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  1. d_Lynn

    ES-GR "Escouade Griffon"

    Clan sympathique avec une bonne ambiance, bonne chance à vous pour votre recrutement !
  2. d_Lynn

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    We lose 5k doublons. Which is rougthly 16€. We keep something that everyone will have for free. Fantastic. The only thing that changes is that we were dumb enough to pay for it. At the very least, refund the 5k doublons. Else, it's a [edited] move.
  3. 19 200 ? Pour une pauvre amélioration légendaire ? 1/3 du prix de Colbert ou Ohio, deux regrind de lignes ? Sérieusement ?
  4. d_Lynn

    Torpille perforante

    Ça arrive, c'est une désynchronisation. La torpille possède une portée infinie et peut passer en dessous des obstacles. Cependant, elle n'engendre aucun dégâts si elle touche un navire. Ça vient tout simplement de l'écart entre ton jeu et le serveur. Le jeu voit des objets qui n'existent plus sur le serveur.
  5. d_Lynn

    Votre avis sur le rework CV

    C'est pas supposé ne plus se produire ça ? x)
  6. d_Lynn

    where are the new containers?

    Is shop down? If yes we can maybe have hope x)
  7. d_Lynn

    where are the new containers?

    Yeah, thoses famous packs with 500+ flags and camo you won't likely ever use just to inflate the pricing...
  8. d_Lynn

    where are the new containers?

    Uh... Azuma is definitely gonna be a port queen for me. At best it's an average HE long range spammer. That's mostly it. I'm looking forward to play the new premium CV. I missed the chance to buy Graf at her release, it's been month since I started waiting for her to be in shop again. I just expected more precise communication from WG on containers/CV bundles release than this... Usually, the update isn't even finished and yet the containers are already in the shop. And for some reason, they decided to delay the only container I'm waiting for.
  9. d_Lynn

    where are the new containers?

    I've got a strange feeling that it won't be for today either...
  10. d_Lynn

    Azur Lane - collaboration part 2

    Why can't we have WoWs : Blitz camo on regular WoWs ? They are so much better
  11. d_Lynn

    Vos jeux de substitution après WoWS et la 0.8.0

    Perso je suis sur Metro Exodus. Un vrai chef d'ouvre comme toujours avec des graphisme à couper le souffle. La série métro est une des meilleurs séries pour ma part en ce qui concerne l'immersion. Tout est extrêmement bien travaillé.
  12. Toujours rien sur les CV premiums... x)
  13. d_Lynn

    where are the new containers?

    Welp, guess that won't be for today x)
  14. d_Lynn

    where are the new containers?

    I disagree about that one. Sure, containers are often disappointing, but it's still a reward. We didn't had such things back in the day. The containers are giving us a lot of bonus and somethimes SC with three try per day for free. It's a chance to earn a CV for free, and even if you don't get anything valuable, it's still a bonus.
  15. d_Lynn

    where are the new containers?

    Graf was sold for approximately 51€. And that's why I'm hyped. Premium carrier are gone since an eternity from the shop, and they said that CV bundles were going to shop with new containers. I really want Graf. I missed the opportunity to buy her at her release but getting teased with soon and refreshing premium shop everyday is kind of disapointing. Even if Wargaming want to release her for the 12th of April I'd have understood, but 0 communication on it is kind of annoying.