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    You get something for free and complain about it. Edited . I was in the queue at the post office to send a package a few weeks ago and two workshy layabouts collecting their dole money were in the queue ahead of me. One had a paper in his hands reading about water charges and had the audacity to proclaim that the government are "ripping them off" They were standing in a line to receive free money and were heading straight into the bookies and then on for a few pints, and they claim they are being ripped off? This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks
  2. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums

    USS Missouri

    He's not.
  3. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums

    DISHONESTY and where will take us players and WG

    What is it with all the whining? Is it a country specific thing? Or is it just the modern gamer and their sense of entitlement?
  4. Stop crying, you big baby. It's a computer game.
  5. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums

    Failed games topic - How NOT to play this game (any class)

    This is not a constructive topic. It's just another whine thread from the OP, complaining about low tier players. Posting irrelevant content.
  6. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums

    Once a potato, always a potato

    You have realised what the issue is, so you can only get better from now on in. Fair play to you for addressing it and not blaming everything else Hope you enjoy the game more now. Best of luck.
  7. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums

    Naming and Shaming

    Of course not? You are a stranger on the internet whose opinion means nothing, this is only a forum and a computer game. People are free to say whatever they like, as long as it's within the rules of the forum they are posting on.
  8. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums

    Naming and Shaming

    90%? Where did you pull that stat from? It's very simple (even for simple folk). 1: If a post or screenshot/replay has players names in it and the post portrays anybody negatively, it's against the forum rules. 2: Goto 1
  9. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums


  10. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums

    Ruined day, by pro noobs

    I do like the mild mustard on dogs and burgers though. I like dijon on other things but when it comes to dogs it has to be frenchs classic One thing I hate is English mustard.
  11. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums

    Ruined day, by pro noobs

    I just made two hot dogs and realised I'd no american mustard
  12. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums

    What is with the attitude of the community

    quoted post removed [edited] [edited] "well mannered adult people"
  13. The_Fear_Of_All_Sums

    What is with the attitude of the community