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  1. But ... ... but ... ... but I wanted a pony.
  2. Chat ban - small change at least...

    The patchnotes from November 2016 tell us this: Reports for misbehaviour in chat will no longer be taken into account by the automatic ban system if the reported player has not written anything in the battle chat before the moment they are reported. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/update-0514-release/ That has not changed since then. So you either encountered a bug, which you should properly report, or you are telling a lie.
  3. Chat ban - small change at least...

    And here we have another fairy tale. A report about chat abuse only lowers your karma if you did not write anything in chat. There is no chat ban punishment for silence.
  4. Chat ban - small change at least...

    Please show me some numbers about these false reports. You make a claim that there are so many of them that they are noticable, yet I only see players getting banned and complaining about it if they are repeat offenders or if they were toxic and insulting in previous matches and the number of reports only added up afterwards. We only ever hear one side of the story on the forums. Yet there are at least two cases in recent history where a Wargaming official called the user out for telling us a fairy tale. I'm sorry but I don't buy the story about the many players who are innocently chat banned. Not one player I am in closer contact with ever had one. In many tens of thousends of games combined, if they are active in chat or not. The user who provoked the chat ban is the one responsible for it. You can not push the responsibility upon Wargaming just because they give you a chat and "a bad team". If it diminishes the gameplay experience of his clanmates regularly, then those clanmates might want to rethink if they want to play with that person. It is also the "mute guy" who joins the ranked battle. No one is forcing the player to do so. If that player is so concerned about his fellow random teammates, then that player surely knows that it would be best to stay away from that mode while the ban lasts.
  5. Chat ban - small change at least...

    I'm sorry but how would it be a punishment again if you are only prevented from talking to the other team or public port chat? I'd only see it as an inconvenience at best. It certainly isn't much of a punishment anymore. How would it encourage anyone to change their public chat behavior if you soften it the way you suggest it?
  6. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    I can't change that. That ship is Wargamings choice. Guess you'll then recieve her value in doubloons (4800) instead. You could almost buy two months of premium time for those.
  7. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Just so that everyone knows, here are the final ranks and prices and a few last words from me. 1st place goes to @LilJumpa He will recieve the Blyskawica and the Community Volunteer 1stClass flag. 2nd and 3rd place go to @Commander_Cornflakes and @NoirLotus They will both recieve a Perth and the Community Volunteer 2nd Class flag. @nimlock @wilkatis_LV @Ulvesnutepostei will each recieve the Community Volunteer 3rd Class flag. The original third place price of a month premium time was upgraded to the Perth. There will be no month of premium time. Once again: Congratulations. The winners will get their prices attributed by Wargaming soon™. Thank you everyone for your participation. A special Thank You to the quality posters and I'll now admit it: The idea that you get the privilige to select best answers was mine. When I presented this contest to MrConway he had this idea about something special for helpfull and positive posters and how he could reward them. I presented him with a reward that is also work and would help me run the contest. He adopted it. I am sorry for any future grief that may cause you.
  8. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Thank you very much for jumping in and clearing the mess up MrConway and I so gloriously created by missing the fact that there could be a tie.
  9. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Ok, I have to leave for a while and might not be back online during WGs office hours. I'll try to resolve the problem as fast as I can. While we have a clear winner, there is a tie for both the second and, depending on the solution I'm going to find with MrConway, the third place. If I can avoid it, I don't want to chose who gets a price and who doesn't. Here is the ranking list: @LilJumpa with 39 best answers @Commander_Cornflakes with 20 best answers @NoirLotus with 20 best answers @nimlock with 7 best answers @wilkatis_LV with 7 best answers @Ulvesnutepostei with 5 best answers Congratulations so far. I'll update you as soon as I have more informations.
  10. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    The final results are in. I'll need to talk to @MrConway before I announce the winners. There is an unforeseen situation that I failed to notice and address earlier. For the moment I'll present you a few updated statistics. Number of participants: 35 Number of participants with selected best answers: 7 Number of best answers by participants: 99 Total number of best answers: 134 Number of best answers by Wargaming employees: 11 Number of participants who currently qualify for the 3rd class flag or better: 6 Number of non-participants who would have qualified for 3rd class flag or better: 2
  11. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Yes. Midnight CET this contest will be over. I'll update my data one last time a few minutes later, double check tomorrow morning, and then post the results shortly after.
  12. Team damage penalty in ranked matches

    If a slow turning and badly accelerating battleship manages to intercept those torpedoes, then the CA/CL wasn't in a position where it should have dropped those torps in the first place.
  13. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    More or less correct. You have two days left. You will need to have 5 answers selected as a best answer to qualify for the Community Volunteer 3rd Class Flag. I'm afraid a single best answer will no longer qualify you for one of the first three prices. But there are still a few threads left that need a best answer selected and maybe you are able to provide them and collect the necessary points. Good luck and thank you for your participation.
  14. Du bekommst die jeweiligen Belohnungen nur einmal.
  15. dizi strafe, für nix

    Vermutlich ist Diszi gemeint. Kurzform für Disziplinarstrafe / -verfahren.