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  1. AngryDragon70

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yup. More then 50% of the T7 games are complete rubbish now. So after T6 there is nothing to play until T9.
  2. Again tier X.... You really dont want to listen to players...
  3. AngryDragon70

    Balance changes (DEBBs, Hosho, Midway, Salem)

    The accuracy of german battleships from t7 and up is crap. Simple as that. And worse then before this 'fix'.
  4. AngryDragon70

    New Year event (collection, snowflakes, directives)

    And regular Random games are completely unplayable now. Simply cause bbs dont do their job and dont fire primary cause they need de sec's. Dds dont cap cause they need the damage. Cvs, cruisers etc etc. So besides screwing up ranked now also random is screwed up. Some at the wg company must have severe brain damage. No well thinking company would create this to upset the regular playerbase.
  5. AngryDragon70

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

  6. AngryDragon70

    Ranked Sprints

    i promised myself to NEVER post here again. but... i break my own promise. ah well, WG does that every day, so who cares. 2 Atlanta's and a Belfast in 1 team, and no radar in the other? well done WG, very well done!!!!! Now, go back to T6 ranked maximum, and dont let use play your useless ranked from T7 and up. You fuckes it up, do let us pay for your stupid idea's. i hope i will never meet a WG staff member in real life, and until now i can avoid all of them.
  7. AngryDragon70


    Yes, this is for real.
  8. AngryDragon70


    Have not seen a SC for more then a year, about 700 regular containers.
  9. AngryDragon70

    ST, French arc, new map, balance changes

    Why not focus on building a better game as your development teams are rather useless now with these bufs. I wish i could express my feelings about your productmanagement on a nice way. I cant.
  10. AngryDragon70

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    I have given up on ranked. Cv, radar work, russian bias radar, mm which decides to put a stalingrad and 2 dm's on 1 team and no radarship in the other etc etc. Loosing 10 stars a day not uncommon. Unfortunally these are not exceptions but rather daily. As random already was toxic from t7 up i had no choice: Uninstalled today. Given up. Great idea software. Very, very bad executed, very, very poor product management.
  11. I would love to see my friends playing, but for me it feels like i would betray my friendship with them. In the current state of the game im not even sure i even want to play more / longer. The current radar (Stalingrad, Moskva and their ranges), MM (T8 etc in random, or 2 DM's, Staling and Z in 1 team in Ranked, and other team shima and Henry etc), CV (all tiers above 4) make the game not fun at all. In ranked in 5 min's we all know who's gonna win. so, no reason to play that game. but punished if we leave. no no no, the fun is gone. Since 0.5.x the game has gone downwards and less fun with every major update. My friendship is worth more then a few Euro's. im sorry, and i really wish it wasnt that way, but i will not ask anybody to play this game in its current state.
  12. AngryDragon70

    Whats wrong with the weather system?

    this i know and understand. but 10 out of 12???? and what you call "nice change" is subjective ofcourse. i do not like a single bit as it is interfering with the gameplay as it is up to then. but same counts for me ofcourse: subjective
  13. AngryDragon70

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    I wish they would put this amount of effort in MM, 2 tier diff, divisions and radarwork. As they "listen to the players" it makes me wonder why the threads with the most complaints are ignored.
  14. AngryDragon70

    Whats wrong with the weather system?

    This evening only had 2 games without storm/hurricane, all others (about 11 or 12) with hurricane. Why? What happened? And how to get rid of that system. Freakin annoying and not adding to any fun or gameplay.
  15. AngryDragon70

    kicked again from server tonight

    Happened to a lot of people on multiple occasions this evening. Maybe a combination of russian bb's and 80% hurricane games? It is damn annoying. (And so are the amount of hurricane games)