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  1. Hello, If i buy Strasbourg with doubloon and then complete Strasbourg campaing, what will i have? Dobloon for Strasbourg or Credit? Thanks in advance...
  2. I guess you are right .. I thought it might be a bug.... I am not. normally it shouldn't have been thank you for not using your brain.. people write the software. and every person can make mistakes. research what is a bug. okay dude ?
  3. Wargaming has done a huge mistake to players.. personally I don't trust any more human writes the software, not so hard also I didnt get any ships from containers in 5+ years... what does it mean ??
  4. Given for some tasks when PT server was opened. but now it's terminated..
  5. I haven't committed a violation until this time and I did'nt receive any warning... If they had they would let me know, right ?
  6. Why not ? Most game companies have this application.. You can understand if you learn some math too.. 2 boxes per day on average for 5 years X monthly average 1 super container X i have 31 T10 ships (activity, santa + anniversary(super container)) = ? If you solve this equation you will understand.. I don't even have makarov chance to ships = 0.00001 or blocked Oh man why do you count the 100% ship reward ? 2 boxes per day on average for 5 years X monthly average 1 super container X i have 31 T10 ships (activity, santa + anniversary(super container)) = ? here are as many boxes as this result.. I don't trust anymore. I played countless games and i keep playing. mathematically such a thing is not possible.....
  7. More than 5 years... countless boxes, santa, black, super containers... but No ships why ?? do you think this is a chance ? I think no
  8. GargencUA

    Key Battle Invisible Island - bug ?

    Apparently a general problem..
  9. Yes guys, does anyone have an idea ?
  10. Smaland op ship? Is that why it is removing? not much purchase. there must be another reason...
  11. GargencUA

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    new players can buy t8 premium ships. They appear in t9 and t10 matches.. Players who have not experienced firing have t8, t9, t10 ships After that, there is no team in the first 5 minutes
  12. GargencUA

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Are you not going to matchmaking to the average rating of the player ? The newcomer and the player with 5 years of experience enter the same match, this is not fair I think these should be taken into consideration -Battles -Win rate -average damage -Experience -Kills / deaths this way there will be much better balanced and quality battles (if not possible, there may be a separate game mode in which these will be active) It should also be not matched two-level difference
  13. GargencUA

    Autopilot not working

    I think it is necessary to control the planes and the aircraft carrier I hope they have such a plan...
  14. GargencUA

    Autopilot not working

    has become more frequent since the last update. It doesn't follow its route so i sunk a few times