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  1. BillydSquid

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    Yep, this makes me sad :( It was my favorite style of play in the Minotaur, even if it got me deleted hard sometimes. Almost as if WG likes passive game play.
  2. BillydSquid

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    Yep, called it and said the same months ago. That the smoke changes would hit the RN CLs hard and largely benefit BBs at the expense of CAs while not really affecting DDs. Haven't touched the game in months, every time WG gets drunk and makes some utterly counter productive stupid change I roll my eyes and uninstall the game until WG pulls their heads out of their collective arses and tries to fix what they broke.
  3. BillydSquid

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    It's their cack handed way of fixing a non existent problem and buffing BBs in the process (they say it's a nerf, but WG clearly don't play their own game) eg: Mino in smoke gets detected by a DD inside 5km, that Mino is now detected by the entire enemy team as detection mechanics are not restricted by the smoke detection bloom .... you now die horribly to focused fire from multiple BBs camping 15+ km away. Aggressive smoke play in RN CLs is effectively dead, and passive smoke camping will even more prevalent.
  4. BillydSquid

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    Lol, called it. Buff to BBs camping at the back.
  5. BillydSquid

    CA(Heavy Cruiser) Rebalance Ideas

    Shame the same mentality wasn't applied to BBs, instead we got the Shima torp nerf. But hey, it's not like any one class has been the main beneficiary of nerfs and buffs over the last year right, or it's not heavily over played right? Not to point fingers at any class though...
  6. BillydSquid

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    Pfffft, the Kutozov and Belfast are the major culprits of of the smoke nerf because they're OP. What WG is doing is nerfing all other ship's smoke because they stupidly played themselves into a corner releasing OP premiums and now can't directly nerf them. So good luck getting you're money back, it's not happening, they've done this specifically to avoid refunds.
  7. BillydSquid

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    Is it? to a poorly played DD maybe, but most will spot smoke with an RN CL in it and simply launch a spread of torpedoes into it, which the DD can be outside of detection range. The main beneficiaries of this are... you guessed it BBs. Play aggressive with a Minotaur, countering a BB camping in a cap, a DD happens to slip by inside 5km, detects the Mino for 20 seconds, every BB in range now opens up on you and you're obliterated. Whom exactly does that benefit other than BBs? Doesn't benefit the DDs, doesn't benefit CAs or CVs and it certainly doesn't benefit the CLs aggressively maneuvering to attack a BB. Currently, the BB in question either has to push a Mino out of smoke and take torpedoes or break off and hope they won't get caught by torpedoes launched, Mino's were actually very effective at countering BBs camping in caps and round terrain, now, all a BB needs to do is push into 5km, boom Mino spotted and dead to the forward guns. WG is buffing BBs even when they try to nerf them now.
  8. BillydSquid

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    I have every confidence that WG will screw up and break RN CLs with this.
  9. God, don't get me ranting on that... I have no idea why load outs have to be chosen BEFORE the battle, what a bloody daft idea. The same with CV AP bombs, why can't DDs and CVs choose their loadout in battle? They can even add a loadout time increase if they're afraid it's OP. Hell, I think the IJN CVs did this at the battle of Midway, swapped from bombs to torpedoes and back again leaving ordnance stacked in the hanger, predictably when the USN aircraft hit the carriers the ordinance went up like a Roman candle. There's ways of balancing torpedo depth and CV loadout changes with reload times, vulnerability to increased damage etc.... but apparently we're all too stupid to make that kind of decision. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Not really the problem, The USN BB raised citadel meant that any form of dynamic ie: moving was brutally punished in higher tiers, hence we got the static bow on camping and spamming AP at CAs and HE at BBs. The better way to have solved the issue was to lower the Iowa's and Montana's rudder shift, so it could maneuver to make the most of it's speed and angle effectively vs BB AP, while sailing broadside on was punished. Yet, they went the obvious way. It doesn't really affect inter class balance between the T10 BBs however. Biggest problem, German BBs getting Hydro, massive mistake IMO, extremely difficult to citadel and then they receive a 6km instant wall hack with 11km secondaries and rapid turret traverse? Jesus [edited]Christ! Who thought that was a good idea? The size of the Kurfurst, poor rudder shift and huge turning circle should have been enough mitigate the turtle back armour layout, the idea being hey you're almost immune to citadels, but DD torpedoes will hit you hard, harder than other BBs. No one takes Target acquisition, no one takes vigilance, yet the Kurfurst is supposed to be a mid/ close range BB with a poor torpedo belt? .... oh right, the 6km wall hack Hydro renders it all irrelevant and there's no decision needed to on Captain skills, mods or builds. You can have your cake and eat it. And you can see the Kurfurst originally had better torpedo belt protection and no hydro..... but they dropped it for a gimmick. We came so close to having another mess of gimmicks with the RN BBs if a complete crap storm hadn't have kicked off.
  11. BillydSquid

    CV's need their own game

    Hehe it is ironic because it's a cyclical issue caused by the BB population exploding after the CV nerfs waaaaay back in the day. BBs whine about CVs .... leads to a heavy CV nerf Shima torp spam becomes dominant due to no CV spotting.... leads to torp nerf. BB pop explodes ... leads to CA pop drop & DD pop increase BBs whine that they have no AA support from CAs, CVs are OP and there are too many DDs in the game. I don't want to point fingers at any one class.... but...
  12. ..... I couldn't help myself. I'm now picturing someone from WG dancing round the office to this whenever we bring up BB balance and how classes are balanced.
  13. BillydSquid

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    lol, for iChase, who's been shilling for WG a while now, to get cut after panning the GZ you know that WG screwed up and is desperately trying to cover their arse.
  14. BillydSquid

    Possible danger of overspecialisation

    The current ideas coming out of WG with regard to AP bombs and Deep Water torps is just gimmicky. Giving CVs the option of choosing AP or HE bombs grants a lot more game flexibility to the class and makes DBs an option vs TB set ups for class rebalancing. Same with deep water torps, switching between the settings in game gives flexibility if you want to hit that camping BB and minimize detection of your torps vs the DDs and CL/CAs infront. But.... WG thinks the player base is too stupid to learn how to select weapon settings like players do already for HE and AP shell types. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Read the original post. The one you quoted first. So are you lying again because you've not got a leg to stand on? Go on, calculate the DPS on any BB with AFT and manual AA and then tell me a T8 CV will get through it, we could all use a good laugh.