class bridge to make something that looks still chunky and imposing but more in line with the other high tier German ships. As I said I'm not proposing replacing the ships. Well, not completely. Do you think it would be possible to give these ships new 3D models with better design in a way that does not affect gameplay at all? Leave same guns, armour, all stats unchanged. Just make visual improvements so these ships look more like the cruisers Germany actually designed in the 1940s, and might have built in the Z-plan. What do you think?
  2. VC381

    Akizuki advice?

    I got this ship because it looked unique. It is pretty fun, rate of fire is obviously very funny, but I can't say I'm doing well with it. Confession straight up, I don't have IFHE (yet). My captain is only 13 points and transferred from Akatsuki where I was using a hybrid gunboat build. I will probably re-spec after I hit 14 points. But, I get a lot of broadside targets and I'm fine with using the AP so I don't think that's a major issue. Ship is upgraded, captain re-trained. Anyway, issues I'm having: for all the hype about the muzzle velocity, the arcs are nothing to write home about. I'm having a lot of trouble hitting consistently even at moderate ranges (and I'm used to Fletcher arcs...) even against broadside same tier DD (e.g. Benson), I eat through him with AP but easily take more damage than I deal in the same time. Can't seem to make the ship work as the monster 1v1 it's supposed to be if I'm spotted I eat lots of BB shells and they really hurt, so while I would like to go find DDs to duel it's often the case their support hurts me far more than my support hurts them (because they can actually dodge) Basically, I'm struggling to find a balance of aggression and positioning where I can consistently be useful. I'm either dead so fast I can't contribute, or too far away from the action to contribute. Awaiting your advice