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  1. __Themistocles__

    Coal Ships In The Armory

    Everyone says Jean Bart is cool - I am inclined to believe them. I can say that Alaska is quite capable. She is basically a heavier Des Moines that can do some open water gunboating due to quite good armor scheme.
  2. __Themistocles__

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    I share Spithas's opinion
  3. __Themistocles__

    How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    Steam having monopoly is bad. But somewhere around 2010 or so, we stopped owning games and started "renting" them, despite paying more and more for a game.
  4. __Themistocles__

    How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    I found an old file in my Downloads folder, I suggest you do the same, might find it. The name is WoWs_internet_install_eu DOT exe
  5. __Themistocles__

    How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    Done that, hopefully I can get the launcher back.
  6. __Themistocles__

    How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    I dont know what you mean. I tried launching the launcher, it says that it needs Wargaming center now to launch (which kinda defeats the launcher). It seems it created some dependency which cannot be undone (I've searched the net and people said that it's pretty much irreversible). Alternative was to launch the game directly which worked, but then I'd have to launch the launcher for every patch.
  7. __Themistocles__

    How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    I made a grave mistake of trying out World of Warplanes (game is ok, just not my cup of tea). Why you say "grave"?. Because now I can't play WoWs without Wargaming center. Upon trying to reinstall the game, I have to install the Center. Is there any way to get the standalone launcher back?
  8. __Themistocles__

    Gamescom Q&A thread

    What's the concrete date on CV rework? We got some minor (or not so minor, depending on POV) changes, but there is constant talk about wanting to make USN CVs more balanced and versatile compared to IJN, rebalance them so they are more enjoyable for both players that play CV and the ones that play against. So, when is that happening? In 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 months?
  9. __Themistocles__

    UK cruiser nerf ?

    I think they are fine for the most part. They just need BIIIIIIG AA range nerf. Like 8.6km AA range? And then >600 DPS in 7.2 km range? Seriously?
  10. __Themistocles__

    world of tanks 3 days premioum work for warships

    I managed to get the key, but it's not working. It says code is invalid.
  11. __Themistocles__

    world of tanks 3 days premioum work for warships

    I did. I put my mail, random password, name random, surname random, and nothing happens.
  12. __Themistocles__

    world of tanks 3 days premioum work for warships

    Anyone figured out how to register? I am having the same problem of no email being sent.
  13. __Themistocles__

    New camo type?

    I have Benson. Shima, Fletcher and Graaf spee of the ships that can complete this. Which one would be the most likely to complete this? For Fletcher I already got 8 and 9 torp hits today, Benson I think torps are too slow, Shima I have never gotten over 7 torps hits, and maybe Spee? That's 2 yolo runs and 0.5 of a kite-away run.
  14. __Themistocles__

    Carriers [high tier vs low tier enjoyment]

    I just shot down 7 Midway planes in my Fletcher, 3 weren't during def. AA. AA range needs a nerf. Some ships need AA rework. "Weak ships" like -1 tier DD, BB, or same tier BB with weak AA (e.g. Yamato) shouldn't be able to roll a "natural 20" and mow down 6 planes solo (like seriously I lost 7 planes in a strike to a single Gneisenau once in my Lexington, and an Ognevoi shot down 3 planes during a strike). And obviously overlap of AA is a huge culprit. Try striking a 2xFDG grouped together. They annihilate your planes. Oh, and ship torps shouldnt be perma spotted by aircraft once launched, but only during the time they are actually spotted by aircraft. And a CV shouldn't be able to park his stuff over DDs and permaspot him (e.g. Shimakaze should be able to shoot an entire Midway squad in 2 minutes it hovers for that long).
  15. __Themistocles__


    I've said it when I started grinding my ships, I saw it mentioned by iku19 a year ago when I started playing the game, I've been saying it, other people too. CVs are the cause of all imbalances. There MUST BE carriers in games, 90% of them. It boggles my mind that CVs are something you say "what is this" when you play tier 10, like they are equivalent of DD Black in rarity, instead of an entire SHIP CLASS. And they must be balanced with a clear role in mind. Because even in their mutilated states, Haku and Midway can still absolutely dominate enemy teams. You cannot play a game and purposely not take AA stuff on AA specialized ships just because there is a 1/10 chance to actually see a carrier. Currently people are whining that DDs are in a bad spot. That IJN torps are bad. But what happens when by some miracle CVs are played again? When a Hakuyru can just scout the entire map in 10 seconds with his squadrons, literally spotting every torp when it's launched. When every DD on the map can be spotted by a single squad of an airplane. When a carrier can park a squad above a DD and not care because it can't be shot down. Again, CVs have to be staple in every game. That way there will be way fewer camping BBs bow on, way fewer BBs camping behind (because CVs would get to them around and/or sink their team first). Torps wouldnt be a problem, value of DM and Hindy would spike, Zao would be reduced in power (perma spotted). And yet CVs have been nerfed, directly and indirectly every single patch. And then? You would have 1-3-5-3 compositions. People want to be in the safest ship around. So they take a cruiser that has DFAA and spec it for AA. Just like they take German BBs ATM, resulting in 0-5-2-5 compositions often seen. You cannot have a game where your balance decisions look like they are made with having only 3 ship classes in mind, completely ignoring the 4th, both balance and attention wise.