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  1. snakecake

    CV Rework - Aesthetic Inaccuracies

    so much this. the stats, just give us the model and name.
  2. snakecake

    CV Rework - Aesthetic Inaccuracies

    Kaga fielded the A6M "zero" as fighter Aichi D3A as the divebomber Nakajima B5N as the Torpedo bomber not what WG has given her , B6N, B4Y3.
  3. snakecake

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    I actually kinda like em now how they play. Almost have the Hakuryu which wasnt something i thought i would ever say.
  4. snakecake

    IJN CV upgrades and captain skills

    Been playing Shokaku and for me its slot 1: air group mod slot 2: aircraft engines slot 3: w/e the +5s aim time on ijn torps i find overkill and +2s on the rockets is not really needed either imo slot 4: torpedo bombers, your best reliable source of damage. slot 5: i used both and you can argue for both, currently using Flight Control as i find it personally a bit more comfortable to use due being uptiered a lot. Direction Center feels pointless for CVs, Demo expert I wouldnt use on IJN CV, just slap on the 2 fire flags to get the same effect, with the exception being Kaga due to she having HE bombs and Sight Stabilization isn't worth 4 points maybe 1 but its the most useless 4 pointer to exist. -5% on 5s aim time means you now aim within 4,75s instead of 5s Big Whhoop
  5. snakecake

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    Some nice changes for CVs, Will there also be an Audio effect for when a plane gets readied on deck/replenished like how you get a sound when guns and torpedo tubes reload? edit: also space camo for Hakuryu/Hell carrier? space fighters shooting lasers instead of rockets would be nice
  6. snakecake

    HMS Furious torpedo aircraft should be Swordfish

    The Japanese did deploy rockets on single engine planes but really late into the war. J2m5, Yokosuka D4Y2-S could have rockets but those were air to air rockets like the Type 3 No.6 Mk 27, The ones WG is using for the IJN, which was designed in January 1944 and adopted in February 1945. So Shokaku was already sunk before they got into service as was Ryujo.
  7. snakecake

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    I mean the model as in the plane models not the flight model.
  8. snakecake

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    I think what most people want is the plane models to be correct. They hardly care if a Junker goes 100 knots or 300 if gameplay decisions require it. They just want the correct model balance stats be damned. Just like halloween skins for CVs were the plane models change and the stats do not. Unless the WW1 steampunk planes do go slower because they are not actual WW2 planes but somehow i doubt that.
  9. snakecake

    HMS Furious torpedo aircraft should be Swordfish

    WG cant get planes right on the old IJN and USN carriers why would you think RN carriers would be any different? Only thing you can hope for as that perhaps someone can mod the correct plane models in.
  10. Yea, i understood that part but some of the removed CVs are rather historical important or have impressive service record and removing them would be like removing Bismarck or Yamato, that is rather questionable imo.
  11. What will happen with Hiryuu and Taiho and their US counterparts? Will they be permanently removed or will they come back in alternative lines/premiums ?
  12. snakecake

    PTS 0.7.11 - General Feedback

    I actually play test it on PTS and Live here have some screenshot from both. Akizuki is PTS, Kitakaze is Live both shooting at the same target. Akizuki getting penetrations and the 10% dmg (Akizuki AP shell does 1700) and a shot of aki shooting at the extended aft belt which shatters the shells for 0 damage and Kitakaze only getting shatters, with 1 shell going high and hitting the superstructure. Perhaps i worded it wrong but the gist is that due to the placement of the Bulge Amagi will always receive damage on PTS because of the 10% mechanic. The same happens with heavier shells and bouncing on the main belt, the 2nd check bounces the shell but you still get 10% dmg of said shell due to the Bulge. It unnecessarily punishes ships with these designs all because this is a "solution" to the 0 pen damage ribbon. And the 10% damage of the shell always happens even if the section is over saturated and has 0 HP left.
  13. snakecake

    BB AP changes on DD

    Is this thread also for the new 10% rule and Bulges count as extremity armor/we removed spaced armor from the game feedback or does that need to posted in another already existing thread?
  14. snakecake

    PTS 0.7.11 - General Feedback

    It doesnt work that way now, If you go through the bulge you get a pen, depending on saturation its either the for full dmg of the pen, so 33% of the maximum shell damage, 50% of that or 10% with the new always inflict 10% of the shell in damage. This new Bulge count as extremity armor with the new shells cause 10% of the damage in case of pen also causes for some idiotic scenarios for lack of better words. Namely that AP shells that normally would have lost enough penetration/or didnt have it in the first place like low caliber to not shatter on the main belt but punch through the Bulge and cause penetration damage. On PTS an Akizuki shooting AP at the Amagi's main belt will always get the 10% damage from the new mechanic while on Live it shatters. What it means is that any ship with Bulges before their main belt cannot bounce shells anymore, cannot shatter shells on the main belt anymore and will always receive damage due the new 10% of shell dmg rule. It removes angling to reduce incoming damage which is from a gameplay/balance/fun perspective really really bad.
  15. snakecake

    PTS 0.7.11 - General Feedback

    The change to counting Torpedo Belt as extremity armor makes it so that ships like Nagato are entirely covered in 25mm armor and 229-305 belt armor is ignored completely and as such this ship can NOT bounce anything on its belt if it overmatches the 25mm "torpedo belt". I've been running countless training rooms shooting at all kinds of angled Amagi's with my Yamato, same effect as Amagi is now covered in 32mm which Yamato overmatches, And the Amagis never bounced a shell. If this goes through then this ships change from nicely balanced to completely broken unplayable, cant angle to bounce shells, everything is a HE target. And changing the Torpedo belt to the armor of the belt would also be a nerf as the torpedo belt isn't inclined like the main belt. Also rip French spaced armor.