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  1. Everyone has to deal with that. Equal treatment. You seem to be looking to gain a true gameplay advantage that vanilla players do not have. Doesn't that sound unfair to you?
  2. Egoleter

    What other games are you playing at the moment?

    A lot. I have a thousend hours of play time or so. Also currently playing the Star Citizen alpha, War Thunder, and "retro-alert" Anno 1602. I hope to one day to return to WoWs but there is this one tiny detail with the launcher that still keeps me away.
  3. Egoleter

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    Was the last batch of Supertesters already completly sacrificied to the server hamsters? Or do you want to build up a reserve of souls for the upcoming years? Well... may whatever they believe in have mercy with those new applicant.
  4. Egoleter

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    For now. In the past you told us we do not need it to launch the game, only to install and update it. Two patches later, and without the slightest hint, this already changed. So how am I to trust you that this will not change for the worse either? Not to mention that it is extra steps we have to take, when you could simply implement the option to close on game launch. A feature requested by many since the first days you introduced the WGC. A feature that would have prevented a lot of discussions about the WGC. Why the insistence to not make that possible? How do you get the WGC down to that number? As it runs it's own chrome instance (a browser not exactly known to be memory usuage friendly) I never managed to get this low on my test systems. But even then... It is 11.5 MB to many. 11.5 MB of a waste process while I play. Finally the answer I was asking for. Though it does not convince me, I can at least accept it as a technical reason. However unlikely the use case might be.
  5. Egoleter

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    I explained my issues with the WGC at length in the past. They are spreading like a plague and for each one of them the publisher wants to preferably run it permanently. Each publisher wanting their own and thinking that their game center / launcher is a lightweight tool, not considering that half a dozen of those leave a significant footprint on a system. Combined they are a massive resource hog. It is not user friendly to have all of those and it is an ecological nightmare to demand that they need to run for no good reason. A waste of energy demanded in a time where most people recognize that we should reduce our CO2 footprint and not increase it. While I'm at it: Please tell your support that the WGC minimized to the tray still needs system ressources. They seriously tried to tell me it does not. If that's the truth please let your programers reveal how they perform that magic trick. You only want your WGC to run. Every other publisher only wants their game center to run. Not a single one of them is thinking beyond that. That's why I am refusing to install it and leave instead. I might come back the day you implement an option to close the launcher on game start but my experience has tought me to expect the opposite to happen. Give it one or two patches and the WGC will be mandatory to keep running even to play. I love the game. I really do. Yet not enough that I simply accept everything you throw at us. Your events are just a collection of randomizers created to make users pay for lootboxes or lootbox like mechanisms, for quite a while now. And they get worse with every iteration. I can't even remember when we had the last one that did not include some form of payment for faster progression (or even to progress at all). Do you remember the diamond event, or team fire versus team water? Pure fun community events without payment options for the event itself. Just something for the players to enjoy. I could accept those pay events, as you need to make money. I complain about them but I kept playing. Now adding the forced usage of the WGC on top is simply the one drop in the barrel to many. I respect that you see no issue with it running on your system. I hope you see the issues I have with it running on mine in its current form. Now that I answered you, let me tell you that your post is a complete non-answer to my initial questions (my first reply in this thread). @Hanse77SWE you can now stop with all the "boring" emoticon reactions to my posts. It will not change that I am leaving and I clearly understand that you apparently are a fan of the WGC.
  6. Egoleter

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    I guess our (now yours) community managers don't answer for several possible reasons. 1. They could be just as surprised about the change as we are. 2. They do not know how to address how their previous statement, about launching the game via the executable file, has so quickly be shown to be extremly short lived and already no longer true. 3. They have been told to not address it, well aware that nothing they can say would solve anything for those who are affected (linux gamers, steam version workaround users, me). Their bosses simply accepted that there will be a loss of players due to the change and accepted it as necessary. They can not sell this to us in a way that would calm the waves. So they do what has proven to work in the past: Stay completly silent about the topic. 4. All or a mixture of the above. Wargaming wants their marketing platform to be active on our PCs. That much is obvious. That's why we do not get an option to close the WGC after game launch and that's why they now made it mandatory even during the game loadup. In the hope that once launched it will not be closed again. Next step probably will be that the WGC needs to be active at all time while you play, once they realize that to many players still close it. But I'll try again anyway @Tanatoy @Crysantos
  7. Egoleter

