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    Pink name or ''Team Killer''

    Hi there, I have been recently attacked by a division of team killers in game. Those guys were all 3 of them pink, and they started instantly attacking teammates , including me, obviously on purpose..... So I defended myself and sank 2 of them.... Surprise !!!!!! : I got pink too !!!!!! Do you think this is fair ?????? Should we not be able to defend our selves against teamkillers ??????
  2. Thanks for making this point clear ! I misunderstood and thought that there would be special missions, with different maps and historical background !
  3. So ....there are not any special missions to play ? That is why I was looking for them but was unable to find them !!!!!
  4. Just wanted to make one point clear, I am not sure if I understand correctly : Is the GNB a separate set of missions which is played from the GNB page ? Or you just play missions in the WOW game normally, and then you go to the GNB page JUST to see your progress ?
  5. It shows the overall progress, not mine. How to I get to play a mission from this page ?
  6. That is how initially I tried to get in. It gets me to this page : http://worldofwarships.eu/en/gnb/about I cant find from this page how to get into GNB
  7. I did, and I dont see the portal link. Where excactly is it ? I see the three big icons to join one of the 3 games ( tank, planes, or wow). I tried the Wow button, but it just directs to download WoW...;) Can you please show me where the portal button is ?
  8. The WoW account, or the Wargaming.net account ? And waht is the portal ???? Sorry for giving you trouble !
  9. I did. Then I run WoW on my desktop, and at the login screen , at the news, the GNB is presented, and I click the link. It takes me to the GNB page, in my browser. I click to join GNB, it asks me to login in my Wargaming .net account and I do so . Next thing, I see this page : I cannot find hot to login and play GNB in it ! http://worldofwarships.eu/en/gnb/about
  10. Hey guys, hope everyone is ok ! I am trying to get into GNB, but the link at game start only directs to the welcome screen with the missions description! How can I get in an play ????? HELP pls !!!