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  1. valoaa

    Super high base XP games... 5488

    Ah I didn't know this! Thanks. Bit silly though
  2. Whilst checking my stats I noticed the highest base XP I received in Jean Bart is a whopping '5488 base XP" Here is the reply (quite sick game to be honest regardless of this post) - https://replayswows.com/replay/42942#stats Now, I've noticed this on a few different ships in my stats in the last couple of years, where I have received very high base XP 4000+ which I just don't remember. (4167 base XP on my Farragut for example just doesn't add up haha). I checked by base XP amongst all others after every game and it feels like this is something I would notice. I could be wrong but unfortunately, the reply does not show the actual XP in the score bored which is very annoying.
  3. valoaa

    Atlanta (VII) - shooting range 15,5 kms???

    Cor I'm looking forward to this reply fellas!
  4. valoaa

    Is Roma worth the buy?

    Short answer, no. Extremely disappointing. Great concealment (until recent concealment nerf) 380mm guns with 30 second reload and terrible dispersion as well as bad range. "Good ballistics" therefore over pens most cruisers. Horribly unrewarding to play.
  5. valoaa

    alaska vs stalingrad

    Stalingrad also has enhanced AP pen angles.
  6. valoaa

    alaska vs stalingrad

    There is a Tier X IJN cruiser coming which is why the Azuma was moved down to tier IX, I envision this would rival Stalingrad in someway. However Stalingrad was marketed to be the ultimate ship for the ultimate struggle /effort in the game. (albeit before steel became slightly more accessible).
  7. valoaa

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    Nope, Just adjust base XP accordingly, to match what it was before, at least for some ships.
  8. valoaa

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    Another thing to consider is that all the maps so far have been built and balanced with the old concealment figures in mind.
  9. valoaa

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    Agreed, fair points. However 300-400 is all the difference.
  10. valoaa

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    Agreed, Neptune has it similar to Minotaur, maybe worse.
  11. valoaa

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    If you're unable to notice that the concealment eco system is now wrong with your circa 8,000 battles and that purple clan tag, then something wrong.
  12. valoaa

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    Agreed, Monarch And Roma, both awfully underwhelming in terms on firepower. Only saving grace is concealment. Which has now ben nerfed.
  13. valoaa

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    They don't need a buff. But reasoning is they did not need a nerf. It has thrown things way off balance. There is no way one fixed adjustment can work for all ships. This is affecting me far more than the carrier rework.
  14. valoaa

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    Short and sweet and the carrier rework disaster aside. The nerf to concealment expert, directly affecting Cruisers and Battleships is not being talked about enough. I knew this change was coming, however I assumed base concealment would be changed for most or at the very least SOME cruisers. This change does not make sense and really really hurts ships specifically designed around concealment. How can a straight -10% work across the board within a carefully set eco system of concealment, worked on for over 3 years without adjusting base concealment for certain ships? Ships which I feel are especially hurt are: Des Moines Minotaur Zao Worcester Atago Pretty much all tier 8 cruisers... And dare I say it...: Conqueror (A ship based around concealment, I know this ship has been waiting for a balance, but I don't think this is the right way to do it). The ship has gained 1km in concealment since release. Stalingrad (okay maybe not the best thing to bring up, but like above, concealment is not the best way to balance this ship either). To sum up, I assumed this changed was intended only to simplify and make concealment expert uniform where base XP would be adjusted for pretty much all ships.
  15. valoaa

    HMS Daring Gun error...

    So in the testing period the HMS Daring had 114mm guns. Now she is released the game says 113mm guns. But the ship description still says 114mm guns. Whats up with that? Check screenshot below.