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  1. VeryHonarbrah

    Worst T10 BB in your opinion?

    curry by far, the rep will get pretty close post dead eye, but still curry by far. The poor pen, gun angles, mobility make it just uncomfortable and underwhelming
  2. VeryHonarbrah

    who is who?

    Conway is the community engagement lead, so he is the boss of that stuff, runs kots now ect.
  3. arguably u could not run dead eye on certain ships, mostly talking about the ru bbs, so u then had 2 total builds. Now its down to one :P
  4. yeah its all just net more expensive than before
  5. So now we are full circle, BBs are now back to exactly the same as pre rework. Huge evolution from tank builds + CE pre rework, to tank builds + CE post rework. Actually less choice than before since sec builds are dead, net less builds than before..... isn't this completely opposite from what was sold to us. Good that dead eye is gone though, just more a message on the failure of the rework to build variety.
  6. VeryHonarbrah

    Help with a few questions

    you just waisted maybe a little under £100 by selling your prems, i suggest doing a ticket in customer support and asking for them back....
  7. played it for one afternoon, got my 5 tokens, ez pz. Might play some more cause its actually fun
  8. VeryHonarbrah

    Aoba any good?

    aoba is a good ship so is the myoko, but at tx the zao is a shadow of its former self. Just get yourself a bud, and go up to the petro and you have the best pushing ship in the game, or you can go for the nevksy, with its stupid HE fire chance, and DM ap, but you get laser guns
  9. VeryHonarbrah

    Ever wondered how those awesome players Citadel you?

    nice camo, just git gud. Addressing your so called hack, the game has a certain auto aim which helps vertically. The only situation in which this would help is if your playing in an HE spammer and someone is bow in at long ranges using WS to dodge and you struggle to hit them.
  10. VeryHonarbrah

    King of the Sea (KOTS) Tournament

    Its under Conway and his team to run it, they did some surveys, and guaranteed no changes tier or class limitation wise at least for the soon to come kots. Enjoy it while it lasts is all i can say
  11. VeryHonarbrah

    Napoli, WHAT IS THIS WG??

    ignoring the secondaries it looks strong, poor zao though. This thing gets big boi overmatch, more base range, more hp, comparable concealment, and some very good smoke firing for some reason.... Does it look OP? no, but it is power creep at its finest.
  12. VeryHonarbrah

    Tips for Free2Play

    also get recruited from the recruitment station so you can get the warspite and other free stuff. Also join a discord with a code channel where codes are automatically shared ect. You can also get one day free prem from reading certain articles on wg's website.
  13. VeryHonarbrah

    Is auto bot farming still exist in this game?

    the situation on EU is the best off all the servers. The bot issue on ASIA is a lot worse imo, but yes bots do exist in wows
  14. VeryHonarbrah

    W.Virginia / Mutsu owners, what’s your though on them?

    yes check proships.ru for info ect