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  1. are you guys still recruiting? https://wows-numbers.com/player/535198626,bubbs90/
  2. In case you're still recruiting: https://wows-numbers.com/player/535198626,bubbs90/
  3. https://wows-numbers.com/player/535198626,bubbs90/ I do lack the t10s...
  4. As the title says, whenever I click play on the launcher (it just updated) it crashes and I get the following message. Edit: Tried the game integrity check from the launcher, found no issues, but keeps crashing anyway. Edit 2: Reinstalled ultra client, still not working. Currently my NA client works fine... EU keeps crashing
  5. bubbs90

    When can we expect equal DD matchamaking?

    It sounds more like you think every random battle people play like OMNI in competitive matches. Taking away one dd while the other team has an extra one will make a difference. I show a complete lack of interest because you clearly fail to understand my point here. You talk about facts when there is no statistical evidence, like you said. Any decent player would agree that a dd difference is always an advantage to the team with more dds. You want to talk about teamplay? No problem: extra dd advantage: *extra smoke for allied ships, *extra destroyer to contest caps, * extra dd to spot, *extra invisible ship to skillwall bbies, etc.
  6. bubbs90

    When can we expect equal DD matchamaking?

    Who's talking about splitting up teams? I'm talking dds here. Edit: dds have good concealment btw (just making sure here) so if you have a dd advantage it means more caps can be capped without being SEEN by the enemy.
  7. bubbs90

    When can we expect equal DD matchamaking?

    There is none anyway, because it's clearly not important. Based on the fact that domination modes have 3 caps and when you have 2 dds vs 3 dds, send one dd to each cap, who has the advantage? You tell me since you clearly think it makes no difference at all.
  8. bubbs90

    When can we expect equal DD matchamaking?

    Does it need statistical evidence? All it needs is common sense. No reason for equal DD matchmaking you say? As if the matchmaker even cares which dds are on which team. A 5 year old kid chosing which dds to be on which team would probably have a better clue than the current matchmaker. Needless to say half the time the team with the extra dd is also gets more ships with radar, which is a shitty coincidence. I'll be there at the front-line while my dds are too busy chasing the enemy carrier or do their best to avoid sailing into the cap at any cost...
  9. How difficult is it to make sure each team has the same amount of destroyers?? Most of the time one team gets one dd more than the other team, especially in domination games this is such a big advantage it's ridiculous they haven't changed this yet.
  10. bubbs90

    All the moaning and bitching on these forums...

    I just lost the will to play with all the [edited]they've been pulling the last two months. What's the point of playing a game if the management doesn't give a crapabout its playerbase?
  11. We've received ship discount up until t7, I'd assume t8-t10 would be next however I've not found any information today/anywhere about when?!?
  12. bubbs90

    Battle of Skerki Bank mission

    Don't worry guys, the next bunch of missions are even worse....
  13. bubbs90

    Update 0.5.15 Feedback - Bugs

    1. DescriptionRoyal Navy cruisers, when pressing smoke only 1 puff appears 2. Reproduction stepsWhen trying to deploy smoke, (be it full speed, no speed, or anything in between), at times only 1 smoke puff will appear 3. ResultShip glides out of the smoke because only 1 smoke puff appears, leaving the ship exposed while slowing down to a halt 4. Expected result2 smoke puffs should appear at all times 5. Technical detailsNot Applicable
  14. Not certain if following situation was caused by this but I've had games where my eyes started to hurt and I could barely see the enemy ship, except its silhouette. The weather effect was just like looking to the sun, not very pleasant...
  15. bubbs90

    Takao mission - Q&A

    Does this mean you'll reimburse my 70000 free xp I used to get a t9 ship in order to do this mission?