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  1. Hello everyone, is it possible to customize my own admiral including his name and/or appearance? If not, will that feature be added in the future? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently using the Fuso Battleship from Japan and I almost have my Nagato unlocked. I have noticed that at this late tiers of the game, the admiral of my Fuso for example, has a lot of perks and skills already unlocked. And my quetion is the following: Is it better to get a new admiral for the Nagato Battleship, or transfer my experienced Fuso admiral to my Nagato battleship? Also, I won't be able to access WOW's for a while, so, can someone explain me how admirals work if I have to transfer them from ship to ship, and the costs and/or time related to it until I can fully use my admiral into the Nagato Battleship. Thanks in advance!
  3. Damn, those schemes are amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us man!
  4. TakedaYabu

    Night mode and other ideas for WOW's

    Can you send me a link for me to watch that video please? That made me very interested on it
  5. I have been playing World of Warships for quite a while, and it's a game that I am really enjoying. I have been thinking about it for possible new ideas and here is what I got into my list: - Night battles; - More in-depth information of the warship armor (including a fancy x-ray vision to detect vulnerable or weaker spots inside the warship) and its turrets; - Historical battles between nations like Great Britain against Nazi Germany and USA against Imperial Japan.
  6. Does that flag makes any difference in the ship statistics? and you can use it on multiple ships as many times as you want?
  7. TakedaYabu

    Why aren't fuel a game mechanic on carrier borne aircraft?

    Based on my limited knownledge about warplanes, their fuel tanks can be filled enough for them to at least fly for 1 hour minimum... well, a match has 20 mins... such addition isn't necessary...
  8. Hello everyone, as I was playing with my Fuso VI battleship, I noticed that one cruiser and another battleship (both from Japan I believe) were using a flag that remined me of Great Britain. First of all, I would like to ask for the meaning of that British or English flag on a Japanese cruiser, and how can I obtain it too? also, what happens if I use it or not? Is it permanent, or just another consumable like signals? I also have other questions that I would like to ask to the european community, here they go: 1. Since I am a battleship lover, I do in most matches at least 4 to 5 citadel hits, mostly on enemy cruisers and battleships. Although, I have noticed that citadel hits can be easily executed by firing the shell so that it can land on the ship just above the waterline in order to penetrate it in the enemy ship easily. Am I correct? 2. What are ranked battles and team battles? I would like to someone to give me detailed information about those, and the releasing date for both of them. 3. How can I add an existing signature in this forum? I would like to know how does it work. Thanks in advance. TakedaYabu.
  9. TakedaYabu

    can you explain me

    quoted post removed I can't understand anything to start with... it all seems to be german =p
  10. I was surprided at first becuase I was playing with my Fuso and sudently I find myself using a tier 0 ship. After noticing that I tried to cancel the match making but I couldn't and found myself paying inside someone's bathroom XD It was a good experience. but it got bored after a while. The free signals for the ships were nice and all, I have at least 3 samples of each one. But to be honest nothing is better than playing with realistic looking ships with realistic sound and environment =) But still, it was a pleasant experience at the end.
  11. I'm noticing that battleships need to apply to many maneuvers and antecipation techniques in order to survive, but when it comes to players using destroyers, the complexity doesn't seem to be the same. For example, I would love that a battleship with 300mm firing HE shells would completely explode the Destroyer considering he has the torpedos completely uncovered when he is ready to launch them. Yet I believe that doesn't happen, yet people mention a lot about fully armored ammo racks exploding inside battlships... That would compensate a bit the game don't you think?
  12. What am I? Someone who didn't asnwered to someone else's topic with a completely off topic argument. You failed, now you leave friend.
  13. That's a very interesting graphic indeed. But, to make myself clear, is that graphic showing the recieved damage per type of ship in many diferent matches from diferent players right? In that case, it's normal that in a match the guns that deal the most damage will be the ones that fire AP and HE type of ammunition, since all ships have them as default weaponry (except for aircraft carriers I think). Although, that misses the point of my topic, which talks about the excessive power torpedoes have in getting a clean kill relatively easy without applying much strategy or skill into it at the end. And not necessarily about their total damage at the end of a match. Also when the actual Yamato was finally considered to be destroyed, it had resisted many torpedos and bombardements before.
  14. Before I begin writting this post, I will formally present myself in order not be mistaken by the common "rubble" of the community that simply desire a change inside the game in very inappropriated ways like I've seen in previous post about the same subject. Hello, my name is Leandro and I've recently started to play this game and felt in love for it for both its visuals and mechanics. I've decided to follow the legendary Japanese Battleship tree line legacy in order to achieve my ultimate goal within the game; Which is unlocking the mighty Yamato rank X Battleship. I am currently using a Japanese rank IV Battleship in all my battles and I'm loving everything so far, not only from what the game offers, but also the community itself in general. Even despite all the qualities this game has for its players, I've noticed something wrong with it that accomplishes in ruining. The fact that torpedos are extremely lethal weapons in both their effective damage and short detectation. To make it easier to understand, I will write my point of view in short sentences: What I expected 'Torpedos vs Battleships' to be like: Even despite torpedos being destructive weaponry with the purpose of destroying even the biggest of ships, I want to feel that it can be avoidable if I have the necessary time to react only in a SITUATION that allows me to do so; I do want to feel that torpedos are lethal yes, but still I don't want to feel that whenever I have a destroyer near me, or a group of biplanes loaded with them flying to me, it will be game over either by instant destruction or sinking damage; I expected to see torpedos when falling from the destroyer or from the biplanes, a big water spalsh. This is the perfect indicator that they are coming, giving the an optimal reaction time to at least dodge most of them; I noticed how hard is to hit a destroyer in full speed, not only because of their speed and length, but mostly because of their height. Making battleships slighty more accurate would fix that. And to finish this, I was shocked how a mighty yamato ship can be destroyed with full health (97.000 HP) by a single torpedo. And that's all. Thanks for reading and for allowing me to share my opinion.