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    Low tier premiums

    As others stated, low tier premiums are not worth buying for captains training or money farming; they are fun ships to play if you like low tier gameplay. For your purpose better a tier7-8 premium, in JPN case Atago is a good choice. If you want to spend less, there's also tier6 battleship Mutsu not currently available in the shop but it surely will return in bundle someday.
  2. BaronMannerheim

    Elements VS Ranked!

    Well Ranked is a different game mode while Elements just overlaps random battle-mode adding a reward system, a poor reward system compared to GNB but that's not the point. Better the Ranked events to have more game variety but it's just my opinion
  3. BaronMannerheim

    König Albert or..?

    Thanks for the advice I'm taking it
  4. BaronMannerheim

    Duca d'Aosta (Impressions) Share your thoughts!

    Duca is great against DDs and great for capping thanks to speed. Against other Cruisers I've never felt an underdog so far: the AP are able to citadel very easy. Against BBs you basically can rely only on torps but it's not meant to be an anti-BB cruiser. I feel her nice, doesn't need range buff in my opinion. Of course against tier8 there's little you can do, as almost any other tier6 ship
  5. BaronMannerheim

    What's your priority? COTE or New French cruisers?

    French Cruisers without hurry. I don't care of CotE.
  6. BaronMannerheim

    [0.64 update] Tirpitz getting Bismarck secondaries

    link to the 0.64 patch notes? thx
  7. BaronMannerheim

    Clash of the Elements Event

    So only the 15 camo remain as winning prize
  8. BaronMannerheim

    Clash of the Elements Event

    Seriously Water-Team gonna loose all weeks
  9. BaronMannerheim

    Your Choice: Missouri vs. Alabama

    Missouri all day (if u can afford so much money to buy it). But if u like to brawl I have to say that you are looking for the wrong nation; best brawling BBs are Germans.
  10. BaronMannerheim

    Clash of the Elements Event

    And it didn't changed anything: team fire takes it all. Don't know how next weeks will go but team fire is already better in numbers, I don't see how team Water will have the chance to prevail.
  11. BaronMannerheim

    Clash of the Elements Event

    The questionable thing (in a group of many questionable things) is that the 5 categories are likely the same. I mean: wins per faction ok base xp.. but who wins collects more XP than the loosers sunked ships: if u win, most of the cases u have sunk more ships than the opponents total damage dealt: again if you have won more battles it's probable you have done more damage than the opposite team. Achievements and ribbons category is less direct but if u don't play in a specialized way (f.e. only Minotaur = much hit ribbons) for the great numbers the winning side trend will prevail. Result: in all servers one faction is taking all without hope for the other to recover (unless some new factor pops out).
  12. BaronMannerheim

    Clash of the Elements Event

    Just now I noticed that Kamikaze's base colour is white, with the blue water and red flames... white-blue-red = Russian flag Coincidence?
  13. BaronMannerheim

    Clash of the Elements Event

    "Most Dedicated Players" Maybe if I left my job I can achieve it
  14. BaronMannerheim

    Clash of the Elements Event

    100wins and 180ships a week? WHAT????!!