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  1. AngryDragon70

    matchmaking still sucks

    after the update today: 9 battles played in T8. 2 with T8 "middle tier". the others.... well, you can guess: what a great fun this. 75% of all battles less T8 then then other tiers. 50% of ALL BATTLES in T8 there are ONLY 1 or 2 T8's. again: have a great laugh at this :)
  2. AngryDragon70

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Every once and a while there comes a question "how satisfied are you with this game" But it does nothing, it sais nothing, and no addiitional info can be provided. 2. Reproduction steps Just play 3. Result Will come up with the 'bullets' to choose 'amount' of satisfaction without explanation. 4. Expected result Should give at least a categorie if you are satisfied or not with "what". thank of: matchmaking as categorie for example. 5. Technical details none Well, you all know EXACTLY what will happen and the "score" will be if for example matchmaking eould be in there as a categorie. and im sure you are very, very afraid of the outcome. and you should.
  3. AngryDragon70

    Game & Balance Improvements

    This evening a general test: Played 9 tier-8 battles. all 9 battles T8 was low tier, and all 9 battles was with MORE T10 ships then any other. After that played 2 T6 battles and what you know. both battles T6 was low tier, and more T8 then any other. so, after 3 hours of playing: what a joke this is! we had a big laugh with the clanmates. there is NO balance in this game.
  4. AngryDragon70

    Game & Balance Improvements

    I don't understand, the thread title is "Game & Balance Improvements", but where are they? MatchMaking is even worse then before (didnt expect that to be possible, but hey, what you know, WG can make things worse more then anybody) YY is said enough about. its fucked up. the long term bugs are still not adressed / fixed, and their numbers are massive. so.... except for the cruiser buf's, where are the game and balance improvements. nope, waist of resources, waist of money. just play the free game and not worth a single penny, cent or whatever.
  5. AngryDragon70

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    same here. but sometimes i can get in, but get disconnected within a minute. repeadily over multiple hours. and yes, also reprimanded (again). have contacted customer service over 2 occasions, but they cant help. "nothing we can do". so, you dont have to try that either. they are useless in these matters.
  6. AngryDragon70

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    other "goodies", other "values", other "currency", other "metal". very, very boring and annoying. is your "productmanager" an internship? would love to see you would hire some professionals instead of this highschool level. so, overall, wat i think of this: boring
  7. AngryDragon70

    Flooding effects & ship spotting technology

    still cant detect a Worcester before its radarring or burning the crap out of everybody. oh, this "fix" wasnt for that? ok, you "fixed" the wrong thing. again. Hopeless and useless. Thankfully NOTHING is done with whoever types whatever in these threads.
  8. AngryDragon70

    Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    -deleted- i give up on WG.
  9. AngryDragon70

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Played against Stalingrad a few times this evening with a dd. What a disgusting radar-specs. makes me sick.
  10. AngryDragon70

    Ranked Season X

    How much fun you think this game was? Nobody moved after 5 minutes. only wait -> radar, next radar etc etc no, this ranked season is crap. not because ranked itself, but because of the failing game mechanics and the latest ships with radar range greater then spotting range or overlapping caps. its simply to much, to many, to often. (im not against radar, but this....... nah..) (Names intentionally faded ofcourse)
  11. AngryDragon70

    Matchmaking Chart

    oh, so versions later after the GZ test and GZ debacle, and still not done. pff. lets make new soundpack. lets make new harbours. no, dont fix the gameissues, radars, MM etc etc. those are all fine..
  12. AngryDragon70

    Ranked Season X

    Well, all here do not like this season i guess. Me neither, simply because skill is not involved. Mm easily makes 3 radarships on 1 side and 1 on the other. Outcome is known in first minute. Uselesx to play. But do you, or we all, really think something will be done about it? Do you even think these messages will get to the russian goelag they call HQ? Or even think our community silencers (managers they are not) will do anything except replying 'we love your feedback' or 'we look into it'? The game is made dead and has become a roulette. Even in ranked MM decides who wins. My best guess: never put any more money in this crapware. Maybe they will listen in the future.
  13. AngryDragon70

    Ranked Battles Season 10


    Totally spot on Tom, Radar radar radar. And matchmaking was only crap for t8 - t10 in random, now it is for t7 - t10 in random and also on ranked. 'skill' is totally NOT involved in this game. That makes it not a game at all. Its roulette and WG decides who has advantage. It has become a useless piece of shitware. Thats why so many leave or uninstall. Game is made dead, will only take 1 year or so before player counters are to low to sustain. Many have complained about it in multiple threads on the forum. But they 'WG' dont do anything. Many have written solutions up to 'fire staff' 'fire product managers'. But they didnt do. So... Uninstall and never get software again from 'them' is only solution if you dont like what there is now. Or keep playing, but only 'free' and hope they digitally die out soon.
  14. AngryDragon70

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    well, i think we need more radar. every ship should have radar with at least the detectability range * 2. with a cooldown of firerate / 2. Minimum 5 per ship. and remove DD's and carriers. oh, and then just remove the islands also as they do not block anything except our selves. and remove the engines of our vessels too, as we dont need them anymore. just spawn and shoot, and its all over with. solution? well, take your version control and move back to 0.5.6 (no, soundpack doesnt count, and yes the dd 'torp after dieing' what you called a "feature" does count. everyone else called it a bug. and it was.) as you have not fixed anything from there on it would be nice to play that again. at least more people stayed on then. how nice it would be as these kind of messages would be delivered to the right persons < product management, quality control, managers. but no, we dont have community managers, we have community silencers. this game has become a joke. so people are leaving, and now you HAVE to do monthly missions and daily bonusses to even get people to log in. please stop all that and let this crap digitally die a soon and certain dead. stop this lifesupport you are trying. it wasnt working, it isnt working. you need product managers with vision and knowledge, not the brainless stuff you are doing now. you are deleting the community. // sarcastic mode off.
  15. AngryDragon70

    Matchmaking Chart

    But then ofcourse there you have the 'other' problem: putting 3 radarships in 1 team and only 1 hydro in the other. like last season that was near to impossible if 2 dm's and a mosk where in 1 team and a z52 in the other. that couldnt made up with some hindi's etc.