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  1. JOVA1982

    Rework of CVs

    For nearly 2 years straight almost every patch has had either direct or indirect CV nerf so far. usually it has been AA buff to some certain ship or plane hp nerf of some certain ship. excluding GZ balancing and rebalancing. Anyone remember the very early days when you might have seen 2 T10 CV's on same team, 4 of them on the map at the same time... Triple bogue division anyone? Yeah, They were too strong back then. Now I used to play CV a lot bit over a year ago. Lexington with strike loadout (0/1/3) was my favorite ship in game. I concider myself fairly good CV player, borderline unicum in CV would suggest that I'm at least better than average. Now I heard suggestions that CV "should" be removed. I have to say that my favourite targets were BB's of the opposing team. you kno the ones I'm talking about, Far from everyone else, usually 6-10 km behind their cruisers. I bet you know that kind of players. and you most likely agree that they desrve it, sitting in 20+km and being useless. CV is the hard counter for those... Unless it happens to be Montana, or any other US BB with AA spec. gotta waste two strikes on it. Trying to spot enemy DD's, unfortunately there tends to be Cleveland, Minotaur, Des Moines, Hindenburg, Iowa, or something close by. So let's not spot that DD, unless he's ed up and is in fact alone. Oh yeah, unless it's AA spec Udaloy Grozevoi, Gearing, or Fletcher... or AA specced Akizuki who managed to lay big smoke and I missed my blind drop. Going near cruiser? Well if we are talking mid tiers and I happen to be in Saipan I might pull it off. Unless it had defensive fire I personally don't even bother with def AA anymore because seeing CV is so unlikely nowdays, so dont have def AA if I can slot a hydro instead. That AA might have saved me, or some other ship maybe in 1 out of 20 games, Hydro saves me in 1 out of 4 games. Only current issue with CV's is the massive skill difference of players, and I mean in every ship class. I have had games where I have killed 8 ships with that Lexington I mentioned earlier. Enemy team just played poorly, each and every single one of them. How ever on that same Lexington I had games where I could see how poorly the enemy team plays, but the enemy Shokaku completely shut me down, which led to my side losing. Also we cannot forget the games where I had 4 kills 200k damage done, and yet we lost because enemy CV was terrible, but their team played well, and my team was terrible. Fact is, while GZ has it's balance issues, every other CV (So far) is reasonably well balanced (Saipan maybe bit OP) but the players who play them... They are anything but balanced.
  2. JOVA1982

    Sneaky Destroyer

    As others have answered you misunderstood what I was saying. What I mean is, I didnt like any USSR DD before T8. All T8 T9 and T10 USSR DD's are actually pretty good. In my opinion, the line itself is painful before it gets good, but when it gets good, it gets REALLY good.
  3. JOVA1982

    Seattle captain skills last 5 pts

    Build that I use on all USN light ships. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000000010000000100010100119 Orginally this was my Atlanta/Cleveland build, but it works on Seattle and without a doubt in Worcester.
  4. JOVA1982

    Sneaky Destroyer

    I As someone who currently have all DD lines on T10 would say IJN is the way to go. I have to note that as A DD you are the eyes of the team, so up to half way trough the match, and possibly towards the end of the match it's your job to spot the enemies. German, Sneaky torps but high detection on ship mens you have to get really close to torp. How ever you have quite decent guns. on higer tiers you have hydro which keeps you safer than any other DD if you are hiding in smoke. Pan Asian, Very sneaky torps, most ships have very good guns, but you cannot hit enemy DD's with those torps, which might be rather annoying when you know that there is 2 enemy DD's in some smoke clowd, but you also know that you cannot hit them. Also sometimes that lack of ability to hit anemy DD's with torps might cause you lose a close range fight. USN, Gunboats all the way, Fletcher and Gearing (T9 and T10) can be played as torp boats. IJN, High detection torps, maybe, but relatively fast and long range torpedos, and very stealthy ship, you most likely lose all gunfights with the exeption of Akizuki, (T8 alternative line) and the ships that come after that. USSR, Gunboats, and in my honest opinion pretty bad ones until you get to alternativel line, where you can choose to continue to Kiev or Ognevoi. Ognevoi being the "only" torpedo boat of this line.
  5. JOVA1982

    Vigilance, does it makes the difference?

