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  1. Jammin411

    Are carriers underpowered?

    So I go back and forth on this and I have come to the conclusion that CV's are not OP, but some of their players are. CV's have the potential to do an absurd amount of damage, even with the recent changes, but it depends on the quality of player in the chair.
  2. Jammin411

    Premium Ship Commemorative coins - HMS Campbeltown

    Well done good sir, this is pretty awesome!
  3. Jammin411

    Ranked battles, pointless?

    Seems that the overwhelming answer is rewards.
  4. Jammin411

    Competitive Leagues and Tournaments for EU - WoWseLeagues.com

    I think this problem will eventually fix itself though as more and more ships are introduced into the game. Right now, the premium ships are better in a lot of ways, but I think at some point, with enough variety, we'll see that change.
  5. Jammin411

    Smoke mechanic - first spotted

    I think this sounds like the most plausible answer.
  6. Jammin411

    Why don't ships fire torpedoes from the front ?

    Pokeboat did.
  7. Jammin411

    Player Statistics on WoWReplays.com

    I had not seen this post, but I like where your head is at. Most users may not understand what the mode, mean, median are, but I can add tool tips to help explain them. I'll work on a chart similar to what you are posting and see how it comes out.
  8. Jammin411

    Player Statistics on WoWReplays.com

    Excellent feedback. I just pushed an update that will force all charts to start at zero and have rearranged the charts so Battles by class and Avg. Kills per Battle By Class next to each other. In my testing they always started at zero, but that's because the users I tested on all have a wide range that resulted in a starting point of zero. Good catch, it should be forced to that now.
  9. Jammin411

    Player Statistics on WoWReplays.com

    Give me some time to digest this post and I'll put together educated responses. Love the enthusiasm!
  10. Jammin411

    Player Statistics on WoWReplays.com

    I thought about it, but WG wouldn't allow it. It's so I have access to your stats. WG doesn't give me anything identifying though other than your nickname. No emails or anything like that.
  11. Jammin411

    Player Statistics on WoWReplays.com

    Great suggestion, this one is already in the works.
  12. Jammin411

    Player Statistics on WoWReplays.com

    I wanted to let you all know about some new features and functionality that exists on WoWReplays.com. The downfall of WarshipStats left a hole that needs to be filled when it comes to player statistic tracking and analysis. I have spent the last couple of weeks importing data, setting up processes to keep the stats fresh, as well as some basic visual reporting. While there is still much work to be done I believe the features are at a place where I can release them to you and ask for your feedback. Consider this an open forum where you can share your ideas and report bugs regarding the new features. My database currently tracks over 100,000 players, but I am sure that some of you are missing. I will be adding functionality to automatically import your stats if you login to the site in the coming days so I apologize if your data is not present. Give me time. In addition, I am posting this in an attempt to beta test in some fashion so there is no "easy" way to search for a player yet since it's not ready for public consumption. In the meantime please use the following format when searching for players. WoWReplays.com/Player/{REGION}/{NICKNAME} Region options: na eu sea ru So my URL would be WoWReplays.com/Player/eu/Jammin411 What I am specifically looking for here are the following types of feedback, although all is welcome. What other reports would you like to see? How would you like to see them visualized? What data would you like to see in them? Did you encounter an error? If so which section did not load properly? Please also provide the URL you used so I can investigate Thanks as always for being the greatest community there is!
  13. Jammin411

    [Contest] Ranked Season 4 - Ironman Mode

    Candy from a baby since the Atlanta is the best premium ship in the game.
  14. Jammin411

    WoWReplays Artwork Contest [Votes Needed]

    People have a lot of clan friends.
  15. Jammin411

    WoWReplays Artwork Contest [Votes Needed]

    First off, why are you not a player?!?! This game is amazing and you should definitely be playing it! Second, I didn't expect to get that high quality of a logo. I'm happy with a Photoshop file so I can manipulate it as needed. I have some photoshop skills, although I'm not a graphic artist at all. The winner is required to submit their work to me in the form of a PSD file and from there I will take the art and do some of that additional legwork you are referring to. In the end, I do have the option to not use the winning logo. Of course the prize will still be paid out, but I'll have the final say as to whether or not it is used. If nothing else, this contest was meant to inspire ideas and potentially come up with a winner if it is of high enough quality. As far as the initial post, you can find it here and I'd be happy to look at anything you want to send over. Of course it will not be included in the contest, but I'll happily look at anything submitted. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/50492-wowreplays-artwork-contest/