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  1. You already got rewarded with the biggest XP gain of both teams and still want more? Be glad you performed well. If that performance earned you achievements, those are already part of your better reward. There is no need to increase the reward or to add special attributes to it that no other reward mirrors.
  2. I'm working on it. Be prepared for more events next year.
  3. important

    Pinned at the top of the general forum: No. Sorry, OP. Your threads are neither important nor hot.
  4. hot

    Pinned at the top of the general forum: No. Sorry, OP. Your threads are neither important nor hot. There are also the mentioned issues listed by the others.
  5. If it is for the european server you can try to redeem it here: (activates immediatly after input and hitting the redeem button, or results in an error if not applicable) If you don't want to redeem it right now, you can contact Wargaming or FineScale Modeler support. Both should be able to provide you with more details about that code. I would try FSM first.
  6. Sorry I can't help you with actual account issues. I have seen at least one other report about a player not able to access WoWs despite having a Wargaming account. If in doubt about the safety of your account you can ask support to change the e-mail address linked to your account. Once they've done that change your password too.
  7. Duplicate due to forum malfunction.
  8. Steam uses seperate accounts. It was in the announcement for the Steam release. If you want to play your old account, you will have to use the Wargaming client offered on the Wargaming website. Or you can use a little hack for the Steam one to use your WG-account (you'll find it with a little google search). That will disable your ability to use the Steam store or to earn Steam achievements, as you are essentially sabotaging the steam files in the WoWs client.
  9. Yes, there are lootboxes in WoWs. I don't see them as critical as they were meant to be in BF-II though. The reason why I have no problem with them here, is the fact that you can't buy them and that they don't provide you with major advanteges over your peer players and you can get them by simply playing. You are not locked out from succeeding or advancing if you don't get them. At least the normal ones. Christmas, Halloween, and other similar containers, as they are called in WoWs, might be a different beast though. Those invite you to spend money until you either are unwilling or incapable of spending more, or until you succeed in getting whatever it is you wanted. Like the EA ones everyone is talking about, they should fall under the same regulations that Belgium, the state of Hawaii and others are planning to put on them. It might be a good idea by WG to be proactive and to not sell those, or similar ones, again.
  10. To actually answer the OPs question: 1) Be absolutly certain that it is an aimbot and not somebody who is simply more capable at aiming then you. 2)
  11. @majogl Do you relaize that you are advertising right now as well? Report to Wargaming, maybe even report to Youtube / Jingles. But never ever go on and spread the word yourself. You even went on to link to the advertisment and name the company. Good job, now everyone interested in getting unfair advanteges, and stupid enough to pay a third party for a questionable tool, will just have to read your post and follow the leads you are giving. Your one stop of reporting malicious tools and programms. Now please edit your post or remove it completly before a moderator does it for you. And don't forget the duplicate you created.
  12. Okay, it's time to present the winners. Let me first say that the entries we did recieve were all very good. So much so that the judges all had different favorites for various reasons. Luckily we didn't have to hold a vote. Instead we used a document to rate the various important parts of the entry. In the end those numbers presented us with the following winners: 1st Place: WoWsWHY by @AkosJaccik 2nd Place: Rules of the Road by @Hawg 3rd Place: Beginners Guide to Destroyers by @Capra76 As we sadly did not have enough entries for a fourth or fifth place I decided, and the volunteer judges agreed, that one of the Gamescom Emden packages goes to @The_Tyke. He created the first reply to the contest with two very important words that every player should always keep in mind. I'll contact the winners in the next minutes with a PM. Thank you everyone for participating. Special thanks to my judges (next time use the form as I did provide it please ) and to Wargaming in the person of @MrConway.
  13. Sorry for the delay. I still have not heard back from a few of the volunteer judges. Either way I'll be presenting the winners on Monday morning.
  14. All die vielen Jahre, in denen ich die Serie nicht mehr gesehen habe, und ich höre diese Sprechblase gedanklich immer noch in Schlaubi Schlumpfs nerftötender Sprechweise.
  15. Thanks for the last minute entry @AkosJaccik Contest is over. The volunteer judges and I will now rate the entries and provide you with the winners in the next few days.