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    CVs and a rant

    Okay. So I loved this game from the beginning I started to play it. As a huge fan of RTS I immidietely got attracted to the CV. I wanted to learn some of the mechanics of every class so I tried everything. And, I should mention that I got this game on steam wich is why it probably does not show my stats from there on here. But recently I got so hugely frustrated with one person on my team, more specifically, the other CV. As I love the IJN line and think it is much better, I couldnt fight the enemy CV head on. I TRIED to get his attention I f3 on the enemys fighters REPETEADLY but he wouldnt listen! I tried to talk to him in the chat, very politely I might add but he didnt seem to notice! After this horrible game ending in a defeat and barely 20 k damage done I have noticed this SO. MANY. TIMES! It is bloody silly! WG, PLEASE restrict it to one CV per match. PLEASE Okay, after writing this I saw that it was basically a rant so I will try to explain. I refuse to use any AS build on the IJN if it takes away my TBs since I am not a big fan of DBs. I like to run in my ryujo since I can manually drop and still have a chance of running out of planes. I do not like the skill air supremacy bcs I think it is extremely unfair versus people that dont have it. I have no problem getting beaten fair and square. What I do have a problem with is when I lose because the other CV on my team is garbage that recieved 50 k free exp and wanted a carrier. This is unfair. WG, PLEASE just make quality of life changes and not any huge balance changes that makes the CV unbalanced, I dont care if theyre underpowered or overpowered as long as theyre fun to play. And right now, playing a carrier can either be the best experience you ever had in this game if the other CV lets his fighters fly into three des moines and doesnt know how to manual drop. But on the other hand, if you have a CV on your team that is drooling and cant speak and youre not running AS plus the fact that most CV captains tend to be pretty bad but for the sake of the argument, lets just say that the other captain is average and in a US CV and youre in a IJN carrier without AS. What are you going to do when his strike aircraft is killing your team while they are blaming you and you are desperetly trying to explain. This is unfair. multiple things are wrong with this and the most important one is definetely the fact that if there is two CVs in each team, they are going to change the game completely since their impact is so huge. If one CV is afk then auto win for the other team! THIS IS WRONG! If a dd is afk, that isnt a auto loss, sure, it puts you at a disadvantage but nothing that cant be overcome easily right? but the fact that CVs completely change the match is okay, every ship has impact on the game and i do not have a problem with CVs having a little bit larger impact on games since their resources are limited and once they run out of planes that is a target the size of an BB, without guns and no armor and with a ridiculously bad concealment at the higher tiers. The fact is that CVs need a HUGE rework and the simple fact is that it is pretty simple. You gotta fix with some numbers honestly. I have seen a couple people saying that CVs should have unlimited amount of planes but that is silly. The pros with CVs is that you can attack from afar without putting yourself in danger right? but the con to that is no armor, being a huge target with a very bad concealment that, honestly, if we dont think about manual drops is pretty easy to play, but at the same damn time, if a t10 CV takes a ride in his hosho for example, he is going to wreck the entire other team without mercy and without any threat from ship based AA. CV takes no skill from tier 4/5 but doesnt have skillcap above that. I know I said that it is really just some numbers to crunch but it isnt and it is at the same goddamn time! I genuienely hope to you, Wargaming that you have some fresh new ideas that will make the CV counterable from things other than the other CV. / sincerely, a true fan that likes CVs