    And now as I dont have concealment on my Bismarck, (Secondaries FTW) I'm starting to think scrapping that concealment module for target acquisition module... Sure I get shot more, but if I can boost my hydro it might be beneficial when I know that there is DD near but too far for my hydro... or if I end up in situation where pushing in to smoke is viable... Then again last time I pushed a smoke I killed Belfast and Atlanta, and gave a pretty good beating to Kutuzov... And broke a stalemate on 1 flank of two brothers... where those 3 were holding off 4 other ships from our side... Sure they got me, but meh, That was to be expected.
  6. JOVA1982

    Will you be respeccing your secondary builds?

    Keeping secondary builds, they give reasonbly good AA cover, how ever I'm thinking of swapping manual secondary's for manual AA... Most likely I wont do that though, Olso been thinking "halfway" on tank and secondary build.
  7. JOVA1982

    Skip the German DD Line up to...

    I skipped up to Ernst Gaede, As stock it's not very good, but once upgraded it's surprisingly effective, althuogh somewhat situational. The Leberecht Maass issomewhat similar story, Not too good as stock, but it was definitely a ship that I wont sell
  8. At times when you are in difficult position, Would die if you would try to ram, and would die if you would try to run the best course of action is heavily angle tho higest AP threat (usually battleship) shooting AP but in some cases can be high tier cruiser, and "bow tank" that, but focus your secondariesand main guns to completely different ship. This makes you last longer alive, and while the one who kills you get's away with pretty much unharmed, you might have crippeled 1 or 2 ships while being slowly killed.
  9. With Bismarck you should be agressive, but not suicidal. When you are top tier in T7/6 heavy battle you can push very agressively, Just dont make the mistake of showing your boroadside to Arizona or Fuso, but most cruisers and DD's will run away from you When on bottome tier, or T8 heavy matchyou should tone down the agression on the start. Just get close enough that if they start pushng they will end up in your secondaries. but have some sort of escape route figured out in case enemy decides to have a lemming train. But if you fail to have that escape route, remember that ramming is also an option. And as others have said, best angling is when your rear turrets are just beyond of can they fire or not. You get most of the secondaries on that side firing, but you bounce most of the enemy shells, and small wiggle allows you to fire those guns. You have one of the fastest reloads and fastest turret traverse (even without expert marksman) which makes you an excelent brawler, Also you have terrible dispersion, which makes you next to worthless beyond 12km. Not saying that double citadel from 16km is impossible, it's just extremely unlikely. Or as I like to put it, "Bismarck couldnt hit a continent from 12km" which actually is pretty accurate. Worst thing that you could do with german BB is sitting back and sniping. As enemy BB's most likely are sitting back, Cruisers dont want too close either, but as you get coupe hit's your friendly cruisers will stay alive much longer. The means that you sometimes might die bit early, but you have had huge impact on the early game, which in turn leads to winning.
  10. JOVA1982

