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  1. In fairness those biplanes were flimsy as anything, the guys on the bridge had nothing to fear. But the sailors who literally had to catch the plane as it was landing? Yeesh! And they lost a few pilots due to gusts throwing the plane into the water... in front of the ship!
  2. And on that ship in that configuration they used to land planes by basically flying alongside the ship at almost the same speed then slowly moving across to fly in front of the bridge and put it down on the flight deck. As I said, biplanes could fly very slowly if they needed to.
  3. How do I get more patches?

    I started watching the containers and noticed I got a couple. Got this snake, I'm happy now!
  4. Early carriers were TINY. Also, with the ship doing 25 knots into a good wind a light biplane from those days could almost take off just standing on the deck with the engine going.
  5. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    I agree with you that if they make the ship and/or guns clunky for balance she won't be fun to play anymore, and I'll be disappointed if they do that. But I'm saying I have hope that they don't necessarily need to do that, because even if they changed nothing she wouldn't be an especially OP or game-breaking T6 (on aggregate, based on how she's perceived and handled by average players).
  6. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    If you're going to be that negative about it I can't help you but I don't see what you're basing it on. The firepower will be at the top end for the tier but not OP. The defining feature is handling, which most people seem to not see as a worthy strength so there's not much reason for them to nerf that. 90% of the time it will be in the same T5-T7 games it sees now and is not OP in; it can't see T4 to club them. So any changes are likely to be small, because the overall game impact of moving it down a tier is also small.
  7. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    I don't actually think so, unless you've seen the stats. There has been a lot of power creep and there are ships like Molotov at T6 with similar firepower to Pepsi. If WG are pandering to the widespread US cruiser whine, and if my understanding of forum whine over the years is correct, I think US cruisers downtiered will suffer very little if any nerfing and be considered balanced at their new tiers. Those of us that actually like them where they are now will be rewarded with better MM and de facto clubbing machines. I'm actually quite happy with the proposed split. And Helena. I need that. NAO!!! Anyway, not the thread for that conversation. And Affeks is right. To summarise AP special behaviour on cruisers: - All US CAs (203mm guns) only: better bounce angles - US CAs Baltimore and up only: superheavy AP - All RN CLs: better bounce angles and short fuse Back on topic: took a Myoko out the other day. Yeah, it's strong, I didn't mean to say it wasn't. But the turning circle and turret traverse still do my head in. So it's a playstyle choice. To be honest T7 is probably the best tier for cruisers overall.
  8. What CA/CL line to grind next

    Myoko is not bad, it's just boring, especially if you already played the fancy versions before you grind the silver one. Des Moines is great and I love the US cruiser line (only line in the whole game I keep and play all ships T6 to T10). But at T7 to T9 they are not for everyone and a lot of people hate them. They will be stronger and easier to play probably after downtier so why grind while it's hard and make yourself hate nice ships? Either way you get a free ship and it's same grind from T7 to T10 both before and after split. But after split you might choose the CL line instead.
  9. What CA/CL line to grind next

    So basically you want all the T10s but either don't like the ship you're on in each line or don't want to grind. I can kind of sympathise. Normally I recommend US but we don't know when the change will come and you're right if you don't already have them it's pointless grinding them now because they're basically all getting downtiered. To be honest, Worcester could be even more silly than Minotaur and Des Moines, and you get a free bump to T8 in that line from Cleveland, so I guess wait for that split before grinding either US or UK so you can decide which of those 3 T10s you really want. I would say IJN. Get over the Myoko and then enjoy. If you like ARP Myoko won't be a bad grind anyway.
  10. How do I get more patches?

    Hmm, shame. Oh well, not that fussed, guess I'll evrntually get more in the long term or they might run new missions. Seems like a really dumb little thing to gate behind playing at a certain time.
  11. How do I get more patches?

    I wasn't playing for a bit and I missed all the missions to collect animals and backgrounds for the patches. My selection is really small, except I got this wolf with a sword and I have no idea when or how. Is there a hidden mission? Is there anything I can do to make sure I collect more symbols and backgrounds?
  12. Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    Another thing I missed, thanks for correcting me! Wow, need to check how my Fiji does with this!
  13. Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    To be a bit less dramatic, the best use of Emerald is to practice RN cruiser smoke deployment and learn good smoke spots. The former can get tricky because it's very short, but it's worth your time learning how to pop it while slowing down so you just stop inside it. About 18 knots while slowing should do it, varies very little from ship to ship. The biggest problem with the ship is that the firepower is so crap, even if you position and smoke up perfectly you still won't get decent damage. Basically only aim for things your size or smaller unless you don't have a choice. Good luck!
  14. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    Aha, so they DID remove it (kind of). Thanks!
  15. Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    I consider myself a cruiser main, pretty good cruiser player and do well in several widely hated ships. I'm always trying to say something good about every ship and advise ways to have fun with under-appreciated oddballs. So what I'm about to say, I do not say lightly. I am at a loss as to what advice to give for playing this ship. Do what I did and skip it with Free XP while you have sanity left. Leander is absolutely worth it.