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  1. Egoleter

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Do you really want me to look up a two year old post of mine? For questions that I will most likely still not recieve answers to? (your forum search is failing miserably for posts that old) Found it with google. We could make a bet: If I retrieve the old post of mine (already done), and you are unable to provide the missing answers, what will you offer? My offer is to give the WGC a try if you can provide them. Otherwise I will stay true to my word of two years ago. Acceptable? That's not even remotly the same. That's just hiding the WGC that you wouldn't see while you play anyway. Minimized to tray still means 100 % active. Not addressed in this reply but part of my post and the quote you used: A social media free version or one with disabled browser. Is that a total number, or just those who switched and were active back then while and still active now? If it is a total number that it would mean that still 10 % of your players don't like the WGC. Considering your millions of active accounts, that's hundreds of thousends of players. By no means a small number. How lightweight? I mean... that's pretty much what all publishers say about their launchers. Do you know how many publishers want you to install their own game center by now and have it running all the time? This totals up to quite a lot of porcessing and memory usuage. Which means quite a lot of wasted energy. In the days of "the great Greta" one might want to look for solutions that use even less energy. A game center without social media functions, without a browser, and without all the other stuff not entirely necessary to keep the games you installed up to date, would be even less lightweight. Even if it is only an option you need to activate, by that handing the choice to the user. You don't need an advertisment platform on every PC your game runs on.
  2. Egoleter

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Ok, true enough. They do make the launcher the default launch option for your game though. You have to make the change manually. So while this option exists, it is not Wargamings intend that their players make use of it. WG wants it to be the center of their game experience, implied heavily by their advertsising. They want the launcher to be active. Auto-close is an often requested feature by the community so far ignored by Wargaming. They want their marketing tool on our PCs and they want it to be active.
  3. Egoleter

    WGC: Meldet euch an, um alles zu erfahren

    Kurze Korrektur: @Crysantos
  4. Egoleter

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    When you introduced the launcher I made a long list of technical details I need answered before I even consider the change. I believe it was @MrConway who said he'd try to get answers for them from the devs. Those answers never appeared. We are still missing a reduced functionality option for the WGC. Without social media inclusion, without a browser, and self closing when the game is launched (don't know... this last one might already be implemented). I remember quite a few users asking for that.
  5. Egoleter

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    Your winrate is not decided by your team mates. They have some influence but it averages out. Always. No exception. Not even for you. The only factor that is always the same in your battles is you. If you are good you can change a battle from a loss to a win by few well timed decisions. If you are not good you make the wrong decisions and the battle ends in a loss. Now as others have stated, if you don't see yourself and your own performance as an issue, than no one will ever be able to help you. So you can keep your tinfoil hat on your head or you can properly ask for advice. Your choice. Only one of those options will help you improve your winrate.
  6. Egoleter

    Server restart 23/03 at 19h30 UTC

    So you are the guilty one. I knew it.
  7. Egoleter

    Can we cloak now a days ???

    This is not a simulator that is trying to be as realistic as possible. It is an arcade game.
  8. Egoleter

    very weird bug, possibly game-breaking

    Me and a clanmate tried to enter a battle and all that happened was that we were locked the division but our ships and us remained in port. Tried to launch solo, with different ships and recieved the same result. @Sehales @Crysantos Anything wrong with the servers today?
  9. Egoleter

    King of the Sea X Collection

    I don't know the exact ship list. I don't have the link to the news article of their introduction at hand. I am quite sure the the Dragon and the Flint are not on the list. Can't remember a B ship either. But I am not 100 % certain on that. It will prioritize non-existent ships.
  10. Egoleter

    King of the Sea X Collection

    You should be getting doubloons if you draw a ship you already own with those containers.
  11. Egoleter

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    You will always get the full time, starting at the moment you press the button.
  12. Egoleter

    Corvid 19 14 days free premium Thank you thread

    Don't want to be a spoil sport but everyone is already thanking WG here:
  13. Egoleter

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    It will add 14 days.
  14. Egoleter

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Despite our differences in the past few months: Thank you for the gesture and please stay safe.
  15. By whom and for which player group? Certainly not for the whales with hundreds of ships and captains they have to check. Oh, wait... sorry, I didn't want to provide feedback to Wargaming anymore. You'll not consider it anyway. Disregard my post.