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  1. valoaa

    HMS Daring Gun error...

    So in the testing period the HMS Daring had 114mm guns. Now she is released the game says 113mm guns. But the ship description still says 114mm guns. Whats up with that? Check screenshot below.
  2. valoaa

    Stalingrad Flags.... Exchange for steel

    Thank you, both of these was what I expected, just really confusing how they documented it. Now I just need 6k more steel. erghhhhhhh
  3. I have got all required typhoon or above wins in two our of three clan seasons. (Season 2 and 3) I had 16,000 steel before 0.7.8 So I had two Stalingrad flags After 0.7.8 I still all Stalingrad flags have been demounted and removed from account. Great, wargaming have said in at least 2 news articles, these flags are exchanged for 6,000 steel each. So my 16,000 steel plus two flags worth of 6,000 will be enough for the 28,000 steel Stalingrad Again, after 0.7.8 I still have 16,000 steel I know they initially said you need all three flags for Stalingrad, but all news articles since has explained otherwise (Albeit extremely confusingly). The latest news article picture: Now, I had two Stalingrad flags AND I got 30 wins in typhoon in the third season. Either something is wrong or that picture is very misleading and actually means you need the first two season flags and get 30 wins in third season to obtain the third flag, even though there is no third flag in the image. Hope that makes sense :p
  4. valoaa

    Can we get rid of DETONATION?

    Maybe It was me, I detonated a Yuyang or Gearing, I cant remember which, yesterday or Wednesday It was a blind shot whilst he was unelected for about 10 seconds in my Hindenburg. Then 3 seconds later I got 1 tapped by their Republique from 23km away when I had 32,000 Hp left whilst angled away. It's almost like the came knew I was going to die from a freak shot and gave me a detonation.
  5. My original solution for this post was only an initial idea. I’m not game developer, I don’t know the ins and outs of the the matchmaking system and what goes on in the background. At the end of the day, if you have an afk DD or any ship, on average, you have a disadvantage. This needs to be fixed in Randoms and absolutely should not exist in Ranked and clan battles.
  6. Very interesting, I was going to say probably because you immediately notice when a destroyer is AFK as they are crucial to the beginning of a most matches. would be interesting to see actual stats on this. I would happily wait 5 minutes for a game if it meant I didn’t have to play with 1 our of 2 AFK destroyers on my side. Regardless I’m sure there are other solutions or amendments to mine to fix this.
  7. The game is very slowly but surely fixing all the glaring problems it has. But this one really grinds my steering gears and is absolutely game breaking. The match should not start unless all ships have loaded into the game: Lets imagine a match on "Two Brothers" (map with channel through the middle) for example. Two DD's either side one DD afk for the first minute or two gives the other team an astronomical advantage. Obviously this is not just exclusive to this map or DD's but weighted heavily towards them. Ways to approach this: 1. Matchmaking begins at loading screen. 2. 24 players have been found. 3. Everybody loads in as normal. 4. 1 ship is has not loaded after a balanced set amount of time, yet to be determined. 5. That ship is kicked from match. 5. That said ship, continues to load the map and in the meantime gets matched into another match of the same map. 6. Another ship who has already played this map since they have last logged in (map loads faster) is instantly added to the game. Even if this increases wait time by 1-2 minutes I would choose this method. Thoughts, improvements to what I said?
  8. valoaa

    USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    True, but that’s what supertesters are for and other community contributors However, they seemed to miss this glaring one! Also, I imagine there is a lot of profit to be made for new lines with people converting doubloons, so if people could play them before hand it would significantly deduct from that.
  9. valoaa

    USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    Oh thanks for he reply, my first forum post which has amounted to something haha.
  10. valoaa

    USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    Absolutely going to hit thing at 18km stationary battleships for example is pretty much free food for this ship + others in the line.
  11. valoaa

    USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    Haha, is that a thing? Very strange, at the moment I have the A hull and the Gun range upgrade and the ship is pretty good. How do you we ping Wargaming in these posts? Did I do this right? lol @MrConway
  12. valoaa

    USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    I thought I was being a bit over the top by saying its a bug, but cool. Can somebody else confirm this? Check your game client.
  13. valoaa

    USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    Just noticed when you unlock the USS Seattle B Hull the range is reduced by 0.9km from 14.3km to 13.4km (1km from 15.7km to 14.7km with the range upgrade.) What is this about? Can somebody explain this? Possible bug? (unlikely). I can't think of any other ship where this occurs. The guns are exactly the same - 152mm/47 D.P Mk17. Nor does the actual Artillery stat go down, it remains at 42/100.
  14. valoaa

    Freedom Containers

    Yes, I did explain I knew this in the post. I'm asking what the point of that mechanic is and it was annoying and funny that I received the only two ships I already owned. Also asking other people thoughts on the their containers.
  15. valoaa

    Freedom Containers

    The new freedom containers in store. Thought I'd get some, why not, chance of winning a ship I don't own, probably not going to get of the special missions to unlock them. Buy 5 containers Get TWO missions for premium ships. BOTH for the only two ships in the list I already own. Fantastic. Yes I know I may have been quite lucky to get two, not sure on the frequency this time around. And yes I know now get credits I don't understand why it can't just see you already have that ship and then roll the dice again. Thoughts?