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  1. spcapten


    Impressive what two isolated BB's can do one after an other. Especially to a tier VIII cv
  2. spcapten

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    I don't have also any problem if this is the concept they try to implement. Just there should be a middle way and not either spam with F repeatedly unpunished or get completely annihilated when doing so. They could think of something like the concept we had before the update with the forced disengagement of fighter squadrons that clashed. When you tried to disengage then you would be punished by loosing a plane of you squadron. They could do something similar here too when you press the F button, like guaranteed loosing of 30-40% of your recalled squadron. I wouldn't even mind the current AA strength much if the squadron replenishing time in this current AA environment would be much faster so to avoid the very common situation now, especially for tier VI+VIII CV's in up tiered matches, not to have any squadrons to launch left not long after battle started.
  3. spcapten

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    And here pics from the next tier X game. They heal consumable on the torpedo squadron ha become totally useless. I couldn't even start an proper run to an amagi a accompanied by an ibuki and the whole squadron vanished. And shimas beingable easily to shoot down 11 and 24 planes. I see that tier X cvs are strong enough and don't have such huge problems in their battles but it would be much better if AA of Tiers X-IX would be tuned down alongside with tier X planes HP to smoothen they aa effectiveness between the tiers.
  4. spcapten

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    I agree with the above ones. VIII cv's like shokaku completely useless against IX-X ships. You just sit in the game being cursed again of being useless cause you have run out of planes from the first 6 min already. No mater if you pick isolated targets or not. The only isolated ship you can sink is a isolated yugumo. Pressing F is completely suicide. I have more chance to save planes of me by trying manoeuvring planes somehow further away from ship aa and then press F. 80-90% of a full health squadron gets annihilated. Its no a challenge to play it but pure frustration. The gap between the different tier AA is huge. Here a screenshot of last battle. 28k dmg
  5. spcapten

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    Its ok guys, lets not get frustrated. The update & changes are still dynamic and in constant change. They already said they will address this issue as soon as possible (bug and fine tuning). We have seen now both extremities in cv gameplay and I am confident that in the next two months balance will make gameplay more comfortable. Lets make more contributive comments and help them balancing it than degrade all effort and time they invest in those cv changes. Till then all ships can take revenge on the dominance of CV's all those years
  6. spcapten

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    I hope so cause I just played on Tier VIII CV's and it wasn't funny at all sitting there after 7 min of game without being able to launch any planes anymore cause everything was shredded down. I played both as top tier against tier VI ships and against tier X and imagine a Fubuki shot down 7 planes of mine, not to mention what happened when I played against tier X ships. Even a Mussashi was able to shoot down planes and my cvs were both full upgraded with 15 + 19 skills captains on them. Here two screenshots as a prove. And I wasn't just wasting planes against AA cruisers or targeting groups if you think that. I tried to target isolated ships. The most annoying wasn't in the end the frequency of shot down planes but that very soon you couldn't launch any squadrons larger than 4 planes. Not to mention Dive bombers almost never managed to complete their attack run. Aaa and not to forget also to mention that I was almost never able to save any squadron anymore after pressing the F even when I pressed it while 5 planes of mine were still green
  7. spcapten

    Kaga uptiered is just not viable at all

    After playing all 4 prem CV's with update 8.0 I can say indeed that Kaga and Saipan feel somehow weak. Kaga especially when in a tier 8-10 match most often doesn't even reach a target without loosing all planes. Especially with dive bombers you never mage to complete an attack run. There is no point to have a large plane hanger just to waste planes away without doing anything else than spotting or try to drop blind from distance. Work becomes somehow easier towards the end of the match and when AA guns of most of the ships are knocked out. (that's another issue on all ships. You invest so heavy in AA and the guns are so easily knocked out by HE shells that you can't use them when you need it.) Saipan just can't inflict sufficient damage. The rockets are too few and to inaccurate. You have to fly longer in straight line in order to aim properly, get shot down by doing so by the aa clouds, and then you also often miss the target (especially DD). Same thing with Dive bombers. They also don't inflict sufficient damage. Overall a difficult ship. On the other hand Enterprise and Graff Zeppelin seems good balanced. Enterprise is the easiest to use and the Zeppelin as soon as you get how it functions its also good, despite it gets often the same problem with Saipan that when its planes are shot down they don't replenish quick and you find your self for many minutes able just to launch squadrons with half its normal aircraft numbers.
  8. spcapten

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    CV's complain for the exact opposite though
  9. spcapten

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I personally like it
  10. spcapten

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I can confirm that free XP and cash is not gained in the amounts needed or described in the announcement. What AA considered, ok it might be a little bit too strong. Especially when VIII aircraft against US ships but on the other hand we have Izumo that doesn't shoot down a single plane for example. I think players should give some time and adopt some new tactics. Isolate some ships and focus, not flying full speed into a flotilla of AA ships and expect to survive. Give a chance to rest of your ships to destroy some AA modules on enemy ships and dont expect to dominate the battle from the first minutes. As battle progresses and especially towards end, CV's have a more easy job to do when ships are isolated and damaged. Was in last test even more frustrating than now to have a full hp Montana and a single torpedo squadron being able to sink it with just two torpedoes and flooding while Montana barely shot down 3 airplanes in first 7 min.
  11. Should Asashio not receive also an alternative type of Torpedos now the number of BB's will be reduced in each battle?
  12. spcapten

    Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    Yes we played in division right after he got them. He wanted us also to tell him suggestions about modul configuration.
  13. spcapten

    Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    Smart boy But the Abruzzi as an example, was it still on sale on Thursday?
  14. spcapten

    Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    How did you looked up his ships? I didnt even mentioned his name...
  15. spcapten

    Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    Didn't believe him too in the beginning but when he continued having this luck I was seeing also his player stats and what ships he was acquiring and it was on days those premiums he was getting that they were not on sale in the shop. He became a legend in our Clan. The majority he got from santa boxes but still theoretically you have the same chance of winning a ship with a santa box or when getting a normal in game super container. I am not referring here to the frequency of getting supper containers in the daily lottery but when he gets them every second he opens is a ship...