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  1. CV Rework is the killing blow

    Correct, I don't recruit people for my clan. All members are actual real life friends. Yes, I do talk to new players. When they ask for help and advice I am willing to provide it. You are neither new, nor asking for advice. You are just ranting because you are unable to adapt. I did help several players to get into the game. I have been honest with them about the ups and the downs when I recruited them for WoWs. Some stayed, some left after a few matches. Not one could say I didn't help them or that I gave them false hopes or even false informations. My first T10 was the Shimakaze. A ship that has been changed and changed again since then. It took me almost 18 months to get the ship, as I decided to play all ship classes equally to get a proper understanding of the game (an advice I still give new players). Only recently, after almost three years, did I get five more T10 ships. Imagine that: I have a life too. That's why I knwo that this is a game. A recreational activity. Something to relax. And just like life is constant change, so are some things in WoWs. Once again: Most players are able to adapt to changes. If you are unable to do so, that is your fault. If a ship gets changed the moment you aquired it or shortly after, then that's perfect. You do not have to relearn the ship, like those of us who already played it for a few hundred battles. Imagine that: Those of use who were able to make ships work before, are usually still able to make a ship work after the change. We are able to do so because we do not sit back and complain about a perceived nerf (not every change has been a nerf, like you claim). We instead adapt to the change. Just like we do in real life every day. The changes are not made to confuse you. They are not made to somehow turn you into a worse player or to drive players away. The opposite is actually the case. Those changes are made for a better balance. A better balance keeps players playing. So stop being so self centered and start to act like an adult capable of change.
  2. Frusttherapie

    Eigentlich nehme ich sowas ja einfach hin, aber ich will hier auch mal was schreiben. Gestern beim schnellen durchspielen der Briten-Missionen im Co-op... (ich bin derzeit Vollzeit mit Pathfinder: Kingmaker dem PC-Spiel beschäftigt. WoWs ruht solange nahezu vollkommen.) Situation 1: Ich fahre meine Jervis. Wie üblich bin ich ganz vorne, denn vor Bots fürchte ich mich nicht. Die gegnerische Bots tauchen in meiner Sichtweite auf und ich eröffne das Feuer. Um mein frühes Ableben zu verhindern, lege ich mir einen Nebel und gebe Dauerfeuer. Kurz bevor der Nebel endet, habe ich zwei DDs zerstört und einen Kreuzer halbiert. Ich stehe seit gut 40 Sekunden am selben Fleck. Da schiebt sich plötzlich eine Dunkerque in meinen Nebel und rammt mein dort querstehendes Schiffchen. Ohne Rücksicht auf verluste ballern die Fronttürme des Schlachtschiffes los. Volltreffer. Nur nicht beim Gegner, sondern bei mir. Währenddessen werde ich fröhlich aus meinem sich auflösenden Nebel geschoben und als Schutzschild benutzt. Ich kann weder vor noch zurück. Endlich bremst das BB und ich komme frei. Die Geschütztürme drehen auf mich und geben meinen letzten Trefferpunkten den Gnadenstoss. Pink fährt das Elend weiter. 10 Minuten Später: Ich war kurz außerhalb des Spiels unterwegs und schaue wieder in das Gefecht. Es stehen sich immer noch je zwei Schiffe in diesem Gefecht gegenüber. Je ein BB und ein CV. Die Dunk is dankenswerterweise schon gesunken. Wir haben noch eine Bayern, der Gegner noch eine Hood. Der CV, Co-op bedingt, auf beiden Seiten eine Independence. Unser CV versucht sich daran den gegnerischen CV zu töten. Die Bayern wird von der Hood und dem gegnerischen Träger zerlegt. Ich sehe schon ein verlorenes Gefecht vor mir. Zum Glück schaft es dann unser Träger aber doch noch die Hood abzubrennen. Habe ich schon erwähnt, dass dies Co-Op war und ich alleine zweieinhalb Schiffe in den ersten Minuten beseitigt habe? Warum hat dieses Match dann 18 Minuten gedauert und wäre beinahe in einer Niederlage geendet? Situation 2: Wieder die Jervis. Die Karte ist Two Brothers. Die Bots lieben es hier durch den Kanal zu fahren. Ich nicht. Ich räume erstmal an meiner Flanke auf. Beseitige eine gegnerische Farragut und eine Atlanta. Dann wende ich mich dem Kanal in der Mitte zu und helfe noch bei der Vernichtung einer Nürnberg. Ich habe noch knapp 1500 Lebenspunkte. Letzter Überlebender im Bot-Team zu diesem Zeitpunkt der CV. Da dreht unsere New Mexico spontan ihre Geschütze auf mich und bläßt mich ohne weiteren Kommentar aus dem Wasser. Das einzige was ich in beiden Gefechten im Chat geschrieben habe, war eine Frage an die NM. Ein ganz simples "Why?" nach der schändlichen Tat. Es blieb unbeantwortet. Ich habe also niemanden beleidigt und niemanden beschädigt (wenn man den Rammschaden an der Dunk ignoriert, den diese aber selbst zu verantworten hatte) Ich war offenbar zweimal einfach nur irgendwelchen Egoisten im Weg die aus irgendeinem Grund vollkommen unprovoziert ihre Teamkameraden töten. Beide Schiffe waren vorher übrigens nicht Pink. Erst nachdem ich jeweils versenkt wurde. Ich wünschte ich wüßte was in deren Köpfen vorgegangen ist als sie das taten. Wobei... nein, lieber doch nicht. Ich hoffe, wer auch immer dies liest hat zumindest seinen Spaß dran.
  3. CV Rework is the killing blow

