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  1. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    Random gameplay lost its way

    Its something I have definitely seen when playing with my brother at the weekends. We are average players who have recently found ourselves often in the top 3 after playing in losing games. Often we admit that we have played badly ourselves but when you finish in the top three in such games …. what does that say about the others!!! At the end of a game I actually heard my brother say "if I finish top I will throw a paddy"...… he did and his final words before leaving the session were …"this is demoralising". WG if the game stops being enjoyable then you will lose your regular players and the game will start to get stale. WOT may have finally got this and is making a few changes (whether they are enough who knows). How you change this I don't know ….. maybe group players together who have played say less than 1000 games to filter out the steam dabblers but I am sure that has been proposed before. Anyway … if my brother goes then I will probably have to try something else too as I want to enjoy playing games with him at the weekend rather than constantly finishing on a downer.
  2. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    How often do you find yourself in tight equal games?

    Well ...another weekend finished. Another string of losses due to the lack of tactical awareness amongst our players. We had one game where my brother said "if I finish top in this I will throw a paddy" ….. he did in his carrier..... in a T10 game ffs!!! His final words before leaving the session were "this is demoralising". What can I say ….. I could ask WG to team players together who have played less that 2.5k battles but I am sure that this wont happen. Not saying I am perfect but there has definitely been a significant drop in the quality of the battles I have played. Ho hum …. awaits the flamers
  3. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    How often do you find yourself in tight equal games?

    Some close games but quite a few roflstomps in both directions. Starting to wonder about the ability of some players. I am only an average player and when I division with my brother we have had quite a few games recently where we have played by our own admission well below our best and still find ourselves in the top three on our team. And yes ….. especially at weekends!!!
  4. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    Bug Reports

    1. Description No gun firing sounds playing the Cleveland specifically when using the Freedom - Cleveland camouflage. I do not get this issue when a different camo is used. Other sounds appear OK 2. Reproduction steps Presenting the above camo on the Cleveland leads to no gun firing sounds. Playing with a different camo & the gunfire sound being restored. Putting the freedom camouflage back on … no gunfire sounds. 3. Result Cant hear gunfire sounds … 4. Expected result Should be able to hear gunfire sounds 5. Technical details Last game played battle start 06.03.19 17.23 with the Cleveland -Freedom & no sound
  5. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    How to reduce toxic behaviour

    Well all I can say to that response I that I have been gaming longer than some people on these forums have been alive. There are always classes that regard themselves as "precious" and will go into the stats of each individual element saying that this pixelated blob does it this way and that pixelated blob is better at that way etc and you don't know that because you don't play them. At a tournament level where the players have fine tuned their knowledge to such a level that they will change their behaviour based on the finer stats of the blobs they face and change their strategy accordingly is not something that you will see in the majority of randoms. However, better players with better knowledge may outperform others in randoms in localised areas because they can exploit the lack of knowledge displayed by their opponents. Unless some basic principles of strategy are obeyed by the team as a whole, which you can learn regardless of which class you play, the game will generally go fubar. Its no good saying that BB's need to get stuck in and tank when they cant always rely on the cover provided by other ships and they risk being torped to hell. In effect you have a learned behaviour based on previous bad experiences of trying a tactic and as a result players start playing safe aka camping (and maybe get better rewarded for doing so unjustly). This applies to all ships as well with regards to where they move and act. The DD's may not cover an area as well because they don't trust the BB's to do their job and so the vicious cycle continues. As an example when your DD's always go to the same part of the map regardless of the agreed strategy by the rest of the group you get a situation where playing safe becomes more important initially than taking an objective. Its only the team that is able to adapt the best to a bad situation that will eventually win and this takes time and a few casualties. Its the quicker ships that can adjust who will make the difference. Rage & toxic behaviour generally occurs either because you are not really playing the game to win and like to troll or because you don't understand how to read the map and adjust your position and like to tell everyone in flowery language how crap they are. We all do this from time to time and it doesn't need a precise knowledge of how a fletcher performs to know that and then being patronisingly lectured about that fact . At a basic level, that's just splitting hairs (which in itself can sow the seed of toxic behaviour). Basic principles apply to all pvp games in order to win them and if they are not obeyed it will go wrong and there will be toxicity. I am sure all of us, regardless of how good a player we are have found ourselves in helpless situations because of others (and our own bad decisions) and get salty as a result. Unfortunately that's all part of the PvP world. ... Thinking a bit more, there is one element over which none of us have any control. When after playing very well in one game getting citadels etc followed by a game where you suddenly cant hit a cows arse with a banjo or all your shots have started bouncing ...that's going to lead to frustration and bad behaviour. We all know what causes that.
  6. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    How to reduce toxic behaviour

