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    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Some time ago, people din't play top tier (IX-X) that much, and in order to avoid seal clubbing (and other reasons) many things were implemented, such as: - Legendary upgrades - Directives / Campaigns, far more difficult to accomplish in medium tier games. - Great (won't say OP) premium ships and camouflages that make almost impossible to lose money in tier VIII - X (even you can farm much more money) Also, as some people has said, the possibility to start a new branch on tier VIII is now a real possibility (maybe tier IX for some amount of dobloons). I feel that WG's message goes in an opposite direction to the actions. Research Bureau is a good idea, but I can't help thinking that it's only going to be used to spend tons of free XP (or dobloons). Why? Because many people has a great deal of elite XP on medium - low tier ships, meaning they kept playing those tier as you are asking / suggesting. But sending elite XP to first ship of the branch you punish them, and make them play again.
  2. Buenas tardes, despues de ver practicamente los videos de youtube donde aparece junto  Rommel, me encanta el modo que teneis de jugar y me gustaria poder unirme al clan FAM y jugar en equipo, tengo micro y juego practicamente cada día.