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  1. VeryHonarbrah


    just give us monitors so we can play our own mini game, bombarding shore targets from 25km +, a bit like how cvs play their own mini game
  2. VeryHonarbrah

    How about going more towards WW1?

    If anything the introduction of WW1 ships, especially those of the german high seas fleet and the rn grand fleet can only bolster the games population. Especially do the vast amount of people who are from the more historical communities. I hardly think that splitting of the game population would occur, it didn't happen when there was a larger incentive to play t5 and t6 for farming creds. So I cant really see how fleshing out the low / mid tiers with said ships would be a threat.
  3. VeryHonarbrah

    Over 7000 matches and still substandard

    personally I would stick with flamu, business6 and the sailingrobin. I would join a clan which also helps people improve, so look for a clan that is in general a little above your league stat wise. Simply playing with better people improves you, especially if they are vocal in what they are doing.
  4. VeryHonarbrah

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    the autodrop exploit was bread dead easy, but once you knew how to slow down when u thought they would use it, it was very easy to counter
  5. VeryHonarbrah

    Is Yamato still good?

    without leg its a eh / ok tx bb in my opinion, but when you put that leg mod into it, its simply the best bb for 7 vs 7 single bb CB, and in randoms still an absolute monster, if you know how to shoot. If you know how to angle correctly using the extremely thick belt but watching out for your weird cheeks, it can be extremely tanky. I think that it is bellow the krem, and thunderer atm for how well it fits into solo random meta, but we shall see how the krem nerf comes into play.
  6. VeryHonarbrah

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    At least in old cv vs dd gameplay, it actually took a lot of skill for a cv to get a torp cross drop on a dd, which if done well was quicker and less frustrating death, than being killed over the course of a minute or 2, by a cv that even if you do have an aa dd your hopeless against. Some cvs simply just don't care about plane losses, at least back in the day every single plane kill had a massive effect on how the cvs could play. Not to mention that to drop itself against dds is just currently hilariously easy.
  7. VeryHonarbrah

    Ships suited for meta 2020/01

    I think the haru, daring and groz are more comfortbale in randoms. Its stills sommers master race comp wise though
  8. VeryHonarbrah

    If Kremlin is so OP

    I think guns to over-perform to much, it is equal to the best pen, at almost any ranges, with it just bellow the rep at low ranges and then when the rep drops off, just bellow the yam when its pen kicks in until 16km. Then the krem is top dog... However the most broken thing is her dispersion, its the best in the game upto 16km, then is just overtaken by the thunderer, but still is only 1.7% less accurate at 20km per shell, but since the krem has 3 more shells in the air it balances it out to on a salvo basis the best dispersion in the game
  9. VeryHonarbrah

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    Good to hear, although statistically it might not change much, the enjoyment you get from playing the ship now is a lot less since it is a lot less comfortable to play. At first I was for a little nerf especially with the speed boost on, but the current nerf is to hard in my opinion.
  10. VeryHonarbrah

    Whats a Good way to Play Alsace ^^

    Please ignore the HE lads above. The pen on the French 380s isn't terrible ap wise, its perfectly usable. Although not as strong as it used to be, play it like a more supportive mid range bb. The pen compared to the iowa is only 50mm pen less at 10km, and that gap gets smaller at longer ranges. Abuse ur speed to play down the flanks, try and get the sides, ur speed and decent concealment are your main tools of defence. She can be used as a brawler vs other bbs if your safe from to much HE spam and and overmatch. Your extremely hard to cit and your amount of shells make up for the eh dispersion. The HE should only be used to bow in targets, and dds late game, but the reload is simply to long to. I played her when I was still pretty mediocre at the game, but here is my stats in her.
  11. VeryHonarbrah

    Suggestions thread

    How about some prem ideas? SMS Seydiltz - received in the battle of Jutland some 20+ heavy caliber hits (her two after gun turrets burnt out completely) including some 15" ones, plus a torpedo, she shipped more then 5000 tons of water (the whole ship was around 25ktons) and had to be towed home stern first, but she did survive. Interestingly enough it was the second time she received heavy damage, in the battle of Dogger bank one of her after turret's barbette had been penetrated by a heavy shell and the two after turrets were completely wrecked in the resulting fire. Speed wise 26.5 knots, 10 x 280s. Lots of german secondaries not to mention cross deck fire. Could be a very interesting t6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Seydlitz USS Mineeopolis - receiving two 24" Long Lance torps in the battle of Tassafaronga, she lost her bow and most of her boilers and survived She was a New Orleans class cruiser, since she took so much dmg but survived, could bump her to t8 with t8 armour an RN heal, but keep the t7 guns ect. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Minneapolis_(CA-36) USS Aaron Ward - hit by 6 Kamikazes off Okinawa and survived Since she was a mine laying dd, but with guns comparable to higher tier USN dds. Potentially drop her down to t8 as a gun boat prem, or keep her at high tiers into a pure gun boat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Aaron_Ward_(DM-34)
  12. VeryHonarbrah

    Clan Battles season VIII

    Horray for weegee not putting cvs in yet at least. Mixed feelings on the 1 bb, 2 bbs was fun but I think more passive imo. smaller teams does mean its easier to form one. ngl the cyclone stuff doesn't seem like a good idea, but we will see how it plays I guess :/
  13. VeryHonarbrah

    Is This good or bad

    as pretty much all said above. Take your time up the tiers, play a variety of trees, tx isn't end game. Learn the game first and please please don't play massa or any prems above t7 honestly until you know what your doing.
  14. VeryHonarbrah

    Wacky Premium ideas.

    would be ru new out of battle long distance support ship.
  15. it is very very very weak, in a lot of cases the ark royal is more preferable at t6. The planes are fastish and tank, but your really low squad numbers, really low strike ordinance, really low strike dmg. Really low tic dmg potential.