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  1. The Kamikaze strategy killed the best pilots the japanese had. Those pilots were no longer able to train new pilots or to provide their feedback on improving those japanese warplanes. It was a failing strategy right from the start. Add to it that the japanese were fixated on military vessels as their target of choice, instead of attempting to disrupt the logistical support by attacking cargo ships and other support vessels. Most Kamikaze attacks also failed to have any meaningfull impact in any encounter. It was a waste of pilot and materials. It was reducing good pilot to nothing more then statistical warmaterial that was mindlessly thrown away. Nothing about the Kamikaze strategy was in any way good. It was ill conceived from the very beginning and the japanese failed to realize it no matter how high their losses in good man were. Looking at people as nothing but material is inhuman and should not be reproduced. You were comparing past war attrocities with todays terrorism. Fact check. It is the same thing. Those terrorists believe they are at war. Hey we even declared war on terrorism, so it goes both ways, and civilians die while bombs are dropped at suspected terrorist hideouts. Kamikaze is nothing but a wartime suicide bombing. Neither past nor present days occurences justify them and we should not reproduce them here. And in case you didn't get the line about warships (you didn't specify what you are confused about)... just look at the title of the game. Warships didn't use Kamikaze planes. Oh and one last thing. Not only the Oka was a specialized Kamikaze plane. The planes prior to that where also specially equipped and modified for that duty. Normal fighter and bomber planes usually didn't attempt such attack runs (though some few pilots did in their misguided sense for honor).
  2. No past or present cruelty is an excuse to add more "virtual" cruelty to the game. Yes, this is a wargame. No, it doesn't need to be historically accurate. This game is about warships not about misguided and hyped war ceremonies and strategies.
  3. There is nothing silent about that. It's in the patch notes, the ones posted several days before the actual 6.8 patch, if you had bothered to read them.
  4. Did try to block him just now, because my teammate wasn't in postion to smoke him up in time. He just pushed and pushed and pushed until he was past. We managed to keep him alive for another 90 seconds or so but his attraction to those mines is just to strong. Now I'm done with this operation. I have lead all my friends to a five star victory.
  5. For some smoke is the only form of teamwork apparently. And if it isn't the teamwork argument it is the survivability of certain ships. In the end it boild down to fears. They are afraid of the change, despite not even knowing all the details.
  6. Managed to safe him as well. He never ran because we were completly smoked up during the initial collection of the soldiers. He was one of the seven ships we saved in that attempt, thouhg we failed at the 7k barrier by a few hundred and only had 7 fighter squadrons downed. There was no special achievement.
  7. I'd like to add one thing. I noticed that it can be extremly effective if two DDs move around the smaller minefield, while the rest stays with the convoy. Those two DDs will spot a few Torpedoboats very early, they have a "first shot" opportunity at a few bombers (though some of those will target these DDs) and they'll be in the line of flight of the incoming fighter waves, providing them with a chance to shoot a few fighters down before they even reach your allied planes. If this fighter battle is about to happen everyone should head for C6 to support your fighters. The DDs going the long way will spot the fighters early triggering the signal for the rest of the fleet. This way I just achieved 5 Stars in two out of three attempts.
  8. Tuccy gave an answer to that in the Operation Dynamo Missions Cheat Sheet thread
  9. dunkirk

    Thanks for clearing this up then because it did lead to quite a bit of confusion.
  10. dunkirk

    @Tuccy If I get it correctly, the large containers are the ones containing a chance to earn the Gallant, yet the only way to earn a large container is the Gallant herself. Is that correct or am I missing something?
  11. Please read up the game and forum rules and then tell us exactly at what point in there a clan leader is involved. You'll notice that they are written in a way that all forms of punishment are delivered by Wargaming only. You can demand those things all day long. Doesn't change a thing that you have no say in the matter. A clan leader who immediatly falls his members in the back because there is an anonymous accusation against them, supporting the accusation with personal inquiries, would be a terrible leader.
  12. Yes, that's what I'm telling you. If he did something forbidden it is up the game provider to investigate and punish him. If they found him guilty, a clan leader could add another layer of punishment and throw him out of the clan. it is in no way his responsibility to investigate.
  13. By the way... What exactly is a forum clan?
  14. No, he doesn't. As far as I know the rule is still innocent until proven otherwise. Not the other way 'round.
  15. You don't know when it is better to stop, do you?