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  1. Antoniogal

    Ranger modules

    Its better Ranger or Lexington?
  2. Antoniogal

    I want to delete my account

    usually i'm not so angry but its 2 time i post this problem and nobody answer, and didnt like some answers i read today (read all of them)
  3. Antoniogal

    I want to delete my account

    sorry for my bad english but i see italian is not in the laguages when it happen i read the report list and were Bot only anyway i will use the link u sent me and thats what i found http://hags-club.com/hag/126/world_of_warships_hacks
  4. Antoniogal

    I want to delete my account

    i think nothing better than Audi, absolutely great, i got an Audi A4 quattro 180 cv and were incredible
  5. Antoniogal

    I want to delete my account

    well why nobody explain how can made a bug report? Its so difficult? And mr Supertester explain me, the report i did during the battle ( i reported the player as bot) is correct or not?
  6. Antoniogal

    I want to delete my account

    I get a Bmw!!!! but prefere Audi quattro
  7. Antoniogal

    I want to delete my account

    I see most of replies come from people with brain on holidays....... Then start again.... I reported those strange things cause arent good for a game like this. I think is the best game on line i have never seen and i love to play it, BUT if those things happen ( and probably would be better to investigate about it before some Admiral - Tester- and others eat pop corn). If u want to improve the game and the community would be better to start your brain before write......... Always here for replies and other...
  8. Antoniogal

    I want to delete my account

    I just need to delete my account, and i'm so angry cause Tech Team of WOW wont to examine what happen. I reported few times "strange" things happened ( Ghost ships - ships that desappeared when u launch torps at 3 km without smoke scren) and i want to say to all those genius, torps against a BB at 3 Km, so anyone can explain how its possible. Anyway i surely dont spend my money on a game where some players use cheats .Bye
  9. Antoniogal

    Ghost ships

    Sorry, i launched 6 torps against a BB and desappear ....... can anyone explain me how is possible?
  10. Hy guys, i launched torpedos against a ship, 4 km distance, he was in the line of fire, but he disappeared ( no smoke screen) how its possibile?