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  1. VeryHonarbrah

    Clan wars - are we having fun yet?

  2. VeryHonarbrah

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    - Sorry that they are gone, but doesn't apologise for anything. - Says they are committed to fix it, then says straight after that they are actually just monitoring the situation. Do they not know what the previous modifiers of the missouri are? - No statement regarding the Yuro situation. - Ignores the a lot of the other reasons for people leaving; subs being forced down peoples throat, continual harm to the comp scene with the forcing in of CVs, the cv rework in general completely failing its purpose, the failure of the cpt rework to make builds more diverse, with the main purpose to drain people of resources due to the botched economy, not to mention the continued abuse behind the scenes which has been made evident.... just to name a few... oh yeah most importantly, the increased monetisation / gambling angle aimed at children as young as 7.
  3. VeryHonarbrah

    All financial operations of Wargaming LLC in the EU can be seized

    was also a article in the new york times in feb. Probably a lot of legal action going on behind the scenes.
  4. VeryHonarbrah

    Buff Des Moines AA

    yeah but your missing the point. 1. Compared to newer ships, not even just tx heavy cruisers, the amount of flak and dps the DM has is a joke. 2. To take these aa perks is a big trade off compared to the other perks, especially when the petro and nevksy dont need said perks for their AA to literally be twice as effective (since flak is the only stuff that reallly really matters) 3. The dm is the weakest open water heavy cruiser at tx (not saying its bad open water), this leaves it more reliant on islands than a petro for example, this makes it extremely vulnerable to planes, even more so than being open water, so the fact that the aa is so weak really is enhanced by its playstyle.
  5. VeryHonarbrah

    Please return flags for achievments

    big pray that they revert it, but they wont. peppehands
  6. VeryHonarbrah

    Really looking forward for repulse

    yeah looks fun to zoom around with the overmatch, t6 mm is kinda sadge though. Historical ships that arent a complete statistical pile of horse poop is good in my books from wg so it is what it is
  7. VeryHonarbrah

    Requesting expertise/opinion regarding FXP

    agir isnt bad, but honestly i would keep saving for something better.
  8. VeryHonarbrah

    HE citadel hit with Friesland on Sov. Soyuz

    Its called comrade server, desync of the ship itself means that gaps in the armour appear, and the shell literally will pass into the cit, or i am pretty sure the ship can desync to where the shell is, with the shell in the Cits
  9. VeryHonarbrah

    CB's "Struggle for the next league" Final Star

    i mean the mm for cb has always been broken. Like high typhoon for us has been just a rotation of the same 15 clans. The mm itself is mainly based on the wr of the rating itself and its league position so lots of wonky stuff is possible
  10. VeryHonarbrah

    People NEED to stop reporting CV

    no, its a copium mechanism
  11. VeryHonarbrah

    Worst T10 BB in your opinion?

    curry by far, the rep will get pretty close post dead eye, but still curry by far. The poor pen, gun angles, mobility make it just uncomfortable and underwhelming
  12. VeryHonarbrah

    who is who?

    Conway is the community engagement lead, so he is the boss of that stuff, runs kots now ect.
  13. arguably u could not run dead eye on certain ships, mostly talking about the ru bbs, so u then had 2 total builds. Now its down to one :P
  14. yeah its all just net more expensive than before