    Continous chat bans

    For such cases, which go way beyond anything reasonable, you can still open a support ticket. Screenshots of the chat or the replay will help. My best wishes towards your wife. May she recover from that vile illness.
  8. Egoleter

    Continous chat bans

    Tell that to copyright industry and their cease and desist orders based on the logs of a tool the defendend has no access to. If they can succeed with what essentially amounts to a self declared proof printed from a self written text file on some paper, then so can other tech companies. They just need to be convincing to the court and judge. And for years they seem to do very well in that regard. So I am afraid to tell you that you are wrong. Courts do accept that. But if a players goes to court over a chatban in an online game, that player has more serious issues than the ban. To keep the complaints in one place. They can easily close all other threads complaining about the same thing and redirect to this one.
  9. Egoleter

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Indeed. One thing, among many others, that I will not need to complain about anymore. It's still a sad day for me. I really like the game. I spend way more time with this title than with any other before. I'll stay on the forums for a few days longer. To see if someone at WG actually explains that move, as well as to see how many threads/posts will be popping up on thursday of players who played via shortcut without the WGC running.
  10. Egoleter

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    This move really wasn't necessary. But I guess I shouldn't have told you on this forum that I found a way to play without your marketing tool on my machine. That's it for me then. Goodbye. Have fun everyone. @Crysantos @Tanatoy Why is that necessary? What purpose does it serve? Wasn't one of your main arguments to calm us WGC-haters that we would not need the WGC to run the game, only to install and update it? And not even three months after the forced change this argument of yours already imploded. But I guess you don't care about whatever you said yesterday.
  11. Egoleter

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Of course not. Without RNG they wouldn't know how to monetize those things. They lost that knowledge the moment they introduced the first lootbox. Unless such randomizer events are forbidden by law, we can probably protest as much as we want but WG will not change their ways. The early access events and any rewards tied into those will become worse every time, with more and more elements tied into lucky draws each and every single time.
  12. Egoleter


    Damage to modules, like main guns, secondary guns, torp launchers, engines, and the like, is not counted against the total hitpoints of the ship. The gun might be disabled or destroyed, but the ship itself (bow, center, citadel, stern, superstructure, main hitpoint pool) has taken zero damage. I suggest watching the whole series of the "How it works" videos.
  13. Egoleter

    Pre-game comparison

    First set of numbers is from the base ship. Second set, when you notice the update in the comparison, is when the player has loaded in and all upgrades, captain skills, and signals are accounted for. Concealment is one of those numbers that should give you an actual comparison to your counterparts. From the number given, you can tell almost exactly how far you can spot someone. However, if you only ever saw the first set of number in the comparison, because maybe the player loaded in late, you only know half the story. Captain skills, upgrades, and camos can account for a large difference. While the match loads and is preparing to launch, there is a dot in front of each participating players name. If the dot is an empty circle, the player is not yet connected and the stats do not reflect the final state of the ship. If it is a filled dot, you'll get a more accurate comparison. However the best way to not get surprised and outspotted is to learn more about the ships, captain skills, upgrades, and camos you can face in battle. Plenty of sources for that available on the net. Once you get the hang of it you can easily calculate the real numbers from the base numbers you see in the tech tree.
  14. Egoleter

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Essentially a big torp DD with bad concealment, low speed, and a citadel. The torps have a rather long range and mediocre punch. If you play it accordingly it could potentially be very strong but vulnerable to almost anything once spotted. I don't see having only narrow and very narrow torp spreads as a negative. Quite the opposite actually. If you need wide spreads, the fact that you have five launchers per side will allow you those just fine by firing the launchers in different directions. This however bothers me. It reeks like the removal of team damage. Something I am very much against.