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  1. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    UK-RN Recruiting

    Who are UK-RN: A group based in the UK with international members. UK-RN is currently sitting between Gale and Storm League and need new members to help us push on. We don't take it too seriously but seek to improve. Play every session of clan battles, new members needed to allow us to field 2 teams in every session. What do we offer: Clan battles. Many clan perks/bonuses unlocked. We have members on virtually all day so usually someone to division with. Some members are quite good and willing to help you out. Good banter, in fact it's all about the banter. What do we want: T10 ships in port, primarily cruisers. Be able to play clan battles twice a week, particularly the mid week sessions. Speak English. 21+ TS3. 1000+ battles. At least a 52% WR would be beneficial for clan battles. Although primarily trying to fill places for clan battles we will take other members for casual gaming and divisions. If you're interested: Reply here or contact in game @deadly_uk @chris745
  2. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Salty kids reporting for no reason

    Just been called a hacker, abused and reported for torping a DD in smoke. Not going to let it ruin my day.
  3. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    New T8 MM, so far; 3 x T8 battles two of which were T10, one T9. But maybe it's trickling down as my T5 battle was perfect.
  4. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Trying to understand what I am doing wrong in BBs

    Just had a quick check of your stats. You haven't played many battles so it's hard for you to fully appreciate the difference in ship performance as you go up tiers or across lines. Try a little research about over-match mechanics, armour and angling. Make no mistake, mid-high tier BBs are hard to play well. I've nearly 10k battles and still haven't worked out how to play them well, probably why I prefer DDs. BBs feel easy to play (large HP pool, big guns) but far from it, and the number of folks at T10 that still haven't worked out even the basics is frightening. Good on you for asking for help. Check out Flamu, Flambass, iChase etc and try to take some learnings from them.
  5. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Trying to understand what I am doing wrong in BBs

    I like Maersk rigs, always have good crews and good food. Though the Saturday night "sausage party" on the Maersk Endeavour was a little concerning.
  6. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Trying to understand what I am doing wrong in BBs

    You were in a terrible spot, loads of islands ahead of you for them to hide behind and nothing in front to spot for you. You should have been moving west long ago. What's with the oil well commentary. I work rigs and had a flash back to work watching that, very distressing on my days off. PS, I expect that North Cal got the same treatment after you died.
  7. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Premium Pumpkin?

    Guessing you didn't collect every day so still had stuff sitting there when the event expired.
  8. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Ok, So Stalingrad has a 65% WR vs Salem & Hindy with 48%. I can only assume the Stalingrad is going to get a huge Nerf too?
  9. If I understand this right, they want to make the game like horse racing. Get too good and get saddled with extra weight to carry? Smells like horse sh!t to me.
  10. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Ranked Sprint: 6v6 vs. 8v8

    Sprint 1: 20 games to rank out Sprint 2: 66 games to rank out, got within 1 star 7 times and very nearly put the PC through the window. The number of times the battle was decided pretty much before I'd even managed to engage the enemy was incredible. 6v6 gets my vote.
  11. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Disconnected from the server

    Same here
  12. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    @ghostbuster_ your buddy Flambass has been a pretty harsh critic of the current radar meta. If it's difficult for a DD player of his ability it's going to be near impossible for your average joe. That said, I'm not anti-radar just what I said before, need mirrored MM and maybe a cap on the number of radar ships in battle. #DDlivesmatter?
  13. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    My 19 point Clemson captain agrees with you
  14. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    Er, Cleveland, Balti, Buffalo, Seattle, Belfast, Indy all see t7 DDs. I'm telling you, T4 is where the DD fun is at.
  15. Andy_the_Cupid_Stunt

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    I don't have a problem with radar as is, just the MM. In clan battles you can pretty much assume there will be a reasonable balance of radar ships but in randoms it's not uncommon for 4-6 to be against 1. That's no fun for either team.