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  1. BruceForce

    Too much Silver

    This is a symptom of buying premium time. I never have premium and my silver bank account is usually less than 30 mill - I actually have to save/play premium ships if I want a new ship. So stop with the premium.
  2. BruceForce

    New HMS Conqueror armament setup leaked

    seems legit
  3. BruceForce

    Remove Radar, Keep Sonar

    If anything we need more radar and less smoke. Just why do dd players feel they are entitled to fight from invisibility the entire game and fault anyone who dares proposing that ships may be visible for 30 seconds? Believe it or not, after being torped for 10 minutes we would like to be able to shoot back for once!
  4. BruceForce

    HE not working on a T6 baguette...

    Perhaps you hit a saturated part of his ship - then you do 0 damage even if it would normally penetrate. That's what the screenshot suggests (pens not shatters).
  5. Does anybody lack port slots these days? Ever since we could get them in containers I never needed to buy more.
  6. BruceForce

    Kongo tier V one of the worst BB's in game?

    Used to be good when only it and New York existed at that tier. Kongo was faster and had better range (the latter was "similarized" recently). But yeah, power creep makes it seem rather bad now. Especially with the bad MM. At least it still has a good AA range for that tier (5km without any upgrades). An example from better days..
  7. BruceForce

    Disconnect after game => No solo warrior

    So seriously, will there be some compensation? Do I have to do anything to claim it or do we have to hope for WG's mercy?
  8. BruceForce

    Disconnect after game => No solo warrior

    But...solo warrior!
  9. I just won a game as last guy versus 4. Instead of the end scores, I get the log-in screen. Logged back in, it doesn't give me the daily win and I dont have the solo warrior. WTF!!!
  10. BruceForce

    Zao torp range - da fuq?

    I didn't know they were this fast. Still, it seems to me if you are close enough to use them then you did something wrong. Would prefer Ibuki torps. Killed so many dds in smoke with those ;))
  11. BruceForce

    Zao torp range - da fuq?

    Every IJN cruiser starting from tier 5 has 10 km torps. Zao only has 8km torps. Why? Such a downgrade. I find it is a shame. I have gotten used to the backwards firing long range torps which can be nicely used to kite away from BBs...
  12. Bismarck is great and easy to play once you have a full secondary build. You basically cannot be citadelled which makes it very foolproof. Just dont stay back and snipe - you need to be close to the action.
  13. BruceForce

    Italian Carriers!

    Unless they are delivering pizzas via air, we dont need them.
  14. BruceForce

    Who else loves the HIndenburg xD

    Love it.
  15. BruceForce

    Italian BB Leaked Special Ability!!!

    Dude are you insane? Who does that?