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    Suggestions of adding new type of clan war

    Hi Cheesekilla, Thanks for the comment. Actually I dont think this is going to be a big issue. Usually a player can kill more than one ships when fighting with AI and he can use all his ships to try ( one ship can only be used once). For instance, a 50 person clan with players who have 10 ships on average and each of them can kill 4 ships (AI) in a battle. Then they should be able to take an enemy base which has 2000 ships if no defense land facilities. And destroyed ships will not be repaired within a short period (one day or one week), so sooner or later they can take it. Secondly, bigger clans have more resources and they will attract more clans to attack them, but only the final clan gets their resources. So the key is players need to attack the right clan in the right time. Thirdly, bigger clans deserve more resources. A one person clan should never be able to take a 50 person clan if no other clans' help. Actually my final idea is to let players keep building something on their own, like a base's defense land facilities and to make the game more attractive. So thank you very much for your comment and I am very open on this.
  2. World of warships is a wonderful game. However, some players may find it less attractive once they got all the ships they wanted. Maybe it is a good idea to add simulation elements in the game by creating new type of clan wars. In general, giving new resources such as “gold” to each clan, allowing players to attack other clans’ base and plundering their “gold”. Clans can use their “gold” to build land defense facilities and players can use “gold” to exchange other game resources. For example, clan A has only 2 players and each of them has 10 ships including all tiers. In total they have 20 ships in their base. Clan B has 3 players and they decided to attack clan A. Two players from clan B can join a division and attacking together. They will have to fight against 12 AI ships (based on what ships they have in clan A). If they manage to kill all 12 ships, there will be only 8 ships left in the base. The third player have to fight along against 8 ships. If he also wins and all land defense facilities are destroyed, the “gold” from clan A will be reworded to the three players base on their contribution and their clan also gain part of the “gold”. The system will give every clan certain amount of “gold” every day. All players can use all the ships they have to attack other clans, but one ship can only be used once a day on a single clan. Every player can choose freely which clans they want to attack. Only a clan’s all the ships are destroyed, their “gold” can be reworded to the last clan and its players. Together, a clan can be stronger by using “gold” to build land defense facilities and players can also use “gold” to exchange other game resources they need. Idea two: Attacking other clan's escort fleet. One or more players can attack other clan's escort fleet, destroying all their warships to plunder small amount of "gold" or sink their transport ships to reduce their "gold".