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  1. VeryHonarbrah

    Selecting Co-Op battles and getting into randoms

    Well since that's another person with exactly the same thing, it must be the UI being retarded.
  2. VeryHonarbrah


    Try and div with a guy who is better than you, maybe also ask him for some replays to watch, it will help if he is also in coms with you.
  3. VeryHonarbrah

    WG Economy

    Plays over 15k games and still doesn't understand how the xp system works. Its based on percentile dmg of ships. So if you hit a bb for 50k with 100k total hp its the same xp wise as , 10k to a dd with 20k hp. Frags do help with xp a little same with achievements, but 1 or 2 kills wont make a massive difference. Not to mention 140k in a tx bb for my standards is a little above average.
  4. VeryHonarbrah

    Selecting Co-Op battles and getting into randoms

    Got any screen shots proving it, personally I wouldn't be surprised if its just the UI being the UI
  5. VeryHonarbrah

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    t3 - Nassau t4 - Orion t5 - Konig t6 - Warspite : Cruiser turning, amazing guns, surprising long range secondaries. t7 - Scharn : Gem of a ship, cruiser killing ap with HE salt and pepper for the angled bbs, all on a fast tanky hull with torps t8 - Tirp : tonky hull, torp and secondary memes t9 - Musashi : Lolpen, tones of hp, lots of armour tx - Yam : lolpen, tones of hp, lots of armour, god tier dispersion
  6. VeryHonarbrah

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    t2 - v-25 : Jousting memes t3 - derpski : Torp spam memes t4 - clubson : Needs no explanation t5 - podvoisky : Lots of guns , lots of speed t6 - shinome : Big Alpha , nice concealment and good torps t7 - lenin : Not as good as before, but solid torps, workable concealment and good guns. Also speeeed t8 - kidd : Heal, AA , smoke and solid guns t9 - black : Meme torps, radar and smoke memes. t10 - z-52 : Fast torps, 6km hydro with nice ap dmg
  7. VeryHonarbrah

    WINRATE upgrade

    or just use PR. Its not perfect but good enough
  8. VeryHonarbrah

    Questions about the game (edited)

    Thinks Ship is OP, Buys ship. Thank you for keeping the servers running!
  9. VeryHonarbrah

    Why I quit this game: Winrate

    Been here since beta, quits game because better wr team = win, basis whole post over 4 games...… Genius post.
  10. VeryHonarbrah

    A case for reducing airspeed of all carrier bomber planes

    Addressing point by point: The cruising speed to a target area is a good idea. I think a reduction of the attack speed would help. From the hot fix notes, the F spamming is gonna be fixed. Low tier cvs overall are a mess I still cant agree with the CV moving with the fleet, relying on your team mates positioning and to cover you just doesn't work with the player base. A long reload time on the setting up of the planes would help, I am not talking about a 10-20 sec delay, I am talking about a delay based on how many planes are lost, repairs needed for the planes, re-arming of the planes, and switching plane types. With maybe a potential reload of upto 1.5mins, maybe during this down time, a secondary function of the cv can be done, i.e flying a spotter plane, or a boat plane, that can cap or put out a little area heal, or maybe a fighter squad to help cover allies. It would make CVs more utilitarian.
  11. VeryHonarbrah

    A case for reducing airspeed of all carrier bomber planes

    As mentioned above, the changing of the speed makes it more boring, since its a longer wait before action. The argument that cvs should be with the fleet works in principal with competent team players, however, relying on random teams to screen you from surface ships is suicidal. I do agree with the risk vs reward issue. Before the rework, the risk was you being completely deplaned, and there fore useless. I think that the reload time and the replenishment time of planes should be great increased, the ability to just spam planes at the speed is just crazy. Finally, maybe to balance the spotting of ships, AA range and the detectability from the air should be made the same, this would actually mean there is a risk for just permanently spotting a ship, instead of doing so with no risk to the planes.
  12. VeryHonarbrah

    Suggestions thread

    Maybe for the sector control, keep it O, but get rid of the UI coming up, have it like the Q,E for turning, so you hit O and it goes from left , balanced, then right. Keep the bottom left ship icon, with the compass showing the current sector. This is mainly due to when in close quarters engagements, it is awkward to get this UI up and select the thing you want.
  13. VeryHonarbrah

    about sale cv

    Refund and wait for massa..
  14. VeryHonarbrah

    Demand Atlanta and Kidd refund

    I believe that the Russian t8 dds are gonna get heals. It really isn’t an OP ship. With ships like the Cossack, HSF, Aki and lightning all out gunning it....
  15. VeryHonarbrah

    Russian BB preview

    Maybe they have a very unique dispersion curve , that is great up until 12-14km then suddenly becomes crap