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  1. You wrote, "Choose either Extended Tech Tree or better ships in carousel not both." Right now, users can choose both in the Mod Pack's selection menu. If you can't use both without having issues then it should let you select 1 of them and not both. My statement, " has been very challenging on everyone involved with Aslian's pack" means exactly that: It has been challenging to figure out what works and what doesn't. I didn't say that you didn't "fully understand." On the contrary, you (and the thousands of us who also use Aslain's pack) understand too well how challenging mods (and packs) have been since 5.8.1. There are hundreds of people doing exactly what you're doing to discover the flaws and reporting back to everyone from Aslian, himself, to the mod authors to the masses hence, "…everyone involved with Aslian's pack."
  2. Then why is it even an option? has been very challenging on everyone involved with Aslian's pack.
  3. Hey guys, what MOD was it that placed ship names beside the person's name in chat?
  4. hakabase updated his 2 mods today. just a heads up.
  5. Hey brother, the saying is, "stupid is as stupid does."
  6. QuestloveEU

    0.5.7 is postponed until 23/06/2016

    Ph3lan, please help with this! Aslian just posted this in his Modpack topic. Can you please expedite getting this straightened out? "Sorry but WG banned me for 7 days, for so called breaking rule 4.04: 4.04. Using bots, clickers, macros, keyboard and mouse recorders, or any other similar methods to accumulate credits and experience without the participation or with passive participation of the player within the battle. (Excessive and repetitive passive play) The problem is I do not use such software, they are simply wrong. I could probably hang due some mod and people reported me for afk or something, but we already know that WG scripts too sensitive, marking you as a team killer when a retard player comes into your torpedoes or guns just once. Then you stay pink for another week. So primitive system. Because of these accusations, next update of modpack might get postponed, until they unban me."
  7. quoted post removed How can we help? Probably 35% (or higher in NA) of all players benefit from your cosmetic MODS. We need to let a Forum moderator know what's going on as opening a ticket might take longer than the ban itself.
  8. But the current ships version is He named his that's what's throwing it off.
  9. QuestloveEU

    Kitakami removed?

    you guys on EU got to keep your Kitas??