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  1. surfer_gr

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    wait a minute after managing to setup every ship the way it suits my playing style in terms of the modules upgardes captain skills and stuff iam going to reset ? arew you daydreaming or will have to be taking snap shots of every ship setup really wg be serious lols not my khaba ahahaahhah
  2. surfer_gr

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    really wg pls convince me lol this is worth it ahahahah what a joke lols!!!!!!!!!! 52 19 point captains
  3. surfer_gr


    yep fun division in battle noone plays crap and 2 of the clan members without the clan tag lols
  4. surfer_gr

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    yay back to rank 5 will never rank out will prolly go back to rank9 ahhahahahha
  5. surfer_gr

    DDs (and others) after CV rework

    those battles was in ranked this season btw not in randoms and sure earlier in the season i had 60 to 65% win rate until i reached rank3 that is since then with the up downs this just decreases but think that overall iam at the moment rank5 with a total win rate less that 50% which means i managed to retain a few stars in a dd :P who said survivability is the key to win or loose a battle when sure a good trade can help the team more for example hunting two enemy dds in a cap you know that you will die but you know as well you can take the 2 enemy dds with you also :P so its a mattert of what is needed etc etc i dont care about stats ...i cant imrove mine anyways to many battles to increse my win rate by 1% i have to do over 280 straight wins lols :P cause of the number of battles :P khaba with aa turned off is spotted anyway at 3,5 kms from air but you perma spotted anyway cause i rarely stop shooting at the enemy so no point having aa turned off :P khaba s job is to create havok and fear thats its job :) you think i would be scared of a few planes? lol depends on your play style i suppose have fun :) is the key iam not getting paied in this game iam getting paied rl to have fun since i was pro windurfer and still windsurf a lot LOLs soooooo fun is the key if you dont have fun dont play the game play something else lol
  6. surfer_gr

    Win Rate - Improving it!

    LOLs well i cant improve mine stattistically is impossible lols to many battles :P to improve a win rate by 1% i have to have more than 235 staright wins for example lols but with the ammount of battles you have is prety easy depends ofc if you found the ships you enjoy playing or your play style now if you just grind ships just to have everything in port like i do for example well obviously you pay the price and depends ofc if you play all modes for example i cant play storm mode hurts my eyesight iam a bit old lols ...... cyclone not fun i make sure iam dead before visibility radius decreases to 8kms and epicenter well no comments :P well you want you stats improved dont try stuff in randoms deifferent setup etc but in coop or in the trianing room etc something i dont do as well stick to a few battles per day in randoms as well if you play a lot with friends divisions or with your clan members is easier to know your play styles and proceed in randoms for stas etc therefore depends what you want to do lols i rarely play coop i think i have arround 120 battle in totala and most was at the start of my gamming learning the game tier1 to tier4 ships lols now i have 149 ships in port 14 tier10 ships all grinded the hard way ahahahahha which makes you suffer LOL interms of stats that is ahahhaha
  7. surfer_gr

    DDs (and others) after CV rework

    actually my biggest problem is not rocket planes i learned the hard way how to try to dogge attacks and take minimum damage biggest problem is bombers lols khaba is a big ship :) plus i have heal i repair some of the damage with the 20% more flag even some more and i keep my fingers crossed lols but i find no use of the priority aa side to much time consumming and in a khaba you have no time for rest lols so i never use it and yes i played my khaba in ranks this season even though got told off by many of my team players for doing so but well sure khaba can paly ranks if you know how to play the freakin ship lols i can melt down the demoines and worcesters those was my priority targets btw lols only minor problem is that khaba can take lots of damage from bb ap lols and with rng you can loose 3/4 of your hp from a bb 20 kms away from you lols in a single salvo
  8. surfer_gr

    DDs (and others) after CV rework

    well you know how i spot most of the time it works lols so i do my team a favour and yes i take lots of heat for that i start shooting in the air 14,6 kms my range therefore a lot of the opposing enemies staret shooting at me since iam the only thing visible in the whole map at a start of the game sooooooooo thats my contribution to the team at the start ,,harashing crusers and bbs and keeping them busy wasting shots at me is the second LOL i play my khaba with 9.7 kms conselement and no smoke so capping comes when its safe only !!!! problem is iam easy target for cvs and they are also scared cause khaba is fast can catch a ruuning cv and keep hitting it from great distance also making considereable damage to it no need to get real close to torp it lols which makes in a turn a contribution to the team keeping cvs planes busy etc etc and away from the team and the other dds as well cant protect his team mates with fighters from the team cv so a flanking khaba does a lot of team work you might not feel it but you sure can feel the difference when its gone from the battlefield :P what i hate is doing 40k damage and more on planes and have only a couple shot down LOLs it gets one my nerves ahahha
  9. surfer_gr

    Z52 needs some love

    i love my z cause sure its ap is great specially vs crusers and bbs lols with its reload rate you can do some damage still vs dds to slow i think its hydro smoke hunt thing is to keep the dd spotted for your teamates to finish the job than actual kill a dd lols anyway i prefer to play my khaba which is excellent except when rng crap pops in of a montana for example shouitng a salvo at you from 21 kms away and 3/4 of your hp gone LOLs z needs speed and a slight torp damage buff cause 2s sets of fours with anemic damage do only scratch tier10 bbs lols i will stick to my khaba LOLs fun to play
  10. surfer_gr

    DDs (and others) after CV rework

    so i play my khaba all the time iam perma spotted anyway lols way more challenging but still can be fun LOLs the rest of the team can cap i dont care simply lols i play what i like none supports dds anymore therefore just pick a dd you can have fun with lols
  11. surfer_gr

    Ranked stars - My idea

    no i like the current system is fun can make a priest toxic ahhahahhaha
  12. surfer_gr

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    well no worries after 514 battles i am back a step away from rank9 LOLs
  13. surfer_gr

    Frustration with Ranked

    maybe thats it i did most of my battles in dd lols and most of those in my khaba ahahahahh suicidal?
  14. surfer_gr

    Worst Ranked Season ever !!!

    i did not rank out i gave up lols rank3 in 49 battles then every game cv as a result after 500 batles rank7 is where is stop or will unistall the game which prolly is what i should do LOLs in the first place maybe its the factr that i desided to play mostly dds i dont have a clue ahahhah but i must admit i had lots of fun with my khaba besides the final outcome but i always like a challenge LOLs my impressions of this rank season you really dont want to know a tottally unbalanced game with a totally unbalanced MM plus 98% of the lost battles cvs retained their star plus a lot of battles desided on pure rng crap its all to random for my liking and iam really a noob i mean who in his right mind would have 500 + battles in a konigsberg lolololololol
  15. surfer_gr

    Frustration with Ranked

    lol lets see rank3 after first 49 battles and after 500 battles rank7 i give up LOLs thats frustrating right?