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  1. valoaa

    Shikishima annoying after ROAAARR

    No you are certainly not the only one. My guess, as it's one of the newest ships mixed with a new calibre, that it has the new sounds effects coming out in 0.9.6. OR It will get fixed with the new sounds effects coming in 0.9.6 OR All guns will be equally as deafening, therefor will be able to adjust "gun sounds" in settings accordingly OR Shikishima will have it's own volume slider in settings
  2. I read all patch notes, as I said, it wasn't clear.
  3. Ffs, by looking at the tech tree now, that was not clear at all. I would have re-purchased Donskoi weeks ago and grinded again.
  4. Makes sense. My main question now is, the only way to unlock Alexander Nevsky is free XP? There's not ship to actually grind right now to unlock her via the regular method?
  5. Logged into today expecting to be able to purchase Riga with the XP I got on the Tallinn from 0.9.4 Riga and Petropavlovsk are still in "early access" on the tech tree. The split happened today, what's going on?
  6. valoaa

    Cursed ships: Which is yours?

    When was the USS Black transferred to the Royal Navy?
  7. There is a larger issue at play here, which I posted a while ago in the forums. The game should simply not start unless all players have loaded in. Many other games have this feature and there could be many ways to counter long wait times. Replace players with other people for example if they have not loaded after specified amount of time etc etc.
  8. Fair enough, obviously I see it's benifits as a defensive measure. Venezia is 9.9 not 9.7 as I previously stated, so even worse. My ain gripe was that it's steeply increased despite having 203mm from tier 6. But yes. - "Compagno di equilibrio!" ".
  9. It's already painful enough at around 8km for tier 7/8, but just about acceptable. But 9.7km or so smoke fire detection for tier 9 and 10 is just too much. Smoke is one of their only gimmicks, give them a chance...! Thoughts? Bonus rant, why would torps drop from 2x4 to 2x3 from Brindisi to Venezia? I see no logic behind this, especially as they are complete paper ships. *Does italian hand signals with both hands*
  10. Yeah I understand, as mentioned this was left on an old captain from the old Manual AA. Don't want to waste points to reset captain just yet...
  11. Fair enough, that does make sense.
  12. Can somebody please tell me why "Massive AA Fire" is crossed out on my captain currently on my (reset line) North Carolina? This captain has been sitting on my Missouri from back in the day when "Manual AA" was actually useful on the original, original AA system. I've reset my US battleship line and have reached North Carolina but just noticed this. I can't work out why...
  13. valoaa

    What happened to Slava/Pobeda?

    Hahaha How to Balance Smolensk Slava: Yes
  14. valoaa

    What happened to Slava/Pobeda?

    Exactly what I was thinking. But then I thought all that will happen is 9 over-pens on perfect waterline broadside Smolensk.
  15. Was she canned/shelved? Did I miss something?