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  1. FullSpeedAhead_fighter

    I love this game....

    Dear wargaming, your game is perfect and does not need any form of balancing, UK,FRANCE, USSR AND USA ARE PERFECTLY FINE,maybe the only bad side are the OP GERMANS!! you need to nerf germans even more, we all don't care becouse it's obvious that german were the bad guys in all world wars, so we need to nerf them.... BTW your game is still perfect, keep pumping ships out, we need even more !, and don't care about guys that says the game needs to be balanced or the ones that complain about he spam, we all know that in real ww2 spammers were common, oh and dont' care about battleships, keep buffing destroyers and cruisers, instead add even more overpen and islands, we all know that common battelfields were full of islands. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!! P.S. THIS COMMUNITY IS FANTASTIC !! FULL OF STATE-OF-ART HUMAN BEINGS !!!!
  2. FullSpeedAhead_fighter

    We must do something now...UNACCEPTABLE

    SO FIRST THING FIRST..I WAS AS USUAL IN MY BELOVED Gnaeuisneuau..AND all WAS ok uNTIll THIS shi.T, happENED 1))) I hit the enemy ship and the game recorded 7308 damge but no ribbons showed, and the game even did not register this value as damage. IT SIMPLY DISAPPEARED (SEE attached photos) 2))) AP SHELL STAND FOR ARMOUR-PIERCING SHELL. NOW NOW NOW AP SHELL ARE MADE TO PASS THROUGH STEEL...KRUPP STEEL. THAT IN MY MIND IS THICKER AND MORE THOUGH THAN A SHITTY ROCK. I SHOOT AN ENEMY BEHIND AN ISLAND AND THE AP SHELL DID NOT PASS THROUGH THE ROCK. UNBELIVABLE||||||| wargaming FIXXX!!!
  3. FullSpeedAhead_fighter

    Siegfried incoming...

    I guess, if he wanted your opnion, he would had put a question mark