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  1. Zoom sound bugged(Stil)

    Yep also noticed this, but I just assumed it was as intended. Although It does initially makes sense, for it to happen every time I imagine it would also become quite annoying, no? It would be great to get an official comment to what this sound is exactly.
  2. why ?

    I didn't know the Italians didn't have spaces after commas and full stops. And I'm half Italian!
  3. ^^ I was surprised to see you had the ship then, by this and your earlier remarks. Hope to see you in battle this evening on the off chance we're both Akizuki.
  4. I advise you to deal with it mate. Usually I'd just ignore a reply as crazy as this, but you clearly have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
  5. It is. Ignore the Kidd here as she's brand new. People really need to look at the stats before failing to prove how clever they are.
  6. Why is Akizuki so slow? Why does Akizuki have relatively slow rudder shift? Why does Akizuki have horrible turn radius? Why does she have very good concealment? Why does she only have one torpedo tube set? Why does she have an excellent rate of fire for tier 8? Why do USSR and US DD's not have the torpedo reload booster as well as Akizuki? Balance. Which consumable would you like to give up to give (probably the best tier 8 DD) defensive AA?
  7. Come on mate. Trolling is against forum rules.
  8. Captain Retraining Help!

    All true but Gearing is the widest which does add to this annoyance. Along with it's terrible speed. And yes, hopefully all shells from battleship AP on destroyers will be over-penetrations sooner rather than later. (Minus the Khabarovsk surely??)
  9. Captain Retraining Help!

    Exactly this ^^^ And thank you for the info here, pretty much just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything obvious to cancel the retraining. If it can't be done, it can't be done. I guess I'll use her on Cleveland and onwards... (As I have specific captain build for Atlanta which also works pretty well on this line without having to respec). Yeah I know can just spend 500 doubloons... but meh would rather not! Also, I sold the Gearing for a reason, I just rage-sold it after playing a few clan battles because I was taking full Battleship AP salvos for 15k because she's so fat and chunky (Which also just so happens to not be how I like my women.).
  10. Z-52 perks clan battle

    Googled "TMA" - Just unrelated meanings Googled "Urban Dictionary" and searches "TMA" - Can't see anything Checks World of Warships Wiki skills page, Nothing.
  11. Captain Retraining Help!

    This MAY be a silly question but... I have an 18 point captain on my Atlanta Which I moved to my Gearing... I then put the captain back on the Atlanta for retraining without penalty on premium ship thing I then forgot about it for a few days I then sold my Gearing Spent the credits. Now, the captain is still retraining for the Gearing for something like 185,000 captain XP! Which will obviously now not let me progress the final point on my Atlanta (I'm almost at 19...!) How on earth do I stop retraining without buying the damn Gearing again!? Surely there is a way.
  12. Z-52 perks clan battle

    STOP USING [edited]ACRONYMS AND INITIALISMS!!!! You're not using pen and paper! You have a keyboard in front of you! TYPE THE FULL WORDS. So I don't have to do a puzzle in my head every time I encounter one, fail then have to reference to the Wiki as I'm at work and haven't got the game in front of me.
  13. Detonation

    Nice meme