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  1. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Farewell to RTS CV's

    Except with reworked CVs I can kill a DD every one and a half minutes. And that's assuming my CV teammate doesn't kill the others first. With current CVs I gotta wait 3-4 before I can kill the next one. This. I had a go with Midway on the PTS, fitted with radio location (just for interest). The Midway rocket planes are fast enough to be on the first ship (inevitably a DD) within a minute of the game starting. No need to scout, no need to assume it'll be going towards A,B,C cap, just fly directly to it.
  2. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Last time I went to Prague I ended up so drunk for 3 days I can't remember being there. Could do with a refresher.
  3. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    @MrConway in his Missouri, good battle and a good win.
  4. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    CV compensation issue

    I currently have Shokaku with 61k XP. So if I research Taiho using 113k FXP, when the patch hits I'll be compensated with 140k FXP, am I reading that correctly? If players have aircraft carriers Shokaku and Taiho researched, the difference between the cost of researching old aircraft carriers and the new Shokaku, amounting 140,000 Free XP, is added to their accounts.
  5. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    campains captains, and ....weaknesss

    The way you play, it's going to take a while.
  6. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Free captain respec one week isn't enough

    As I work away, often with no access to the game for up to four weeks at a time, I guess I'm one of those people for who you believe it doesn't matter much. I'm due away to work the day before the patch hits and won't be back for two weeks. Would be fun for me to have to spend a ton of real money to respec all my ships and captains.
  7. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Surveillance Radar, Interface improvement, Flooding

    Hit them with torps after they've repaired a fire was almost a surefire way of killing them, that won't happen in future unless they're already on low HP.
  8. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Surveillance Radar, Interface improvement, Flooding

    What a joke. The removal of flooding as a viable counter to BBs signals the death of the DD. Why not go all the way and have a CV BB only game.
  9. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Match Making 1 Up 1 Down

    +1/-1 makes perfect sense, but as said before, not gonna happen.
  10. If by fixed, you mean you see T10 80% of the time instead of 90% of the time, then yes, T8 is really good.
  11. Additionally, the T8 MM has become much worse over the last 18 months. You're far more likely to be in a T10 battle than you were back when you took your break. T8 secondary build is not viable in T10 games, you'd be far better going for a tanky build.
  12. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    [cv rework] no carrier limit ?

    If there's that many people wanting to play the new CVs, you've already broken the game.
  13. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    my internet die and this is what i get

    I work on the oil rigs. I have a lot of down time as we only work 12 hours a day. The internet is usually bad so I never play randoms.
  14. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt


    Just play your own game and ignore it. I'm guilty of having a go at campers and suiciders but just venting. If you can't ignore the idiots in chat, either disable chat or give up playing. On a side note, I always report someone on my team who demands we report X or Y player. It's like demanding the ref shows a yellow card, just poor sportsmanship.
  15. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    my internet die and this is what i get

    That made my brain hurt