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  1. Amigo_Invisivel

    Bug Reports

    Mission a bit dificult and the reward of 1 credit its a bit too much, maybe half credit?
  2. Amigo_Invisivel

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Missing Capitain XP in Battles 2. Reproduction steps 2 Battless fought and Xp wasnt used in retrainig, improving the captain or stored 3. Result Received none of the 6,200 captain xps gained in battle 4. Expected result It should have been used for the captain retraining without the nead to give the order "retrain Captain" 5. Technical details You should not nead to give the order "retrain captain" for the retraining be active
  3. Amigo_Invisivel

    Server Issues - 07/12 - Downtime 04:00 UTC 08/12

    Since 20h00 i have been kick out from battles and from game had long waiting times and then i get the message "server overload".
  4. Amigo_Invisivel

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Halloween operation does not count as operation for mission in English Missions Order Nº85740. 2. Reproduction steps Play halloween mission. E.g. its stars and badges does not count to british mission for it becouse ships in this mission are only Tier 3 3. Result Mission for stars cannot be done without whole squad for different operation impossible to be achieved by Solo Players. 4. Expected result It should be properly counted in missions as any other operation. 5. Technical details happens 19.10. around 01:15 CEST.
  5. Amigo_Invisivel

    Nerf mid-tier BBs

    Cruisers on tier 5/6 are light cruisers and they are really hard to play, just look at stats in average a cruiser survivability in that tiers is between 20-28% (its the same to DD's) and in BBs the survivability is between 40-48%. Everyone is talking about high tiers Cruisers and the topic its about mid tier cruisers 5-6 before they become "armored" cruisers at tier 7-8 when they can angle away enemy shots. You can't "carry" with a cruiser, sometimes you have a good game and some times you're "blap" from the map to soon becouse you don't have any space to make a mistake and thats why most people prefer BBs because they give you the extra space to mistakes, because most people its average or its learning the game at tier 5-6. (I'm average, I'm learning, and I'm grinding and i like cruisers) but grinding them its really hard. What i feel its a good solution? 1- Give cruisers some heals (2-3 half heal to improve survivability like in tiers 8 and above - half heal because they only suffer half the damage from fires) ; 2- Make it easier to get to a 10 pt captain to reach "Concealment Expert" before you go up tier from 5 to 7 or 6 to 8 (all my captains reach "Concealment expert in tier 6); 3- Make "Concealment Expert" a to all ships 10% and not the opposite where BBs and CVs have better concealment than cruisers (this don't make any sense at all) and that would improve the survivability of cruisers and DDs keeping the concealment per class equal; I feel that this changes would do really good to improve the fun in playing with cruisers and improve the amount of players that go for a cruiser as "first pick of the day".
  6. Amigo_Invisivel

    Suggestions thread

    Some of the things were already presented, but i will drop my thoughts anyway: PORT: 1-SHIPS STATs. It should exist a different statistic for secondary guns like AA or torpedos, it should be "Primary Guns" and "Secondary Armament" stats and not 2 in one, cause that makes it harder to players understand the diference between nations and in between ships of the same nation, and thats impact the "Upgrades" choice and "Captain Skills" choice for that specific ship; 2- COMMANDERS: You should be able to change the portrait of your captain after you buy one, there are very few options and i already have twins in Germany and USA, and thats makes it difficult to search for them; 3- FLAGS: Different national flags for different time periods (Russia-USSR) or flags adjustable to ships (PanAsia ship A with Chinese Flag, Ship B with Korea, etc). COMBAT: 1- AFTER FIRING DETECTABILITY duration Time should be different for BB's, Cruisers and DD's, and the diference should by Guns Sizes or Gun Range option A - Guns until 139mm would give a 15secs detectability, guns between 140 and 280mm with 20 sec detected, and from 280mm and above would be spotted for 25secs this would be a easy way to fix detectability and understandable to everyone; Option B - The other way would be to relate gun range to time you're detected, like for example: if you shoot at 16km you stay detected by 16 seconds, if you're Yamato with a Firing Range of 26 Km you stay detected for 26 seconds (this second option would give better survivability to the ships with weaker guns, and guns ranges and the obvious weaker armor profiles) 2- BATTLESHIPS: BBs have a too big diference in gun range to Cruisers, so they don't need to commit to actual brawling, they only stay behind cruisers shooting in distance to keep them safe from DDs Torpedoes and Cruisers fires, If "Secondary Armament Stats" exist that would make help a BB commanders understand the value of Close Quarter Combat if they could relate the value of secondary vs Torpedoes, helping them understand that they're ship its actually a good or better brawler then the enemy, and at same time making BBs effective in tanking damage on the front line; 3- CRUISERS: should have better utilities like Hydros, Heal, smoke etc, 3A- Hydros, and/or Radars should be unlimited to make them a better utility to the team (with same intervals but unlimited) 3B- Heal should be a option for cruisers from tier 5 and above (because in Cruisers there are no seconds chance and the average survivability in cruisers its only 55% compared with the BBs survivability) 4- AIRCRAFT CARRIERS and Airplanes 4A- Fighter planes (in Cvs or other ships) should be awful in spotting enemy ships, thats not their function, their function its looking into the sky, into clouds, to search for aircraft to shoot down, and they don't have the spare eyes of a Spotting Airplane or Bomber/Torpedo plane to do the job; 4B- A 10 point commander needs at least 100 battles with premium to be made, so a Skill as important as "Air Superiority" shouldn't be a 10 point skill, its to much imbalance in a CV duel, it should be in the second level of Commander Skills, and "Expert Rear Gunner" that could be in 4 level of the Commander Skills if it was something like 50% increase in average damage per second to rear gunners (they're Experts don't they); 4C- No double Cv games, or if it happens should be only between same level CVs - a tier 6 Cv against a tier 5 that can't strafe, really? 4D- STRAF its not realistic, there are very few cases/accounts of happening with the success you present in game (a all squad down, nope, never, best case scenery one or two planes down yes, and then they would restart the engagement with no more of the surprise element); 4E- TORPEDOES in Manual Drop are the only event with no RNG and thats not realistic, is it, no 6 planes fly in straight line against an increasing AA fire without starting to make errors or trying to evade enemy bullets, so i think Torpedos Airplanes should be affected by the level of AA gun firing against them, make them panic as closer has they get from the target doing errors in drop patterns (auto drop with safe torpedo drop pattern/closer drops with increased % of errors in drop pattern); 5- CONCEALMENT And to end this rumbling, I don't understand why concealment in Commander Skills are different for different Class of Ships, and in a way that makes no sense at all, bigger ships with bigger concealment, Why? It should be equal to all ships 10% straight for all ships or a incremental from bigger to small (DDs with 16% and CVs with 10% (they are really big, wide and tall as you can see in Port mode) and that will give more survivability to the class that need that the most; And thats all folks Amigo_Invisivel (EU)
  7. Amigo_Invisivel

    [] [RU][EN] WG MultiPack

    "http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/projects/mods/mods_pack/Release/WOWS_MultiPack_beta_0.6.14.2.exe" link not working. cuts connection.