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  1. Iannis_3

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I have the e-mail Please send to me the ships :)
  2. Iannis_3

    Suggestions thread

    NO MORE T10 ships -Next ranked battles will be with T10 ships? -Clan battles are for T10 -All legendary updates are for T10 ships. Guys WHY YOU FORCE US to play all the time with borring T10 ships?? I found lower tiers more fun to play ( I already have all T10 ships with 19 skil captains)
  3. Iannis_3

    Delete the DD tech tree plz no one need them

    Make ships visable only to the ships that uses the radar and/or sonar and not to every enemy ship on the whole map
  4. Solved = Antivirus block :) Many thanks Aslain
  5. Finlay it was antivirus problem One more "Alt indicators " doesn't work I need to press Alt key in entire game Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. Hi there With the latest version installed (Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.7.5.0_04) can't play in a division any more Game close after 2-3 sec with no error or any message Can U help me about it plz? Thanks in advance
  7. Iannis_3

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Hi guys After installation I can't play in a division any more. I join the division and after 2-3 sec the game close-quit brutally with no warning or error message on my screen. My clan friends they no have this problem I try with repair and safe login options with no result Any idea?? ps. Windows 10 final updates and antivirus Nod32)
  8. bad lack WOWs Appears 5 players on line
  9. Iannis_3

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Proceed with a new announcement plz Server will be ready after 10 days
  10. Iannis_3

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

  11. Iannis_3

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Now appears 3 players on line Still can't log in 4 min left (according to them)
  12. Iannis_3

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Wows give to the people 15 days premium account You can play guys after 12 min
  13. Iannis_3

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports