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  1. Thrall1983

    what tier 10 ship to buy with my coal?

    Some people would probably tell you not to get the Smolensk to not support OP ships, but to be honest since the ship is getting pulled I would recommend getting it. Because otherwise you may regret it later.
  2. Thrall1983

    Deliberate Teamdamage? How to get the offender banned?

    More time is added for each offence as I learned recently myself. And I guess some can/will be permabanned if they continue their behavior.
  3. Thrall1983

    Anyone using the Torpedo Lookout or

    I am not using it on any of my BB's as I find concelement more valuable. Beside it's not like I take torpeodo hits all the time so this module would be occasionally useful while concelement would be useful all the time.
  4. I think it's still too early to tell how this change will impact the game, as we don't know how many will use this new module. I am sure or atleast I hope WG will monitor this and make adjustment if needed. I personally will not use this module on any of my BB's as I value concealment more and I feel I don't have that much trouble with torpedos to begin with.
  5. Thrall1983

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    I may be wrong but I am sure the operations was temporary disabled because of a bug and that they will come back once WG has fixed it. As said in this thread: Maybe @MrConway can confirm this.
  6. Thrall1983

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    I find it interesting that the ship you are actually doing best in amongst all your Tier X ships you have is the one ship you claim is underperforming. Maybe and I am not trying to insult you, but it could be that you are the one not playing the ship right. So maybe I will continue to say the Kremlin is actually OP compared to the other Tier 10 battleships as ColonelPete pointed out.
  7. Thrall1983

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    Hardly any nerf at all, we are talking about minor changes that is hardly even noticeable. And one of those nerfs only applies with CV's around. I find it interesting how Soviet ships is met with such care, yet when it comes to other nation ships you have no problem applying the slegdehammer, like with the Henry nerf. I wonder why it is like this.
  8. Thrall1983

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    First thing first MrConway I appreciate and also understand that the stats is not final and that things may/will change, and without seeing the new (correct?) detectability stats all I can hope is that it will not lead to these ships being able to stealth radar. Because as I said before it would be no point in playing DD's anymore if such a thing would be implented as DD's already have enough to deal with. Anyways until I have seen the changes I will not render any jugdement yet. However one thing that bothers me and I don't want to say russian bias but lately I have seen a trend where it seems to me that WG treats the Russian nation different then other nations when it comes to it's initial stats as they always tend to be stronger on paper with minor adjustments where other nations starts out weak with needs of buffs to be competive. One question though since I have the Moskva currently will I get the new ship in it's place for free or do I have to grind from Tier 9 to 10 again?
  9. Thrall1983

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    No point in playing DD's anymore it seems, when these cruisers comes out. It's not like there wasn't enough problems with radar for dd's already and now you add new cruisers that can stealth radar. I do hope you will reconsider that decision and listen to your customers, but knowing you then you will just ignore it like you have done with all you latest decisions.
  10. Thrall1983

    So where are the ARP missions?

    I am guessing based on this line: Please note: this bundle provides you with access to a chain of combat missions which, when completed, will reward you with five Arpeggio of Blue Steel Premium ships! This chain of combat missions is available during Update 0.9.0 only. You can read the details of the combat missions on the website or in the game client. that you will have to buy a bundle first in order to start the mission for the rest of the ships. So if you want the Kongo for "free" you would probably have to buy another bundle.
  11. Thrall1983

    PT, balance changes

    Well as I only have the Gearing on this list I say this is a welcome buff. I am still however waiting for a Shimakaze buff (how about better torp reload or lower torpedo detection? Or maybe even more HP? Anything???) but once again it seems that Wargaming thinks the Japanese ships is fine. Well except the one carrier on this list that I don't even care about.
  12. Thrall1983

    ST, ships balance changes

    Since I have both the Hindenburg and Montana I do appreciate these buffs as they are very welcome. I am however a bit curious as to why the Japanese ships is left out again when it comes to buffs, as I am looking at the last 5 threads or so and there is not a single Japanese ship among them. It's not like these ships don't have any weaknesses. So any chance the Japanese can get some love? Like for example better torps on the Yudachi or guns, or something as she is really underperforming.
  13. Thrall1983

    Did the CV-rework make you change class or anything?

    I was lucky enough I guess to get the Enterprise in a container a while ago, and I have played a few matches, but I can't say I like the gameplay as I really suck at it. I also got Ark Royal recently in a christmas container. I didn't play much CV before the rework, but I did feel I did better when I did play it. I have mostly been playing against bots with CV, as I don't feel confident enough to play in random battles. As for playing against CV I hate it most when I am in a destroyer, as CV seem to always send the planes where I am going, and being spotted = death.
  14. Thrall1983

    Worst Tier 9 BB

    Well as I don't have the german bb or the soviet one and if I were to base it on the ships I have played I would have to say Lion is the worst. As for the Izumu I only had 20 battles in her before I unlocked the Yamato, but I got a 70% winrate so she wasn't bad for me.
  15. Thrall1983

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    There is nothing wrong with a directive that is hard as long as it is doable but this directive is impossible even for the 1% hardcore player he is speaking about. No one is going to be able to compleate this directive in the time that is set to be able to get the Puerto Rico for free as they claim. Which means that the only way to get the ship is to pay somewhere around 200 euros for it and Wargaming knows this. So stop pretending like these directives is doable and you have a chance for a free ship because you don't.