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  1. I know that feeling. Last time that I remember was a guy that attacked me for not going to spot with Kutuzov. I said that we have 2 or 3 destroyers and that I am more useful in second row with my good RoF and range then in first line because I am dead the moment they spot me, due to Kutuzov paper armour. He continues to rant but I just ignored him and continue to play my style. But surely it is not pleasant when you get called names for no real reason. But that is so rare that its bareable. Take care!
  2. My acheivements are not turning gold. I miss Run Admiral run and KotP.
  3. Update: The MMM acheivement worked for me after 11 consecutive battles without damaging my teammates...
  4. Marakeh good manners or whatever it is called is not aquired after 10 matches without team damage. I played 10 consecutive matches without doing damage to my teammates and no acheivement. dunno why. Played both with Isokaze and Minekaze... And yeah, I double checked all matches reports.
  5. What should i do, I don't have any CV? How am I gonna get this "run, admiral run" acheivement?!
  6. Played Co-Op. Minekaze. 3 kills. no acheivements. Update: played another co-op game, 2 kills. Earned rise of the machines badge. So that means 4 or 5 kills needed.
  7. Kazinjo

    Need help with crosshair

    Oh, thank you. Didn't know that. Dunno, I got feeling like it would work for me just fine. Anyways, thanks for answering! Cheers!
  8. Kazinjo

    Need help with crosshair

    Thank you dude! I did asked below every vid on youtube where I seen this aim but no one answers. It's like it is a big secret... Can't beleive...
  9. Kazinjo

    Need help with crosshair

    Mate thank you for the answer. I did searched in the settings first, ofcourse. Tried both version of crosshairs but I just can't find this one. Come on, anyone else?!
  10. Kazinjo

    Need help with crosshair

    Really?! No one can answer this? Please.
  11. Hi guys! Can anyone help me and tell me what is this crosshair and how to get one?! It is the one on the Budyonny in the video. Thank you in advance. Cheers!
  12. Kazinjo

    Thank you WG for listening

    That is nice! I do appreciate this WG. Thanks!
  13. Kazinjo

    Possible solution to sniping

    Some interesting ideas. Not sure if it is possible to implement in the game. Surely I would like to take some more credits for spotting enemies while waiting forever in my fubuki for torps to reload. Many times I get killed while spotting and while my whole team now knows where enemies are I get a message "You did not proved yourself in this battle!". Ffs give me at least some credits for risking and going to cap and do scouting... Further more, I get frustrated when I receive one hit from a BB and it take half or more of my Kutuzov HP. And now took that range of mine away from me (Kutuzov) and what is left?! A paper ship without its only strength. Oftopic, the most annoying warships for me in the game are carriers... Just my 2 cents.