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  1. Only one user reporting this so far. Is it true or is it fake?
  2. By playing high tiers, with active premium time, and added consumables or premium ships/camo. Maybe. Normal players who just play their ships will need a lot more time then 90 minutes to get their three containers. If three containers are as easy to achieve for you as you say, then please do some math. 30 oil per player in a 20 player org (I'm intentionally not calculating with max size) already make for 600 oil per day in total. Almost all buildings can be done within a little more then three days of playtime. If you increase the rate you can generate oil then you will soon start to build a building or more per day. After two weeks there is nothing left to do except to increase your clans size, which is also quickly done, and to get the currently overprized and useless Rostral Column. A bigger org will get there even faster. So Wargaming could almost just remove the hard labor and give you all the assets directly.
  3. Inzwischen glaube ich das der OP selbst irgendein Interesse daran hat diesen Mod zu verbreiten. So hartnäckig wie er darauf besteht, dass er einen Vortiel bedeutet und ihn mit Werbevideos bewirbt, obwohl sehr erfahrene Spieler ihm wiederholt und mit Engelsgeduld erklären warum es unsinnig ist, muss ein persönliches Interesse vorhanden sein. Davon abgesehen ist vermutlich der klügste Zug den wir hier machen können, den Thread zu ignorieren. Den mit jedem neuen Beitrag schieben wir ihn wieder in die obersten Regionen der aktiven Threads und machen uns somit dem bewerben der Zielhilfe mitschuldig. (Ja, ich auch mit diesem Beitrag.) Der OP ist entweder unbelehrbar oder ein Troll.
  4. I see a few dead DDs near him and dead cruisers not to far away inbetween the islands. So what is that screenshot supposed to tell me? I can't tell if those dead ships belong to the green or the red team. For all I know he had to run from several DDs chasing him. Or your DDs were way more potato then he was for dying near their start zone.
  5. No, you do less damage to him but a lot more to yourself. The damage you do to him is reflected back to you and then multiplied. See the link posted above by @Leo_Apollo11
  6. You did that damage to him as well. Any team damage you do will be reflected back to you once you are pink and over a certain team damage treshold. Once you reach that state the reciever of the damage you deal will no longer take full damage (it can be reduced by up to 90 % of the base damage if I remember correctly) and the reflected damage you recieve will be multiplied. So for every base 10 damage you deal to a friendly, that friendly could only recieve 1 point and you could recieve 50 (just an example and not exact numbers). Once you reach the maximum stage of this it becomes rather easy for you to sink yourself by shooting teammates.
  7. That's no bug. The additional damage is the damage that is reflected back to your ship. It is still team damage if you damage yourself in cases like this.
  8. Yes, that is what I would have done. Let him sink me and let the system do its work. Intelligent people don't resort to (counter)violence to solve their problems. Their is no excuse for firing at your teammates. Ever.
  9. So instead of being the better man, maybe telling your teammate that s/he is blocking your line of fire, you start getting angry and shoot at them? Very mature of you. I hope to never see you on my team with that attitude.
  10. In that case your color is well deserved.
  11. You don't need to understand the math. You need to understand that you need to be more carefull with your weapons.
  12. I know. That's why I'd like a bit of change every year instead of rewarding the same audience every time. It was a bonus for T-X last year and it is a bonus for T-X this year too. If they would spread it a bit they'll gain goodwill from more players.
  13. I'm not going to tell you that rewarding the top tiers is a bad thing because it really isn't. I like the event. It's just not necessarily rewarding the most dedicated players. So please think about doing something different next year.
  14. Still not working properly for me or already broken again. The clan tab is still missing in port. Clan chat is still tagges as [undefined]. The clan page is reachable only through the clan button in the Clans dropdown menue item.
  15. No, I meant the part about rewards tied to ships with a certain number of battles played. Then, no matter the tier, if you have spend a lot of time (and I really don't mean "just enough to advance") with one ship, you will be rewarded for it. Edit: But I already see the downside to this. It hurts the players who want to advance in all lines. So maybe not a perfect solution either. Still something different then just rewarding the same boring thing each year.