    I see the OP admitting several times a failure to adapt. The blame for that is not with Wargaming or a "small group" of veteran players. Failing to adapt to new circumstances and new game mechanisms is up to the individual user. Not all change is good and there are quite some controversies around radar, the CV rework, and other topics. Such discussions, with points made pro and contra for each side, are proof that the players are interested in the health of the game. From the OP I only see accusations and an unwillingness to adapt.
  4. difference in XP

    You only have to pay the XP for the B-hull if you didn't reasearch it earlier. If it is already researched the price in the techtree and the one you'll have to pay are identical. You'll never have to pay the XP for a researched module twice.
  5. difference in XP

    You also need to research the hull upgrades (not guns, or range finder, or other stuff... just the hulls) of the previous ship. That upgrade is included in the second price.
  6. Penalising players who don't pay to play.

    Fourth place in a lost battle is most often already a failure to contribute in a meaningfull way. Come back when you are regularly in the top 3 with a noticable XP difference (a few hundred) to the next best player. We mocked you for your tinfoil hat theory that paying something would somehow change the matchmaker to be in your favor. It's simply not true. And yes, thank you for calling me a superior being, but currently I am just your average run of the mill human. I'm still working on my immortality. Maybe if this works like in some roleplaying game it might help if you started worshipping me with actual prayers.
  7. Penalising players who don't pay to play.

    It doesn't matter if you pay or not. It's random matchmaking, that doesn't know if you paid for something or not, and the only constant in all the matches is you. If you want an example: Before I spend a single cent on the game I already played more then 3000 matches earning a comfortable 57 % winrate. Now I am over 5000 battles, paid a few bucks here and there (still below 50 euro in total) and I am still sitting at 57 %. If paying is changing something, then I am not noticing it having any effect whatsoever. Now please take off your tinfoil hat and get back to playing. There is no conspiracy at work against you. Only you.
  8. Captain there....but where are the others?

    I always like those supposedly neutral polls where the despise the OP has for every option except his prefered one is clearly showing. Even more so if the idea behind them is as unbalanced as this one. Must be really hard to make a poll with simple "yes", "no" and "don't care either way".
  9. Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

    The third UK event week is closing in and we still have not recieved word about the rewards for the first one. People might already miss out on rewards for the second set of the UK missions because they might have drawn a ship from a reward container they earned in the HoF, however slim that chance might be. @Crysantos @MrConway An update would be nice. And while I am usually not one to ask for such a thing: This error is totally on your end, so it might be time to also consider some form of compensation for everyone affected in such a way. At least for all those not able to complete any of the UK-DD only missions so far (so not me). Even more so if the issue remains unresolved when we move into the third week.
  10. How to deal with AFK?

    The game is already dealing with AFK players. They'll get punished for it and banned to co-op only if they do it regularly. There is not even a need to report them. Just deal with it. Sometimes you'll have an AFK on your side and sometimes on the other. It will balance itself out and sooner or later the players who do it intentionally sort themself out. The others, those with actual problems of some sort, are as screwed as you are.
  11. WG Get Real

    Next patch Soft-cap (which means you can still meet more then 4 DDs if some of them are waiting 3 minutes or more already)
  12. Yeah, I was dropping with the guys from the MIAU clan and as two divisions were facing each other our main goal was to kill each other. I remember taking out the Z39 but the rest drowned in the memories of the other miserable matches I had for the rest of the day. Thanks for having at least one successfull battle that day, you two.
  13. Continuing a discussion that was closed by a moderator is usually not the smartest idea.
  14. British DD missions and port slots

    A port slot and a 3 point captain is included.
  15. How fast is your "Free XP" gathering?

    Don't worry about it. Early on I thought that grinding 750k for the Missouri would take me several yeary, as I only managed 150k in my first year of playing. As it turned out, it will become much faster later on, if you are able to make use of free premium days. On such days use all your XP and freeXP boni on your highest tier ships and keep playing. Even better if that is a weekend or week with +200 % on first victory bonus for ships. A well played high tier round, or one of the operations, with all available boni as described above, can easily result in 10,000 free XP from a single match.