    Need help to choose a carrier line

    This is somewhat similar topic from other forum where I listed the positives and negatives of every loadout on bith IJN and USN up to T8. How ever. at that time we didnt have Kaga yet, so it's obviously missing from here, and as I dont have Kaga, or any CV on T7 currently I lack experience of telling what Kaga can do. Air Supremacy IJN has weaker planes than USN so with good strafing INJ can beat USN in every tier, except if it's Hiruy vs AS loadout Saipan unless there is complete idiot handling that Saipan (USN Premium T7 CV). This is due Saipans T9 planes. Also IJN still has decent strike power even if it has gone with AS loadout. USN has very strong AS loadout, but is has very little strike power, and they cant be everywhere at the same time, Therefore if the enemy carrier manages to pull 1 single succesfull strike, it has done more than the USN CV can do in whole match. Only USS Saipan is good at this, as it has those T9 planes. The loadout has 3x3 fighters and 1x8 bombers, and those are T9 bombs so 1 strike might be good enough to delete cruisers, and in some cases with little luck even battleships. _____________________________________________________________ Strike loadout This is where USN excels, Yes you dont have any fighters, Yes you will lose planes, but the strike power is extremely high. and you have potential to sink battleships with single strike. How ever you have to plan your strikes, and bait the eney CV successfully (if it has fighters) which isnt easy. on strike vs strike, it's more on how well your team plays. and how well you choose your targets. IJN doesnt have true strike loadout. _____________________________________________________________ Balance loadout IJN exels at this due their generally more versitile loadouts, How ever the planes are "weak'ish" so you have to be somewhat picky on your targets, as most battleships except IJN BB's will simply delete your planes before you can drop your bombs / torps, and as CV's have decent AA from T8 onwards it would be suicidal trying to strike them USN suffers from lack of squadrons, 1 fighter group cant do too much, it's often on the opposite side where enemy strikes, or is outnumbered by enemy planes, How ever the strike force is still reasonable, Lexington is first ship where this loadout is viable ____________________________________________________________ There is no "clearly best" How ever I would say that USN is easier to learn due having less and stronger groups but in the long run IJN is stronger due being more versitile, even with weaker planes.
  11. JOVA1982

    Udaloi talents?

    To be honest the USSR DD's dont do too well in close quarters, In fact when I'm in my Tashkent I prefer to stay around 7-10 km from Fletcher's and Yogumo's and that's simply becuase USSR guns are great with longer distance, due flat arc, and slower turret traverse. I can quite reliably keep pumping hits in USN, IJN, and KM DD's as long as I have some distance to play with. How ever with KM and especially USN DD's I want to close the gap so I can reliably hit more often, sub 6km is the best range for USN, KM and IJN can keep bit longer distance... and well... IJN orefers to stay away from gunfights =) And when playing with my Tashkent, my guns tend to be blazing all the time, so do I have 8km detection or 13km detection doesnt really matter that much... except when I need to fade away...I would think that Udaloi is somewhat similar.
  12. JOVA1982

    Udaloi talents?

    Well I ended up with PM (cause if I'm spotted I expect to be shot at) LS (Obviously for DD) DE (When I open up with guns I want it to be as effective as possible) BFT (Like DE, I want to be able to shoot a lot in shortest possible time frame when needed) 1 point unused currently We have to remember that currently I'm in Ognevoi so I try to be at least somewhat stealthy, Therefore I dont want to fire my guns often, but when I do I want to just deliver short and relatively devastative "finishing strike" Therefore as I try to be steathy I want to avoid AFT due concealment, and as I try to be concealed as much as I can, SE isnt my main concern for now, Althuogh AR would be very good, as I will eventually get hit sooner or later. But then again this was only because I wanst quite sure what Udaloi would need, as I have never had it, and the boat leading to it was obviously much more torpedo biased than any other USSR DD so far.
  13. JOVA1982

    Udaloi talents?

    I was thinking along those lines, Although I do have SI allready (it's bad habit but that goes in to almost every captain I have withuot even thinking.) Oh well, the respeccing isnt insanely expesive at this point so I might as well respec it now. Thank you.
  14. JOVA1982

    Udaloi talents?

    After the USSR DD split I ended up having Ognevoi again Now eventually I'm going to get Udaloi, and now I'm in Ognevoi having issues of captain talents. Currently I'm having Ognevoi with 10 captain points, with 4 undistributed points, but that captain will eventually go in Udaloi. and therefore I want to get the captain points that will be most beneficial for Udaloi But the issue is that I have no clue what would be most beneficial points. Ognevoi is obviouly torpedo boat by desgn now, which makes me inclined to put on concealment, but I'm not sure what Udaloi is, therefore I'm kinda hesitant to put anything on. I tried to check has Flamu done anything with Udaloi, but the only review I found was before captain talent change, so that wasnt helpful at all. So please, anyone who runs Usaloi do give me bit of advice.
  15. JOVA1982

    Bismarck Captain !

    This is how I run my Bismarck http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000001000010000001001000100019 The order you take AFT BFT and Manual secondaries are optional, but I'd suggest taking BFT last. Althuogh you can trade BFT and JoAT to Manual AA and double fighters. which makes you quite immune to planes also.