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  1. As someone said earlier, the cruisers shown are 95% certain Mogamis with the 203s. They seem to have enjoyed the addition of a radar as well but no conversion to a seaplane carrier was made (you can see the back guns on the cruiser in the back). Carrier could be the Shinano or Taiho based on the funnel, but the flight deck is flush with the hull so definitely Taiho. What seems weird to me is the complete absence of additional/improved AA guns; in fact, the only differences between those ships and the real ones in 1944 are the radars and the helicopter landing pad. Then again I don't think many viewers noticed...
  2. Moristopheles

    Better than tanks?

    Yes, it is definitely better. Much more counterplay options and less static gameplay are the most important things to me. I came here two years ago and haven't looked back even once.
  3. The between Torp and Turret Podcast is a World of Warships focused broadcast. It's hosted by Mori and the vast number of guest are from [POMF]. This is kind of a POMF-cast, so to speak ;) We'll be talking about patches, ships, events and everything else that comes to our minds. Listen to Episode 6 here:
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    [POMF] Recruiting!

    Third episode of the between torp and turret podcast is here!
  5. Moristopheles

    [POMF] Recruiting!

    POMF has a podcast now, listen to the second episode here: