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  1. Grim_T_Reaper

    KM CV

    Well, now it's completely useless against everything. Seriously, what were they thinking? I guess this is what happens when the players cry and scream about something being too OP. This is the result. As Ichase and Notser said, don't bother with it. It NEEDS at least 2 squads of torp bombers. I thought the original loadout looked fine.
  2. Grim_T_Reaper

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Having a similar problem to Sonic_157's issue. Can't install client/game update to Every time i try, I get this: Additionally, I deleted the preferences xml and then clicked on the WorldOfWarships.exe file and i got an error popping up saying "The program can't start because vivoxsdk.dll is missing from your computer." I don't even know what that is from, Haven't removed any dlls recently. Can't even verify integrity of game files, every time i try, it tries to update the launcher (which is where it freezes) and the client. Even tried disabling auto updates and update seeding, didn't seem to have any effect.
  3. Grim_T_Reaper

    Poll to change irrevocable ranks

    If there is an addition to the irrevokable ranks, then it should be between 10 and 6, and remove 12, 22 and 21 Which would leave it at 23, 20, 15, 10, 6, 1. Though I've been struggling to get past 11 for the past few days, mainly due to being stuck with complete and utter morons ('our entire team gets wiped out, and no one on the enemy team dies' kind of morons).
  4. Grim_T_Reaper

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Best game in my scharn to date, and highest score i've ever gotten, with my Tirpitz, FDG and Bismarck in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, respectively. Plus, my second ever High Caliber badge, those aren't easy for me to get, I usually don't live long enough or damage enough targets:
  5. Grim_T_Reaper

    So I bought a Belfast for ranked.....

    I bought the bel for my birthday last week, though haven't had much experience with it yet, been using my shiny horse for ranked (but still haven't reached rank 10), using my warspite capt but he's only got 7 points, so no concealment expert or IFHE on him yet. I need to practice with it more.
  6. Grim_T_Reaper

    Event Calendar - February

    If they're for Rank 1 only, it should say that in the rollover description, I just saw the ship criteria, and said to myself "wait, you can't take T5 into ranked this time round." Plus, if it's just a regular container, there's no guarantee you'll get anything worth all that effort (like a rare prem ship), you might get something worthless, like 4 flags, 50k creds, since it only says 'Container' not 'Super Container'.
  7. Grim_T_Reaper

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Haven't tried all the new skills, don't have all the ship classes to test them (so can't test carrier skills), but I'm really liking Adrenaline Rush, a lot. I put it on my Bismarck last night, then went into a game, it got my reload time down to about 8 or 9 seconds, with maybe 1000 hp left, a couple of torp hits tuck it down to about 200 or so, but before i could test the reload again, a third torp took me out I'm thinking of trying HEAP on my Bis and Der G, but from a post on the NA forums i was directed to last night, the bis and grosser's secondaries wouldn't benefit from it, where as the geniesenau would, oddly enough, though I'm sure their main gun HE would also benefit, and add an extra punch, so I'll probably still try it. I have used Proventative Maintainance on a few of my ships, though i havn't really noticed anything, as my modules don't get knocked out that often, since i almost never play destroyers, which are more prone, but i have had it happen on my bbs before, so i guess I'll just have to keep an eye out.
  8. Grim_T_Reaper

    Service cost if ship is not damaged?

    I personally don't mind the fixed service cost, as it's consistent, and you can reduce it with camos and flags, I've got my FDG's repair cost down to 84000, from what i think should be over 100, and since i barely manage to make over 120,000 thanks to low hit ratio and and average damage counts of round about 50 or 60k, (highest i got so far is 103k in the FDG), so i manage to make a small profit or break even, but only because i;'m running prem time at the moment, if i wasn't', i wouldn't. What I currently have issue with in regards to this system, is the ammo resupply cost, that is what makes my repair bills so high, I've had games where I've run up an extra 20k or more just for ammo resupply, i don;'t use prem consumables, so they're free for me. I can understand prem cons costing credits to resupply, but ammo? It's infinite, so it shouldn't cost us anything to resupply that, if they removed that cost, repair bills would be cheaper.
  9. Grim_T_Reaper

