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  1. Couldn't help notice the WG birthday banner has some rather bizarre fighter planes on it. RAF roundels, but not looking like anything well known. Bit of digging brings up this though: An almost perfect match, actually for the MB 4 version when you consider the bubble canopy: So, why on earth would WG have a 3D model of such an obscure project fighter? Unless...
  2. IMO, bread and butter to 10 points: PT EM or AR SI or DE CE Then to 15 points, the other ones on rows 2 and 3. Last 4... no idea, would be tempted by RDF if you don't care about AA.
  3. I don't agree with the first bit. I love my Pensacola and Indianapolis but I would pick NO in a T10 game over either of those in a T9 game in a heartbeat. The second bit is only because most cruiser lines have a huge power spike and/or playstyle shift at T6 that leaves the T5s in the dust. As for range, I'm perfectly happy that other people clearly play these ships differently to me but I'm rarely using the max range of the ships we're talking about. You've got 9km detection, if you're aware of what the enemy DDs are doing you can basically go where you please and disengage at will. Actually I seriously consider removing the range mod from some of these ships to reduce the detection bloom when firing.
  4. Yes, but if the issue is T8 MM that's a) not exclusively a cruiser problem and b) you don't solve MM issues by buffing individual ships. And if you give T8 cruisers heal, then what? The T8 concealment module is already a huge advantage over T7, you just move the whine a tier lower. So you give heal to cruisers down to T6, to screw T5 even more? True T8 can feel like a bit of an odd spot but overall the power progression does make sense the way it is. MM changes are the only real solution.
  5. No. Did the other T8 cruiser whine thread slip off the first page already or is it a weekly requirement to have one of these? Anyway answer is the same: No. T8 cruisers are agile and stealthy, use that to live. New Orleans got a buff to RoF recently, it's a very good ship with amazing stealth and radar too. Mogami got a buff that makes the 155mm setup much better than before, real monster with IFHE as well. T8 in T10 game is not harder than any other +2 MM, just play your role and deal with it.
  6. Soviet. Not really that agile (some are, some aren't) but usually very fast, so it can still be hard to hit you. Lots of guns with good rate of fire, good arcs and long range. I haven't played french cruisers much but I get the impression they are meant to use their speed to be hard to hit and HE spam from medium to long range. Soviet do the same just a slightly different flavour. The T6 Budyonny has the same gun setup as Bertin/Gali (3x3 152mm) but better range and rate of fire. Then to T9 you get 12 guns. Probably you would also find Kongisberg quite fun, and maybe Nurnberg, but after that the German line changes while the Soviet is most consistent and similar from T6 to T9. Honestly, if you like shell spam IJN isn't for you. Of course they are very powerful cruisers and very fun, but their rate of fire is low and they rely more on alpha damage. The slow turret traverse is also not that comfortable on the ships T5 to T7. If you like always moving it's easier to play ships that can react quicker.
  7. The speed and tankyness are your tools to get into a range where the supposed inaccuracy doesn't matter (and then get you back out if things go wrong). I say "supposed" because I never really felt the guns are any worse than the average BB, at least how I play it, it seems to make no difference to me. Also you need to make use of that turret traverse to quickly switch and punish targets that are making themselves easy to hit. It's not a ship you focus one enemy with once he's actively countering you. The point is, even if the ship is inaccurate, in the end it's proper position and target selection that make or break your damage output (and game impact), and of all BBs Hood is one of the best for being able to control those two parameters.
  8. Probably just one of those things, like bright colours and lavish interiors (for the officers at least) that some navies were fond of in peacetime but we're quickly removed when war started. Guess the 3D model department at WG was basing on peacetime drawings of the ships or just thought they were cool.
  9. I know but 1) it's still more than most would do (and the implication is he read, understood and discussed it with someone else knowledgeable) and 2) I was trying to be nice unlike the majority of the others.
