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  1. Egoleter

    Results – Doubloon Doubles

    Recieved 3500 doubloons today. As I didn't purchase anything and no one gifted them to me, I guess those are for my recruits.
  2. Guys, look up my posts. I am as critical about this whole PR fiasco as can be but this is about a charity fundraising. It is totally fine to disagree with Wargaming about one topic and agree with them on another. Please keep those two things apart. Please don't ruin the fundraising event with negativity about something else.
  3. Egoleter

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    @lup3s I'm sorry but I will recall my price offering. I'm sorry for the one who might have won it, but currently I see no reason to support WG with my money. I still thank you for creating and managing this event.
  4. Egoleter

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    The worst thing about that apology is that they don't understand that it is not the miscommunication we are angry about. They really believe that if they had sold this better to us then everything would be fine. They don't even begin to understand why we are angry.
  5. Just a side note: When will this apology be posted to the main page as a news article, or, better yet, as an automated pop-up message in the game? For a proper apology you need to address all your players, not just those who are active on forums, reddit, or facebook.
  6. The apology and promises to do better in the future, I'm sorry to say that, is something that we heard to many times from Wargaming. There was a small timeframe in 2018 when those actually meant something but since then you have done nothing to honor them and despite all our feedback and outcries just made things worse over and over again. This message is a first step but it is very far away from being enough. You have to do a lot better then this if you want to rebuild what you have destroyed. What we need to hear are your plans on how you intent to do right to your players for letting them down this much and losing their trust and causing this much frustration. And then you have to uphold those standards you are promising us here again, as for now they are just empty words.
  7. Egoleter

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    I'm curious. You all keep repeating this line. What time investment did you calculate for this event? How many hours? How many matches? You failed at that quite massivly. You managed to anger your whole community. You lost a lot of trust and the confidence of your players that you care about them. Whatever your next plans are, it will take a lot for you to make up for that. Just repeatedly saying sorry doesn't cut it this time. You will need to come up with something else. And yes, everyone can make mistakes. But do you really need to make a christmas tradition out of it?
  8. Egoleter

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    Yes. It is exactly how they want it to be. It is not for the normal players to complete. Their math tells them everything is fine and we shouldn't be so upset about seemingly impossible tasks.
  9. Egoleter

    Will you be acquiring Gorizia this event?

    I decided to not care. After I'm done with the snowflakes, I will retire for the rest of the the patches duration and look for other games to play. If Wargaming wants to spit their players in the face during their christmas party, I'll just go somewhere else.
  10. Egoleter

    Santa's rng loot boxes worth it?

    Compared to my 18 boxes this is an impressive haul. I only got 10k fxp, 2500 coal and the rest was camos and signals I already have hundreds of.
  11. Egoleter

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    @Crysantos@MrConway@Sehales Before it is forgotten: You told us on yesterdays stream that your math tells you that the grind is possible. Show us those calculations. There are plenty of players here who are capable of double checking those numbers.
  12. Egoleter

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    Read carefully and look how this is tagged. It's just a joke. No apology or anything like that will be posted by Wargaming.
  13. Egoleter

    Sever Down ...

    @Sehales Wie schaut denn das aus mit den aktuellen Problemen und den Schiffsbaumarken die wir nicht erspielen können. Wird es da eine Kompensation geben? Nicht das ich glaube, dass uns die Marken viel nutzen, aber für die Wahnsinnigen die den Grind versuchen wollen sind sie essentiell.
  14. Egoleter

    Puerto Rico Grind - geht Wargaming zu weit?

    @Topsikrett und @Bluteule Bitte den "Humor"-Tag beachten. Das ist nicht offiziel, sondern nur ein Fake-Scherz.
  15. As told to us on the stream: Gorizia is easier to achieve then the Prinz and our math is wrong. Wargaming double checked their math. There was quite some twisting of facts going on there.