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  1. I don't tend to stat check as it's only a measure of what and how people play, it's perfectly possible to stat pad and speak with authority, but still not have a clue what you're talking about. I tend to put more stock in what they say and how the ships actually work in reality, it gives a better indication of whether they know what they're talking about. I don't think I was far off in my estimation either, you've not hit the Minotaur yet I take it? Or higher tiers in the RN CLs? You currently benefit from preferential MM as all T7s so, you don't encounter the heavy spike in T8+ BBs as regularly and the high tier meta shift. If you think that nerfing smoke will have little effect on the RN CLs, your head is in the clouds and you don't know what you're talking about on this, the high tier meta for the RN CLs is a world apart from the Fiji at T7, which is also an extremely potent CL for it's tier. If you think the Fiji and Edinburgh are fragile, wait until you hit the Minotaur and Nelson, the T7/8 CLs are like tanks in comparison to the Minotaur, which is a glass cannon with monster damage potential but has a habit of exploding if another ship looks at it funny. If you think you can play the same way as the you do in the Fiji at higher tiers and get away without smoke use... wew you're going going to have a nasty surprise when you hit T9, because you'll be mass targeted and obliterated in seconds.
  2. You've never player RN CLs have you?
  3. Not really, it's an ongoing issue which has contributed to the current high tier meta being passive in the extreme. What they are doing is characteristic of WG, it's harder to fix something like CVs... so deal with a peripheral issue which has arisen because the meta is static. It's exactly using a sledge hammer to crack a nut, a plethora of smoke use isn't healthy for the game, but the change doesn't actually fix the meta problem at all. So the proposals simply remove smoke as a viable use for the RN, and the RN CL themselves which they deliberately designed for use with it, sledge hammer, meet nut.
  4. Yeah because smoke changes operate in a vacuum and aren't a contributing factor in ship performance which exist in the current meta. See that's what I call burying your head in the sand and talking out your arse. You want to divorce the changes from the reality of the game and discuss a pie in the sky fantasy meta, which unfortunately isn't how things work, because changes will have an impact in the game and the reality of the situation is that the meta is BB heavy, so trying to discuss any change without the context of the reality in which it takes place is frankly asinine, or we could make any changes irrespective of what happens because they exist in a vacuum and don't have any effect on any ships I think WGs understanding of the changes they make is more basic than it should be and I don't think they have a coherent goal of what they want to achieve relating to inter class balance at this point.
  5. Because we have so much faith in WG's balance decisions and speed by this point? Please, for example there are long running issues with CVs as a class and they're been present for over a year... any balance changes to be seen on the horizon? Nope. It's the same approach they'rev taken before, using a sledge hammer to crack a nut and it doesn't actually address any of the underlying problems which are causing the issues in the first place, it just shifts the meta and makes another line unusable until WG can get it's act together.
  6. You mean the longest running issue since the CV nerfs over a year and a half ago and one which they've acknowledged is not working, have failed to either address or fix with all of the listed changes is not the biggest issue facing the game currently. Apparently there are no problems then, everything WG does is just for shits and giggles. And WG is lying when they say they are aware of the BB over population in T8. Good to know you're attributing the lack of action to lies on the part of WG rather than what I attribute to lack of competence and an over all coherent strategy of how to deal with it. If you think nerfing smoke is going to make things less static you're out of your mind, when the high tier meta is already static irrespective of whether you nerf smoke or not.
  7. As opposed to the super dynamic BB camping meta? Where the vast majority of BBs sit 15+km away spaming AP at targets hoping to get a lucky hit. How exactly does this change that meta? Because frankly it doesn't. Like the CV nerfs changed nothing, like Hydro on BBs, like radar introductions, the nerfs to IJN torpedoes, the removal of stealth fire and the proposed Radar inclusion on RN BBs. None of the these changes have encouraged BBs as a class in general to get off their collective arses and actually engage at mid range. So what's going to change this time? [edited]all, I'd put money on it. Other than increasingly diminish and hamstring CAs, CLs and DDs in the current meta.
  8. Lol the salt was amazing back then.
  9. How about we revert the Shima torpedo nerfs then, so all the BB players can cry salty tears like they were doing before WG nerf'd them.
  10. Have you actually played the Minotaur? Because this is complete and utter bollocks, and frankly flat out wrong. Or have I been misplaying the Minotaur and didn't realize is had more than a 10/12km effective range?
  11. Personally I think I'm done with the game until WG pulls their heads out their collective arses and thinks through what they actually want to achieve. I took a break a while back, before the RN CLs came out, but now wew nope no longer interested after the RN BB radar cluster [edited]. I said this a while ago, that WG has made so many changes and chopped and changed so often they've not stopped and taken a comprehensive view of what the state of the game is, where they're going with it, and how they're going to get there. For a while now it's becoming more and more obvious that there is no coherent thought to inter line balance and the overall game meta, it's throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks style development, rather than testing how to get from A to B effectively working inside balance restrictions. This happens with various jobs when you're making changes and reworking things, people need to stop, take a step back and think how and if they're achieving what they intended at the start. That's not happening here.
  12. That's nice, try getting inside 15km, don't pop smoke and see what happens to you. Fantasy meet reality. The fate of every CA which dares to play aggressively in the current high tier BB heavy meta without smoke or island hugging.
  13. Done it, again the ability to put 9 406mm guns inside 12km is crazy, especially with the slow shell speed of the NC's shells being mitgated by the range makes targeting easier, but I actually want to get close in my BBs and play them in the complete opposite to the campy passive meta being far too aggressive for my own good at times.
  14. The ability to close without getting spammed by HE from DDs and CAs is invaluable, the Kurfurst will never sneak up on anything, but getting spotted from over 15km away removes any ability to dictate the nature of an engagement or use terrain to shield yourself from the enemy. Getting spammed as you push into a cap is not fun or particularly effective as you'll be focused down fast, being able to use the improved concealment to get closer and effectively use terrain to block LoS so you can move round an island or re position to get a better shot at a broadside without being spotted a mile away is what helps you mitigate the Kurfurst's enormous size and detection, unless of course you going for the tanky build with fire prevention, but then again I'd question what's the point of the secondaries, hydro, turtle-back armor etc. which the Kurfurst has and encourages mid to close range engagements yet it's size counts against it; it'd be more effective to use a Yamato with 460mm lol pen guns and bow tanking with main battery accuracy, it's how I use my Yamato because the glacial turret traverse doesn't really recommend it to the same style of play as the Kurfurst. I'm not afraid to get close in the Kurfurst because I know I have all the tools to survive and the firepower to inflict a huge amount of damage, the problem has always been how to get as close as possible to mitigate the crap main gun dispersion and with enough of your HP intact to make a difference. I've tried without concealment expert and inevitably as soon as you move towards a cap you start getting spammed with HE and every BB angles up, you can never shake being spotted, so withdrawing if you take to much fire is difficult. Concealment allows for greater flexibility to withdraw from a team sitting on a cap or dictate when and where you want to engage.
  15. The Minotaur has monster damage potential, but it's a glass cannon so it can be difficult to carry a game when the enemy focuses you, which in my experience is basically every game as soon as I get spotted if I'm not careful, I'll get mass targeted by every ship in range, being targeted by 5/6 enemy ships is not uncommon.