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  1. Richydog

    server down?

    Yep and they will probably make us all pink for leaving the game early lol
  2. Richydog

    Cant log in

    Seems to be back up for now, chucked me out half way through a game yet again same as yesterday.
  3. Richydog

    connect issues

    Because it is starting to get ridiculous it happens every couple of days of late. Never had a problem with any of my other online games.
  4. Richydog

    connect issues

    Ok chucked out of game again half way through a battle, now just getting unknown error connecting to server. Please try again later. Your servers are getting as reliable as a T10 battleship wanting to get in there and brawl..
  5. Richydog

    Mini Map

    What the hell has happened to the mini map since the patch, I started a game mini map was massive took up quarter of my screen(never did this before the patch). So I used the - key to make it smaller but the ship icons in the mini map stayed the same size so ended up with mini map back to size it should be, but ships in the mini map are huge.
  6. Richydog

    Server problems?

    This is getting bad server went down the other day as well, maybe they need to shop around for a better hosting company.
  7. Richydog

    connect issues

    Anybody else having problems connecting kicked me out half way through a game now get message failed to connect to server please try again later.
  8. Richydog

    Game drops out..again and again

    Yep just had this problem. Ship will suddenly freeze, then start moving again then chuck you out to the login screen by the time you get back in you are dead. Happened in three games on the trot now, tested internet and everything seems fine on that end so guessing they have a problem with their servers pointless playing the game till they fix it. I have been getting on occasion very minor freezes since the last update, was not a major problem the freeze in play was only a microsecond maybe less if you blinked you missed it but not playable at the moment.
  9. Richydog

    game veiw issue

    I may have found a fix for it in case anybody else is having the same problem, the camera view will start behind the ship when the problem is going to happen if you quickly press the C key as the game is starting it seems to fix the problem. Not tried this when playing British cruisers mind only other classes of ship.
  10. Richydog

    game veiw issue

    Since the last update when I start a game the normal view of the game is messed up I am looking down on the ship while playing, the view used to be a lot flatter, do not like this new view style any way to change it back. Have this view every time I play a British cruiser and randomly when playing other classes of ship.
  11. Richydog

    Game will die

    ​The number of Battleships was going up before they released the German line. By all accounts the RN line of cruisers will make very little difference as they are not very good from what I have read on the subject.
  12. Richydog

    Game will die

    ​And were in my argument did I mention I was speaking for the whole player base, I thought I made it pretty clear this was a personal reflection on the game.
  13. Richydog

    Game will die

    So other than the usual of your stats are bad nobody has a valid argument as to why my reasoning is wrong. Fair enough back to ruining my stats it is then.
  14. Richydog

    Game will die

    ​I will not take any advise from somebody about stats when they hide their own stats.
  15. Richydog

    Game will die

    ​That is the very reason why I hide my account, far too often I come in here to have a frank and open discussion, but it just descends into oh your stats are not very good are they. I fail to see what the hell that has to do with the discussion.