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  1. over_watch

    New Mode: Bastion

    so iplayed this mode i like it but the lignes on the minimap are too much
  2. over_watch

    Penetration - No Damage

    [as a ca] i had the same situation he vs bb the shot landed but did no damage one time i hit a ship but the system did not count it as hit and the it took no damage [as a bb] in a colorado i landed 5 shots (ap) on a myoko at 5km away did 2k damage ,i hit it near the citadel area but i think that's an over pen but isn't it to much 5/5 overpen at 5km i did not report it coz i thought it was an isolated accident
  3. over_watch

    How is anyone supposed to get past T6-7 at the moment?

    i think that that the problem is about your gameplay you see, you can not play the colorado like the other us bb, its more like a close rage bb you have a really bad dispersion and speed so you must not go with a fleet that is under 3 ships it does not matter if you are the lowest tire in the game , if you keep bow on and go with other ships and tank you will make some progress the colorado has low speed and a bad dispersion if you play it like a sniper you will die with no damage done in the game and you will not get any xp for it
  4. over_watch

    Competitive play in WoWS - how it can be done

    great topic i had this overpenetration problem with the colorado, i always get an overpen at close range, one i hit a myoko at 5km with 6 shells and did like 2k damage i agree about the rng its a joke some times i fire a solvo the other ship turns but there is always that shell that gets away from the solvo and lands on the enemy ship and kills it , or you fire a solve and is splits in half so that the enemy ship passes in the middle i like your idea about ranked , if i could provide the idea of vote inside the match: -if the team puts a plan (like going for a cap) and there is that one ship(lets call it ship-x) that is god-like (tries to take b solo). -a member of the team puts a vote on that ship (ship-x) -a window pops up to the captain of ship-x telling him to obey the team -after 2min the vote starts (if he did not obey the team votes for a penalty)(if he did obey the team votes to cancel the vote) like this you will follow the plan
  5. over_watch

    Proper Teamkilling Solution

    i agree we also need to set a penalty coz lets face it pink name is not a penalty try giving him less xp or make him play low tire ships or pay a fine just reparing the damaged ship is not also a penalty when he kills an friend he will make the team lose the game how about reparing 50% of there health by giving a hard penalty you will prevent future killing
  6. over_watch

    More Weather

    he is rightyou detect a dd 6km near you there is no way you servive that unless the other one is playing with his feet
  7. over_watch


    i dont really play with money i only play wow cuz its not pay 2 win
  8. over_watch


    noi make 120/140k per game but after repairs( around 60/70k) i only get around 60k i only have t8 ships(mogami)
  9. over_watch


    hello guys is it me or that the currency system has changed just played a game with mogami t8 i was the first in the team(xp) won the game i fixed my ship with 70k and won 130k so what i won really is 60k really what can i do with 60k in t8 i'll need to win like 30 games to buy a module it really sucks
  10. over_watch

    MatchMaker 2.0

    mm still has many down sides today i played a game where a t7 division member added a t2 ship to a t8 game i had another game where our team had 2 colorados and the enemy team had 2 nagatos(not in the same division)
  11. over_watch

    AP/HE shells new colour difference

    yep i like the colors
  12. over_watch

    New Mode: Bastion

    i play only t8 games i played a lot tody but did not ty it
  13. over_watch

    Sound changes

    i like it can some one tell me how to change sounds of all my ships to the arp ship's sounds
  14. hello there is this channel it is really good for now it is just ship test if you would like to see tuto just go down to the old videos he plays NA they are really stupid but the player is really good channel name :NOTSER url: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrNotser
  15. over_watch

    captain's skills

    this topic is for wow devs guys every time you change a thing in the game the meta chages we could not really go with the flow cuz the captain's skills are not reset per exemple some one using stealth captin with the new modefication its better to go secondary build but his skills are stuck and you guys chaged a lot in the game secondary became really good (like on yamato) feel free to post your thoughts