    That's like saying because I didn't specialise as a healer in WoW and focussed on playing a hunter that I don't have the right to criticise a healer who isn't doing their job and wipes the raid. We all have different play styles and preferences. You don't have to be a cordon bleu chef to know that the food you have been served by an incompetent tastes like crap.
  7. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    Why players not are climbing the ranks in Ranked as expected

    Well I started playing when it started ... I am a fairly new player to the game and this was my first season. Played in the torpitz. Initially all was going well. People seemed to work together and I was getting wins that I couldn't get in randoms despite how well I played (its a jinxed ship for me in randoms). Got to rank 12 fairly easily and then it all went to rat crap. Teamplay evaporated and no one appeared to be working together. I guess the majority woke up ... populated the ranked battles pool and turned it into just another random. Ofc in ranked where there are less ships, one or two who don't do what they should can eff it up even more for the rest of the team. But what do I know, I am new here lol
  8. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    How to reduce toxic behaviour

    Its ironic really. Fairly new to the game but finally getting my WR to rise. In randoms can rarely buy a win on my torpitz but in the ranked battles I have a got a very high WR in the 2 days so far I played it. The difference? Less whining and arguing and peeps would pursue a plan even if some didn't agree with it. A bad plan properly executed is better than a good plan that isn't. If some players went with the flow more often instead of insisting on wide flanking or capping the opposite point to the main group (yep bitching at DD's here in randoms) and then ranting about it afterwards I think there would be a better chance of winning with happier players. I think its all about those who like to see themselves as always right and some would rather throw a game than go with a plan they thought was wrong.
  9. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    MM sucks balls

    Never take mine off :P
  10. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    MM sucks balls

    We will always get a circular argument when dealing with the discussion of MM, RNG or whatever about the game mechanics. Its the team that's rubbish, nope its you that rubbish, you're a cry baby etc etc etc When you have a session that you can do no wrong in followed by one where you are constantly seal clubbed and suddenly you cant hit the back of a barn door it naturally makes you wonder if its just you or the game itself. And yes some of the players simply drive you up the wall. Whatever is going on in the background I wish it would stop. If I am a crap player I would like to learn from crappyness and become a better one rather than get a false sense of superiority from a series of games where I am the clubber and everything is coming up RNG/MM roses followed by a set where regardless of how well you play it doesn't make a difference and you are left demoralised. I do mean a series of games and not a few followed by a few. Its as though WG gives you a happy buff followed by a "no soup for you debuff" to increase your level of frustration and ..... buy those shinies!! - awaits the "well it is a business" comment. There will always be the bog standard counter arguments to the above but when you have been a gamer for as long as I have you don't need to reel out yards of meaningless stats to get a feel of the trends in these games. I am certain that there are game theory experts and psychology movers and shakers who have teamed up with the coders to create a game that gives creates just enough of a frustration level to keep the money going. Well fellow lab rats ..... gonna sit in my corner and put the tin foil hat on.
  11. Morgan_and_Hobbes

    A simple fix for BB camping

    Well, fairly new to this game and certainly not a high ranked player ... but seeing certain patterns similar to wot. and other games I have played 1) Some BB are meant to hold back as their armour does not allow them to rush in and play tanking demigods ...Hood , monarch and others and who have to try to do damage at "camping range". 2) Funniest thing I see is the DD who rushes in ... spots stuff and demands focus fire on XXX when nobody is in range to hit them anytime soon 3) The mary mary quite contrary... the group agrees to go A & B but the DD insists on going C and then calls you a camper because you didn't support them 4) In wot u always had the light tanks who rush in ...get banjoed and complain that they spotted x number of tanks but got no spotting damage ......see 2). 5) This isn't COD (call of duty) where some used to sit at the back in their hidey holes and get easy kills and get called campers. 6) Teenagers tend to call people cowards if they don't rush forward crying "waaaaaghh" and destroy their enemies like the movie heroes do. In reality you tend to die generally. 7) Just been called a camper in a game by a DD on the other side of the map ... by himself whilst the rest of the group moved forward .. did reasonably well but got fucked because the other sides DD's seem to know what they were doing and we got torped to hell. 8) Box clever ...don't rush in . IMHO I have so far seen some brilliant DD players who know where to go, spot and cover critical areas and really make the game fun, the people I hate are those who come up with threads like this because they are memememememe players who like twitch playing , regard themselves as the centre of the battlefield and whine when people don't follow their lead . Spose this is like any PvP game thread .,.. ho hum