    Tirpitz secondary armament range

    While I also agree, the Tirpitz secondaries could do with a little range increas (maybe up to 7.6km), it was done for balance reasons, also, the Bismarck's hydro is getting neutered, getting switched out for the regular hydro, which is a shame, because it's the last ship in the line where Hydro is still useful, on the Grosse and Kurfürst, even the German hydro is too short a range to be affective (according to Mouse's notes on the wiki)
  10. Grim_T_Reaper

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Let's face it, they're not going to remove RPF entirely, the best that we can hope for, is that most high level BB players won't bother with it, I mean, it'll be a choice between that and Manual Secondaries/Manual AA and AFT, and then T3 skills like fire Provention and vigilance, I know I'll never use it over MS or AFT or MAA, least not on T8-10 BBs. Only other option is to restrict the class of ship it can be used on, so BB players can't use it either way.
  11. Grim_T_Reaper

    Super containers

    I've only ever got two SC so far, Victor Lima flags in one and the other was a bunch of Camos. I've also bought quite a few of those Christmas containers, but got nothing but cammos and flags (though I did get 80 or so Dragon flags in the last batch i bought tonight, so can't complain i suppose, i've got about 113 now), and I have about 600 ocean soul/New Year cammos. (can't remember which), but NO SHIPS! All i want is a Nicholi, is that too much to ask for?
  12. Grim_T_Reaper

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    I personally haven't played on the test server (I usually don't), but after everything i've seen about these new skills, I'm in general agreement that this RPF thing either needs to be removed, or modified so it only applies to DDs and maybe Cruisers, if they've disabled it for carriers, then they should disable it for BBs too. And i'm a battleship player saying this (I just unlocked the FDG), though I honestly can't think of any BB player who would pick this skill over AFT and MS, I know i certainly wouldn't. On the HEAP/IFHE skill, that should only work on main guns of 152 mm and under, this will make the DDs and light cruisers stronger (and remove the -6 fire nerf), I also think that AFT needs to be altered so 152mm guns are affected too (mainly DDs and UK cruisers and like US/RU cruisers). I almost never use HE on my main guns in my BBs, while i have a few times, I usually stick to AP, even when i ideally shouldn't, but only because it takes so long to reload the guns (I don't use EL).
  13. Grim_T_Reaper

    Proper compensation for being TK'd

    I remember you used to get compensation for ramming damage, but these days, you don't, you just get fined, even if you're the one getting rammed by friendlies (that just sounds wrong in so many ways ), I know it's happened to me a few times. While I have been friendly-torped and friendly-shot a few times, it's almost always accidental, apart from one occurrence. I think the best punishment for TKing, would be similar to what WOT does: the guilty party turns a different colour, their position on the map gets revealed to EVERYONE in the match, for the duration of the match/until dead (so they can't hide), or, the 'friendly' team gets no punishment for taking out the TKer, The one being TK'd should get a free repair discount.
  14. Grim_T_Reaper

    Sever Issues - November 4th

    Well, I just had to restart my system to get out of the game, after it refused to load me into a T10 match in my tirpitz, i noticed from looking at the loading screen there were a few others who weren't loading in, and while i was in port, i just had the anchor icon in the middle, it wasn't actually displaying the ships. My team won the fight, so it used the 100% daily win bonus, so that's wasted, at least on the tirpitz, luckily, that'll be running til this halloween thing is over. I was in port last night when the servers went down for that maintenance, and the client kicked me, i did eventually log back in, but i don't think i played a game though, can't remember. --EDIT-- Ok, problem seems to have resolved itself.
  15. Grim_T_Reaper

    Where is König Albert!

    bought her as soon as she went on sale, got the standard bundle, couldn't justify nearly £30 for a T3 ship, especially after I accidentally spent £170 on Tirpitz, 'Horst, 'Apolis, and assorted amounts of doubloons and credits. In the span of a month. Oops...? Had 3 games in her so far, using one of my commanders that i stuck on my Bayern, just finished grinding the retraining (it was only 1000 xp), just had my first victory in her, Tier 4, 3 kills, a S Carol, a Louis, and a stationary jap DD that i think was AFK, killed him in two hits, first one nearly killed him outright.