  10. Up to playstyle. Rudder shift is more versatile when you aren't hunting DDs, and even if you turn radar on as soon as you're spotted and spot the DD back, that won't save you from the inevitable incoming BB salvos. Survival first. If I'm spotted in a bad place I prefer to dodge and reposition than try to retaliate with radar at the edge of its range where it can get wasted easily (your guns are probably not pointing the right way and you usually can't rely on your team to follow up either in a quick-reaction situation like that). I save radar for more guaranteed kill situations, like denying smoke when I already know where their DD is but I want to make sure I am so close first that he has no possible escape when I hit radar.
  11. German cruisers, because with a fairly obscure and uninspiring project at T7 and two fictional abominations at T9 and 10, it's easier to just buy the Eugen to play the only historically interesting class above T6.
  12. The hull helps a lot with the rudder shift but I didn't particularly have an issue with stock config. The thing about this ship is she benefits a lot from playing full stealth. CE + concealment module and suddenly you're 12km away from some poor sod who didn't even realise he needed to angle against you (because he couldn't see you) and off he goes to the seabed. It's absolutely brutal, even against BBs. The guns are a bit harder to aim at long range but you shouldn't need to shoot far away (see earlier comment). At the medium ranges you should be fighting, they are very accurate and have unmatched penetration at that tier. "I know I need to keep bow in"... hmm, sure that works to an extent but personally I disagree. You're fast enough to flank, and the rear turret has a good enough angle on it to get all 9 guns on target then swing the bow just a bit to tank incoming. You dip back to stealth between shots and that covers any turns you need to make. Bear in mind you've played <500 games. You've done well in New Mex and Colorado but you're still a bit inexperienced and there is a playstyle shift to NC. Keep practicing, the other guys have given some solid advice as well.
  13. Really nice to have some positivity going around about this line Baltimore is definitely a fun ship and I completely agree that while other cruisers can feel easier to play and superficially appear stronger because they can rake in damage numbers, this is one ship that can go aggressive and make or break a game. Had some fantastic moments, like sailing circles around a North Carolina at such close range he couldn't keep his guns on me while I was farming him for citadels. It wasn't intentional and I instinctively hit "3", thought "uh oh, I don't HAVE torps" then quickly realised "ha ha ha, I don't NEED torps!" Yes, reload mod all the way, you don't need the range, that isn't your job. Actually, playing Atlanta recently without AFT has actually made me realise the value of having a short gun range (you can get un-spotted easier with the new gun bloom mechanics). I've actually been very tempted to remove the base range modification from a few ships (US CAs included) to see how well I can leverage this on other ships. I almost never fight at max range anyway. One more thing. I know most people will play this ship all stealth and Radar, but I would highly recommend giving the rudder shift module a try instead of the concealment module. Detection range is still pretty good with just CE+camo, you are using islands anyway for most of your cap approaches with radar, and that rudder shift module really patches up one of the ships few weaknesses. Sure, she's not as agile as a Pensacola or NO, but it still helps a lot depending on how you play. It's not a 100% dodge tank, but you have good armour, HP pool and heal so it's a bit of a "hybrid" tank that still gives you a lot more mileage in survivability. And speed flag is your friend.
  14. It's a struggle enough getting dreadnoughts into the game, I doubt we will ever see that Blucher and even if they are thinking it she's almost impossible to balance with the way low tiers are set up. Don't get me wrong, I don't desperately WANT a T7 Blucher CA, I'm just saying it's viable.
  15. Kaiser T4 - Konig Albert premium T3 Nagato T7 - Mutsu premium T6 Kirov T5 - Molotov premium T6 Edinburgh T8 - Belfast premium T7 Fletcher T9 - rumoured T8 premium sister Amagi T8 - Ashitaka (rumoured) premium T7 EDIT: since we're doing this: Furutaka/Aoba - sisters by design, half-sisters because of modifications in construction Fubuki/Akatsuki - some differences but usually all three groups of "Special Type" DD are considered the "Fubuki class" together Mogami/Ibuki - repeat design, minor improvements Kagero/Yugumo - arguably also repeat design, minor changes When the sisters are quite different or (more usually) when they represent the class at a completely different point in time with different strength, it can be done. Blucher can fit this kind of difference in an early war condition (vs. Hipper and Eugen late war).