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  1. Some interesting info around the world

    This is not a discussion thread. Please -> click here <- if you want to discuss that information.
  2. Reporting system

    I remember a thread not to long ago where someone proclaimed to be banned innocently ...
  3. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Battle_Mechanics_(WoWS) No, it is correct. Read it on the official wiki if you don't trust us. If a T-V and a T-VI pair up, both will be treated as a T-VI. That is the only way for a T-V to get into T-VIII battles. You surely do not want to tell experienced players, who have played the game a lot more then you, what is and what isn't possible. We have seen and heard it all by now.
  4. Repair/Servicing Costs for T8+

    It's essentially there to force you back in the mid- and low-tiers to earn the credits necessary to maintain the bigger ships. Otherwise a lot of us would end up playing tier 10 battles only.
  5. Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    Nah, no rage. Just tagging in @Tuccy@MrConway@Sehales & co. Maybe they can find the time to look at the accounts of all of those bragging about rule breaking behavior in this thread and apply the necessary consequences if they find them to be true. I'll just sit back and enjoy the show.

    Got the 25 mission containers and completed the collection with those. Just a single duplicate more would have doomed it to be inclomplete until we get more chances to earn those. I got the Tier V, VI, VII ship missions out of them.
  7. Mission endtimes

    Yes. Always expect a mission to be gone on the end-date listed in the game.
  8. It has everything to do with your post. It's this users choice to put on the big boys pants. If you'd put that player in some new player matchmaker with his tier VIII premium ship I can't see more then one or two battles per day in total. The real number would probably more likely look like a big fat zero. You would essentially exclude this player from playing random battles with the payed for ship.
  9. Year preview 2018

    They had some form of presentation during an event in which they detailed some plans for the year. That presentation is apparently the reason why will not get an article on the portal this year.
  10. So that player bought some premium ships. Or mostly grinded in coop until the Bismark was reached. In the first case the user paid for the service Wargaming is offering. We all profit from this user spending money. The user has every right to play at every tier if that is the case. In the second case the player still has every right to play the ships in random battles now. The user needs to have an account level of 3 to enter random battles, so there must be some coop ones. And seriously: Five Battles is such a low number that these statistics are practically irrelevant (not considering the fact that they don't tell us the whole story anyway). I can have five bad games in a row in which I die early due to various circumstances. Unless you are a background camper I'm sure you can have those too.
  11. Loyalty?

    Ok, then I misunderstood because you quoted the whole point.
  12. Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    They contain the various oceanic repellent bat sprays. Ships are bigger then helicoptors (as seen in the Batman movie), so they need a larger reserve.
  13. Loyalty?

    Ok, please elaborate why an incentive to get players to return is wrong, if it actually gets them back into the game. (If doesn't get them back into the game the incentive is worthless anyway) Are more players to play with not a good thing?
  14. Loyalty?

    I thought I already answered that. But I'll repeat it in simpler sentences. People that do not play can get all the ships in the game, as far as I am concerned. They are not playing. Returning players might need an incentive as a little push to get them back into the game. That's fine. What they get needs to be balanced though and should not exceed or be close to what the average active players can get. Players who play the game activly already get stuff. The amount depends on their activity.
  15. Loyalty?

    Playing anyway or not is not the point. You paid with the time you invested into the game. The more time you invest, the higher the rewards you'll get back for it. The grief that some users have with the free stuff is that it just requires a login. They don't see the incentive that it should be to return (why should someone who doesn't want to return bother about the gifts?). They just see stuff that they do not get. They got something else, and depending on the amount they played, it might not add up to the amount of free stuff given to the returning players. I do not see a few million silver and some free XP as game breaking or unfair. The silver is earned fast and the free XP, while it might take a bit longer, can be grinded just as well. The various premium ships given away last time were a problem, as they were better then anything we could have earned in the time it needed to qualify. I understood the reason why some complained about that and saw it as unfair. This time it seems much better balanced. An incentive for returning players is absolutly fine.