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  1. Jammin411

    Matchmaking Monitor Application

    New link is here. I don't officially support this app anymore, but cpt_stewie took on the development via Github. The new download link is: https://wowreplays.com/Downloads/WoWReplaysMatchMakingMonitor.zip or you can get it via the Aslain mod pack.
  2. Jammin411

    WoWReplays Matchmaking Monitor

    I don't officially support this mod anymore and it seems the community is not real interested in keeping it running. I've made the code open source, but have had no contributors or pull requests. Sorry...
  3. Jammin411

    WoWReplays Matchmaking Monitor

    I simply do not have enough time in the day to support this application the way it needs to be supported. If you are interested, I have made the application open source on Github. Let me know if you are interested in becoming a contributor. I plan on doing weekly builds with the communities additions and enhancements. The application is written in C# using Windows Presentation Foundation. I'll be honest, this app was put together very hastily so the code needs to be reworked in places and a test project needs to be added so unit testing can be done. I will expose any data that is needed that the WG API does not allow for. I currently reach out to WoWReplays.com to get a list of ships as it is easier than using the WG API, however someone may want to take the time to hit the API instead of my site because the API should be the most up-to-date information available. https://github.com/jammin411/MatchmakingMonitor
  4. Jammin411

    Matchmaking Monitor Application

    Was just about to reply to you. My guess is the region was incorrect or the Wargaming API was not accessible during your first attempt. 1.) When someone has never played in the ships or only has a few battles the WG API reports that they have no battles and thus no stats. After a few battles their stats start showing up. 2.) That has been requested and is coming in a future release.
  5. Jammin411

    Matchmaking Monitor Application

    The latest version ( was released today that allows you to adjust the font-size of the application. This can be found by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and adjusting the font-size combo box. Values are in Pixels and range from 8 to 14 with a default value of 12px. Details can be found here along with download links. https://wowreplays.com/Home/MatchmakingMonitor
  6. Jammin411

    Matchmaking Monitor Application

    Your stats are hidden if you hide them. That was mis-worded and has been corrected. If you hide your stats, there is nothing anyone can do to retrieve them.
  7. Jammin411

    Matchmaking Monitor Application

    The next phase of this is to automatically upload replays to WoWReplays.com. When a battle concludes it will give the option to upload and post to the site. It will also give the option to take the last 4 screenshots and upload them as well. I figured if I have an application that is already going to monitor the directory, I may as well make it more useful and have it show stats as well. Prior to this thread, I have had a lot of people interested in this type of application. I have received numerous emails asking for this type of app. Also, being a numbers guy, I feel that more data is always better. If you choose to not use the app that is perfectly acceptable, I by no means force it upon anyone. It's meant to aid those who want it, and be ignored by those who don't. Ultimately, people still look up stats manually prior and during battles. The next logical step is to automate. Plus, I strongly believe that technology does not make people salty or negative. It's the anonymous wall of the internet that brings that out in us all.
  8. Jammin411

    Matchmaking Monitor Application

    Well, let's figure that out. If it's my mistake I'll fix it. If you'll send me your friends in-game name and region I'll look it up and privately post you the accountId. Same with your details if you don't mind.
  9. Jammin411

    Matchmaking Monitor Application

    Yes, if you look at the link I provided a few posts ago, below again for convenience. If the stats are hidden WG hides that data completely. data: {} == null. With nothing inside of data the app says No Stats or Hidden instead of displaying stats. API I call: https://developers.w...demo&r_realm=na This returns the players stats or null based on the players preferences. If they are showing in this API call then the stats are not private. An example accountid that is hidden is: 1000089852 An example accountid that is NOT hidden is: 1005294706
  10. Jammin411

    Matchmaking Monitor Application

    Some things to clarify. The website handles stats differently than the application. The application pulls live from WG, the website caches them in the database. If you have never uploaded a replay or been involved in a replay then the site will not know about you. I would check to ensure that your "buddy" is truly private. I have no way of pulling data that Wargaming does not expose. I can't invent stats. When the app launches it calls the Wargaming API found here: https://developers.wargaming.net/reference/all/wows/ships/stats/?application_id=demo&r_realm=na This returns the players stats or null based on the players preferences. If they are showing in this API call then the stats are not private. An example accountid that is hidden is: 1000089852 An example accountid that is NOT hidden is: 1005294706 You'll notice with an accountid that is hidden the data field is null and the hidden field contains the accountId. No stats are exposed. Play around with it for yourself using the link above. You'll see that I do not have access to hidden stats as I've stated.
  11. Jammin411

    Matchmaking Monitor Application

    You mis-read this...The bug was that if your stats were hidden the app didn't show you at all...now it shows you, as a placeholder, but not your stats. Instead of you not showing at all and the teams being unbalanced it now shows you as a placeholder, your name only, with the message that stats are hidden. If your stats are hidden I will NEVER show them. That is your choice and the app and myself respect that. I apologize for the poor wording. It's explaining the bug that existed, but to others without knowledge of the bug it would seem that I am circumventing. I can assure you though, this is not the case.
  12. Jammin411

    Matchmaking Monitor Application

    I wanted to get the word out about a new application I just created for the community. The application is to be run in parallel with WoWs and will detect when you enter into a battle. When you do the application will show you player stats for each player in that battle with highlighting to help determine player quality. The application is early in development, but definitely fills a void. Stop by and check it out. Let me know what you want to see added or changed as well. https://wowreplays.com/Home/MatchmakingMonitor
  13. Jammin411

    Are carriers underpowered?

    So I go back and forth on this and I have come to the conclusion that CV's are not OP, but some of their players are. CV's have the potential to do an absurd amount of damage, even with the recent changes, but it depends on the quality of player in the chair.
  14. Jammin411

    Premium Ship Commemorative coins - HMS Campbeltown

    Well done good sir, this is pretty awesome!
  15. Jammin411

    Ranked battles, pointless?

    Seems that the overwhelming answer is rewards.