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  1. Egoleter

    Gamescom codes (stream and others)

    That's a code that is more then a year old. It is still active but it is not from todays stream. People keep spamming it in the chat and claiming it is todays code but it is not.
  2. Egoleter

    Gamescom codes (stream and others)

    Thanks Klopirat. I'll update the opening post
  3. Egoleter

    Gamescom codes (stream and others)

    This was already posted yesterday. Found it in the german subforum. Don't know if it still works. 2019gamescom (giving a day of WoT premium time; WoT code) I'll update the thread with codes from todays stream as soon as they are revealed. Info 15:15 CEST Watching the stream on twitch will provide some ingame stuff 15:16 CEST Sign up link later for giveaway (premium ships, containers, hardware)
  4. Egoleter

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    Now that finally makes some sense. The issue is: It was never sold to us as such. We were told it was as an economic balancer and something to give us more game balance in general. You talked about how players even at T-X didn't use them. How it would give everyone the same level playing ground. And then said that it would somehow magically balance the NTC ship buffs. You never talked about reducing the difference. You talked about actual balance. This is also one of those observed disconnects between you and us. Free premium consumables + everyone likes that = Wargaming removes the idea without further communication. NTC with buffs + everyone hates it = Wargaming changes it to remove the buffs NTC without the buffs + still disliked heavily by the community = Wargaming introduces it anyway Now add communication on top that is decieving, telling only half the truth, or keeping vital information away from the community (intentionally or not doesn't really matter in this context) and you see a pattern that isn't exactly shining a positive light on Wargaming. That's not how you build trust in your playerbase. Even all our feedback in regards to your repetetive, unecessarily complex, and stressfull events seems to be ignored. It's like you forgot all the positive lessons you learned in 2017 and 2018 when real improvements in your interactions with the community could be observed. It's all gone.
  5. Wieder einer der glaubt anderen Vorschriften machen zu dürfen. Hier gelten Wargamings Regeln. Nicht deine. Es ist Wargamings Recht Spielern ein Mittel der gewaltfreien Gegenwehr in die Hand zu geben. Wenn du dich im Ton vergreifst, was du laut Wargaming als Hausherren dieses Spiels nicht sollst, und Manieren hat jeder von uns hoffentlich mal gelernt (manche müssten sich nur mal an ihre erinnern), dann haben andere das Recht sich deinen Ergüssen zu entziehen.
  6. Egoleter

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    I need a confused smiley. Because that's how I feel right now. It still doesn't make any sense. They never were a balancing factor to the NTC buffs. If everyone had them then the buffed ships would have them too. Still a clear advantage for the buffed ship. 1 + 1 = 2 As simple as this math equation was the balance equation. While everyone was a 1 if everyone had the same consumables, the ones with the buffs (another 1) would have been a 2. You could argue that those without the premium consumables are zeros. That's why we welcomed the change to everyone having the same consumable. It would have actually created balance. 1 = 1 And now you torped it all again. Even if I look at the argument of the economic burden that you made in the first concept post about it, which didn't change at all, it makes no sense. The economic burden for the players using the RB is still there. As large as ever. So I'm sorry to tell you that I'm still missing any logic from your reply. The Colbert wasn't even a topic I asked about.
  7. Egoleter

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    I still don't understand how everyone having the same consumables is somehow balancing the initial NTC concept. There never was any logic behind that argument. And now they use that illogical argument again to remove a feature many of us actually wanted to see? @Episparh Do you have a link to that post? @Crysantos @MrConway @Tanatoy I know you are at Gamescom currently but once you come back, this really needs an explanation. Your company currently seems so far detached from the community that keeps it alive I'd call it a joke if it were not so sad.
  8. Egoleter

    Aigle out of nowhere...

    Mutsu is starting next thursday. For now it is the Aigle.
  9. Egoleter


    Looks to my like it was well deserved.
  10. Egoleter

    French Destroyers

    You are both right and wrong at the same time. You are right in so far as the event notes didn't name a date. They essentially said that we will have time till the next patch. You are wrong because ingame it was possible to notice that the event ends today (in Wargaming terms: 0700 CEST) if you hovered with your mouse over an unclaimed symbol.
  11. Egoleter

    Question to WG.

    On so many things. Want me to list a few examples of where you are wrong? Here you go ... I hope that helped.
  12. Egoleter

    Aigle out of nowhere...

  13. Egoleter

    Devastating Stike

    Let me stop you right there. You are wrong. They changed the detonation mechanism, so that you don't detonate anymore while you are at 100 %. You can still die with a devestating strike due to being killed by normal hitpoint damage. Be that by shells or torps doesn't matter. Detonation ≠ Devestating strike Also name and shame is forbidden. So not only are you wrong... you are the one breaking rules here.
  14. Egoleter

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    The original version would not have given a premium ship at the end but massive buffs to a single ship of your selection. Read it and weep ...
  15. Egoleter

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    I agree on the first part. It's something I said very early after they presented the first concept and tried to tell us that the buffs are of no consequence to the game balance. The second part though will not happen anymore. What they presented now is what we will get.