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  1. Amigo_Invisivel

    Public Test of Update 0.8.8: Round 2

    SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, SOUND. The sound of Main Guns its incredibly LOUD, very LOUD, to much LOUD. No sound for AA guns to shallow if you want to ear them, all its un-mix.
  2. Amigo_Invisivel

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    It was a grind fest. I played allot of battles just to get as much tokens for the Benham and in the end i didnt get it becouse of 3 days working didnt give me enough dailly missions to earn the last tokens. So i hated, the experience wasnt fun, and im not doing this again. But what impresse me its the 52 loosing streak. Do you think this is healthie game play, I dont.
  3. Amigo_Invisivel

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Dear WG this idea has some potencial but we feel the implementation its wrong as you can see by the amount of negative reactions you got. This is the way i would do it and i feel that the majority of the players would agree with this. IMPLEMENTATION 1- You make this about winning "Steel" (steel its only awarded for competitive play and that is one of the greatest complain for all the non-competitive players around (people that dont participate in clan wars or cant win enough in rank). Making the "Steel Wall" be not only for competitive play but also for extraordinary dedication (like the regrind of any tech tree) and with this you would be offering the chance to all players get their "Steel Ships". 2- You should only reset the line until tier 4 (where all classes are present in game). Less than tier 4 should be to new players learn the basics like aiming, consumables, etc and dont nead 19pt comanders and unicum players given them the worst of all experience with "Dev Strikes" and all that "tango". Its enough for them to play against the professional Seal Clubbers. 3- You only get to reset one line per nation (until you finish the regrind) in doing this you keep ships in tier 10 and all resets go to tier 4 whatever the tech tree you regrind (you choose between Khaba or the Grozevoi but the reset its up to tier 4 allways). PRIZES and BONUS 1- In my opinion the Prizes should be - you receive around 6000 steel for any line you regrind. In this way for the first win in tier 4 you get 400 Steel, at tier 5 you get 500 and like that until you play at tier 10 winning the final 1000 Steel plus a 1100 steel bonus. That would give all players 4,900+1100 steel for the regrind of an almost full line (and you would nead to do the same 5 lines to get your tier 10 Stalingrad, Coulbert or whatever you´re fantasy is about). 2- And then you give a huge passive BONUS as incentive to sell your "favorites ship". When the line is reset - instead of "all xp earned will be transfered to the first ship on the line" you do "all XP earned will be transfered to Elite Comander XP for the player to retrain their captains. 3- And for last i would do the daily missions for tier 4 to tier 10 instead of tier 5 and above just to make it easier to all to go back to tier 4. ADVANTAGES of this implementation 1- Better Public Reactions deleting almost all complaints to the Research Boureau 2- Its only a diferent choice that everybody gets (you dont like to grind steel in ranks or clan wars than you can do it in the Research Boureau). 3- The final prizes are the same for everybody. No diferent ships no complaints about OP ships. Everybody gets the chance to get the Steel Ships. 4- No nead for new resources (the players dont like the idea of more resources - we have too much already) 5- You get your players population back in other tiers than 10 (starting at tier 4). 6- You dont hurt the new players leaving Tier 1 to 3 to learn the basics of the game (before facing the lions).
  4. Amigo_Invisivel

    Clan Brawl

    Time Frame its too short for the amount of victories you nead to get it done. the prices are only achiveable for 80 plus winrate. (ex: my Clan played for 5 hours, got a 66% winrate and only complete the second stage after 15 battles and with only 1 hour to go, you see, we give up)
  5. Amigo_Invisivel

    0.8.5 - Rogue Wave event

    Report Error: Did you notice that the "Hall of Fame" part of this event don't work anymore? So the weeekly prices for completing the current phase are bug out and freeze (since day 2?)
  6. Amigo_Invisivel

    Clan Brawl

    I have two questions about this: 1 - So you can play with 2 Capital Ships (1 CV + 1 BB) and 5 more ships ? Becouse the phrasing its not as clear as it should and can be. 2 - How many victories to achieve the full amount of rewards? 5 victories? 10 victories? or its a mission for playing "X" amount of battles ? These are importante questions for my clan to decide about the time frame of choice. Thank you
  7. Amigo_Invisivel

    Chronicle of an announced Crash

    The same. Kick out of the server, couldnt complete day mission to get the british coins for the CV grind, feels bad. EU loosing the event bonus, again.